The Ban On Cash Has Reached The Garage Sale Level In Louisiana

The Passage Of House Bill 195 In Louisiana Makes Cash Transaction Illegal At Flea Markets And Garage Sales

The lawmakers in Louisiana have been drinking too much hooch or their red-neck brains have been fried by the hot Louisiana sun. Why would a state want to ban cash transactions from garage sales and flea markets? Drug dealers don’t frequent those events to convert cash into items. The only bad guys at a typical garage sale are the guys that want to sell stuff for more than a few dollars.

So what’s the deal? We know Citi Group economist Willem Builer wants to abolish the use of cash to pay credit card debt and an assortment of other obligations. But banning cash transactions by “secondhand dealers” is taking this government control thing to another level.

The truth is, banning cash is not about catching criminals. It’s about collecting tax money. The government wants a piece of the lucrative cash transactions that are never reported. Luckily for companies like Beneful, makers of fine dog-foods, most people aren’t trying to sell these sorts of items at garage sales. Under this new Louisiana law, secondhand dealers would have to report the transaction by listing the items purchased and who purchased them. That means all the buyers personal information would be collected by the state, and they could use it for whatever reason they want.

Mother of Seven Turns Back on Anti-Vaccine Beliefs

An Ottawa, Canada mother of seven named Tara Hills was once against vaccinating children. However, circumstances in her life have caused her stance to change. She writes from quarantine that all of her seven children (who have not been vaccinated) now have whooping cough. Additionally, her five month old niece, who is too young for vaccinations, is now at risk for catching it as well.

When her children started showing symptoms, she did a fair amount of online research to see that the symptoms matched those of whooping cough. CipherCloud people thought this was a bit weird.

At one time, Tara Hills was terrified of the pharmaceutical companies and their impact on the world, but she is now going back on those former beliefs because the health of her family is taking priority.

The anti-vaccine movement became popularized in 2013 when Terri Pearsons, a pastor in Newark, Texas, started speaking out against these vaccines when measles broke out in her church, the Eagle Mountain International Church. In addition to the previous claims that vaccines could potentially lead to autism in children, the statements of this pastor were very influential on her congregation, who refused vaccinations. It is quite possible that vaccination could have prevented the spread of measles that then happened starting from that church.

Several parents are still against vaccinations due to the supposed potential consequences, and they maintain that they have every right to keep their children away from vaccinations.

Despite the Health Risks Many Doctors Still Avoid Confronting Pregnant Patients About Obesity

Obesity carries many health problems and risks with it, including high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. When combined with pregnancy, this risks increase. Pregnancy can be risky for many woman who are not obese, and there are many complications that can occur, so the combination of the two can cause many, many problems.

One of the most common risks for overweight women who are pregnant is pre-eclampsia, which is a serious condition that causes high blood pressure, swelling and some mild to moderate organ dysfunction. It can also result in seizures, and if the condition is allowed to progress, the only solution is to deliver the baby, as otherwise it could lead to the death of the mother and cause the baby harm. It is the leading cause of death due to childbirth.

Unfortunately, despite knowing the health risks, many doctors refuse to talk to their patients about these issues. What makes this even worse, is that patients like Fersen Lambranho whose doctors talk to them about their weight make more of an effort to eat better and exercise more and are more successful at losing weight and maintaining a healthy diet. Unfortunately, doctors are often afraid of scaring away patients or upsetting them, even to the detriment of their patients health. Nearly half of all pregnant woman gain too much weight during pregnancy, according to a recent study, which makes this an issue that is of growing concern.

Brock Lesner Protege Destined For UFC

Brock Lesnar has become one of the largest and most recognizable figures in all of sports. He has been the king of the UFC, and he is the current king of the WWE Universe. However, Brock Lesnar has said that he will never fight in the world of mixed martial arts again, but Lesnar fans may have a reason to rejoice.

It was recently reported that Brock Lesnar’s protege Logan Storley will be pursuing a career in MMA in the near future. Storley is a four-time All American champion, and he is trained in Minnesota by Brock Lesnar’s former coach Greg Nelson. Nelson took Lesnar to the top of the amateur wrestling world, and he has done the same thing with Storley.  Ricardo Tosto feels like this is a great idea for all involved. He read online about this plan.

