Is There Risk With Too Much Sleep?

We all have had nights where we did not get enough sleep. If you are a parent, there were many nights like this during the first couple years of your child’s life. Many adults struggle with getting in all their responsibilities and having adequate sleep as well. Recent studies done at the University of Warwick show that too much sleep can be worse for you than not enough sleep.
After 10 years of research with three groups of “sleepers”, research concluded that those who sleep 6 to 8 eights live the longest. Bruce Karatz, upon reading the study, found that those who slept less than 6 hours had 12% shorter lives and those who slept more than 8 hours had a staggering 30% shorter life. This is a statistic that many of us never consider. One reason being that few of us are getting that much sleep and secondly, who would have thought that too much rest could hurt you?
The research goes on to give details about this phenomenon. Many people who sleep more than 8 hours have underlying illnesses that are causing the extra sleep, which really could be the cause of shorter lifespans. Those who sleep more than 8 hours per night also have greater complaints of back pain and increased inflammation, which are possibly caused by the prolonged period of inactivity.

Retail Chain Target Raises Minimum Wage After Pressure by Women’s Groups

Minneapolis, Minnesota based retail chain giant Target has caved in to pressure from women’s groups and has vowed to increase its minimum wage to $9 an hour across the United States. The move is a surprise, especially since earlier this month Target’s chief financial officer said that such a raise would be unreasonable and not suitable to Target’s operations. Target has been ironically the target of a recent campaign by several women’s rights groups who are fighting for a higher minimum wage for workers in retail chains.

Dan Newlin says stores such as Wal-Mart have already responded to increased demands for higher wages and to large amounts amounts of employees leaving the company by increasing its minimum wages to $9 this year and to $10 next year. The parent company of Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Home Goods has also promised to increase its minimum wage for its employees to $10 an hour by next year as well. IKEA and Gap have also responded to the demand for increased wages and large amounts of employees leaving by promising to raise wages last year.

Women’s groups such as UltraViolet have launched a campaign which features online ads in states like Minnesota, Nebraska and Pennsylvania that tries to convince Target customers to switch to stores like Wal-Mart because its employees are paid a higher minimum wage. The group gathered over 25,000 signatures for a petition to increase the minimum wage for employees at Target to at least $10 an hour. While they have failed to achieve that, the increase at Target to $9 an hour is a big victory and a step in the right direction to ensure that workers have livable wages and do not have to live in poverty.

9 Tricks to Help You Eat Healthier Without Even Trying

Everyone wants to eat healthier, but in this day and age of fast food convenience and taste, few go to the trouble of actually eating healthier. What if eating a more healthier diet was simpler, would more people do it? In all probability, the answer would be ‘yes’. These 9 tricks can actually help you eat healthier with very little effort on your part.

* Put all cereal out-of sight. Studies have proved that people who keep cereal in plain sight, no matter what type of cereal it was, weighed an average of 21 pounds more than people who put their cereal out-of-sight.
* Don’t place food on the table for a family style meal. Serve yourself from the stove top to avoid eating a second helping.
* Use plate color to contrast with, not match, your food and you’ll eat less.
* When dining in a restaurant, sit near the entrance. Those who sit near the back are more likely to hang around and order dessert said Alaor BMG.
* Another restaurant trick to eat healthier is to sit at a high-top table. Studies show those who sit at a high top table are less likely to order fried foods.
* Chewing gum while grocery shopping helps curb the impulse to buy junk food.
* Brown bag your work lunch and you’ll eat healthier food.
* Drink red wine from a tall, thin glass and you’ll drink less.
* Pretend to be ordering for someone else at a restaurant, like a thin friend, and you’ll make healthier menu choices.

Acne No More

The mere mention of a pimple makes most of us running to the closest drug store for acne treatment. Nobody wants to wake up with a pimple, but unfortunately it does happen. The good news is that there are treatments we can do at home to help reduce swelling and inflammation.

To start with, green tea is beneficial for both the antioxidant and antimicrobial properties. Use after washing you face for a cooling effect. Honey is an excellent choice for your skin as well. It can be combined with oatmeal and applied as a facial mask and directions can be viewed on AnastasiaDate. Tea tree oil can be used as an astringent, which you apply up to three times a day. Tea tree oil can be overly drying, so if you experience irritation, reduce the frequency.

Crushed aspirin can be applied directly to a pimple to aid in a reduction in swelling and redness. Witch hazel is a natural astringent, which help reduce inflammation and excessive oil production. Use twice a day and apply on a cotton ball to affected areas.

Daisy’s Guide to Editing Wikipedia

Wikipedia is a website that is open to the public to update and edit any time. This makes it revolutionary