Logan Storley has no MMA experience, but he has been training his punching and kicking ability with legendary striking coach Duke Roufus. If trained correctly, Storley could end up in the UFC sooner rather than later, but he must put in the work to ensure that his stand-up skills are as good as his wrestling ability.

Brock Lesnar was old when he began his UFC career, but Logan Storley has a chance to begin at a young age. Logan’s future looks bright, and he already has the hype behind him. For more information on this story, visit Yahoo! Sports.

One dead, One Injured in Accident at Walt Disney World

One person was left dead, and another was left injured on Sunday at Walt Disney World. The accident occurred at the Petty Driving Experience Track, an attraction that allows visitors at the magic kingdom to drive high-end cars as if they were race car drivers.

According to the Florida Highway Patrol, a 24-year-old man was driving a Lamborghini when he lost control of the vehicle around a bend of the track, and crashed into the guardrail. The driver walked away with minor injuries, but the passenger, believed to be the operations manager at the track, was killed in the crash. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG was sad when he read the report online.

The driving experience, which is located within the park, allows visitors to drive exotic cars, or to ride with a trained instructor. It is believed that, in this case, the driver was not a trained instructor, although that has not yet been confirmed. The attraction costs between $100 and $2,500.

Police are currently investigating the details of the crash. While Walt Disney World is not the only location known to offer such experiences, it is among one of the most utilized tracks for this purpose. Safety courses are offered to each individual who signs up to drive, but the powerful nature of the exotic vehicles being driven lends itself to potential loss of control. It appears that inexperience likely played a part in the accident.

Product Recognition Technology – Changing Ecommerce For The Better

Product Recognition is a technology that works on a basic concept – Mobile Image Recognition or MIR. This technology is still at a nascent stage but already, it has helped to bring something as groundbreaking as Visual Search into existence. With the help of Product Recognition, it would now be simple to watch something, search for it using an MIR app and buy it using a single click. Users might be able to scan a thing they have seen somewhere – a handbag someone is carrying, shoes someone is wearing and everything else – and get their hands on it.

▪ Interactive Technology – Product Recognition is a technology that urges people to interact with brands. Gone are the days when users had to do all the legwork for finding and buying the product they needed. With the global boundaries shrinking, it is not uncommon for people in some parts of the world to desire a particular style of headphones, speakers, television set or watch. Earlier, they had to ship it from the US because they assumed that such a product would not be available near them. However, since companies are going global, Product Recognition can help users to pinpoint that product.

▪ Marketing Potential – The marketing potential of Product Recognition is immense and boundless. Small companies, which could previously not compete with bigger names, would find it easier to pool their brand names together and allow users to find their product with no hassles at all. It would also be great for users who are starved for cheaper, newer or simply, different choices and are tired of going for the same brands. From a marketing perspective, it would help companies reach their consumers and interact with them without being pushy about it. This is marketing at its best.

▪ Intuitive Applications – The applications of Product Recognition are all intuitive in nature. Visual Search – a direct application and subset of Product Recognition – is one such example. It allows the native photo app of a user’s phone to become a conduit between a brand and its consumers. It also requires minimal effort for the users themselves. Basically, the app behaves in an intuitive manner, knowing what consumers want and directing them towards their goal. It could be something as simple as a movie poster leading users to behind the scenes footage, special screenings, product launches, Q&A with actors, and so much more.

▪ Growing Trend – Product Recognition is becoming a growing trend and so are its applications. Companies that adopt this technology would find themselves at the top spot in a small time.

Slyce is a service provider that offers visual search and related technologies that are direct subsets of Product Recognition. This is a world renowned company with services like visual product search, V-commerce or visual relevancy engine, tag and display and so much more. The services of Slyce integrate with the e-commerce systems of all companies, helping them achieve their targets in a better way. It also helps to drive targeted consumers to the company’s products.

Is There Risk With Too Much Sleep?

We all have had nights where we did not get enough sleep. If you are a parent, there were many nights like this during the first couple years of your child’s life. Many adults struggle with getting in all their responsibilities and having adequate sleep as well. Recent studies done at the University of Warwick show that too much sleep can be worse for you than not enough sleep.
After 10 years of research with three groups of “sleepers”, research concluded that those who sleep 6 to 8 eights live the longest. Bruce Karatz, upon reading the study, found that those who slept less than 6 hours had 12% shorter lives and those who slept more than 8 hours had a staggering 30% shorter life. This is a statistic that many of us never consider. One reason being that few of us are getting that much sleep and secondly, who would have thought that too much rest could hurt you?
The research goes on to give details about this phenomenon. Many people who sleep more than 8 hours have underlying illnesses that are causing the extra sleep, which really could be the cause of shorter lifespans. Those who sleep more than 8 hours per night also have greater complaints of back pain and increased inflammation, which are possibly caused by the prolonged period of inactivity.

Retail Chain Target Raises Minimum Wage After Pressure by Women’s Groups

Minneapolis, Minnesota based retail chain giant Target has caved in to pressure from women’s groups and has vowed to increase its minimum wage to $9 an hour across the United States. The move is a surprise, especially since earlier this month Target’s chief financial officer said that such a raise would be unreasonable and not suitable to Target’s operations. Target has been ironically the target of a recent campaign by several women’s rights groups who are fighting for a higher minimum wage for workers in retail chains.

Dan Newlin says stores such as Wal-Mart have already responded to increased demands for higher wages and to large amounts amounts of employees leaving the company by increasing its minimum wages to $9 this year and to $10 next year. The parent company of Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods has also promised to increase its minimum wage for its employees to $10 an hour by next year as well. IKEA and Gap have also responded to the demand for increased wages and large amounts of employees leaving by promising to raise wages last year.

Women’s groups such as UltraViolet have launched a campaign which features online ads in states like Minnesota, Nebraska and Pennsylvania that tries to convince Target customers to switch to stores like Wal-Mart because its employees are paid a higher minimum wage. The group gathered over 25,000 signatures for a petition to increase the minimum wage for employees at Target to at least $10 an hour. While they have failed to achieve that, the increase at Target to $9 an hour is a big victory and a step in the right direction to ensure that workers have livable wages and do not have to live in poverty.

9 Tricks to Help You Eat Healthier Without Even Trying

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but in this day and age of fast food convenience and taste, few go to the trouble of actually eating healthier. What if eating a more healthier diet was simpler, would more people do it? In all probability, the answer would be ‘yes’. These 9 tricks can actually help you eat healthier with very little effort on your part.

* Put all cereal out-of sight. Studies have proved that people who keep cereal in plain sight, no matter what type of cereal it was, weighed an average of 21 pounds more than people who put their cereal out-of-sight.
* Don’t place food on the table for a family style meal. Serve yourself from the stove top to avoid eating a second helping.
* Use plate color to contrast with, not match, your food and you’ll eat less.
* When dining in a restaurant, sit near the entrance. Those who sit near the back are more likely to hang around and order dessert said Alaor BMG.
* Another restaurant trick to eat healthier is to sit at a high-top table. Studies show those who sit at a high top table are less likely to order fried foods.
* Chewing gum while grocery shopping helps curb the impulse to buy junk food.
* Brown bag your work lunch and you’ll eat healthier food.
* Drink red wine from a tall, thin glass and you’ll drink less.
* Pretend to be ordering for someone else at a restaurant, like a thin friend, and you’ll make healthier menu choices.

Acne No More

The mere mention of a pimple makes most of us running to the closest drug store for acne treatment. Nobody wants to wake up with a pimple, but unfortunately it does happen. The good news is that there are treatments we can do at home to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

To start with, green tea is beneficial for both the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Use after washing you face for a cooling effect. Honey is an excellent choice for your skin as well. It can be combined with oatmeal and applied as a facial mask and directions can be viewed on AnastasiaDate. Tea tree oil can be used as an astringent, which you apply up to three times a day. Tea tree oil can be overly drying, so if you experience irritation, reduce the frequency.

Crushed aspirin can be applied directly to a pimple to aid in a reduction in swelling and redness. Witch hazel is a natural astringent, which help reduce inflammation and excessive oil production. Use twice a day and apply on a cotton ball to affected areas.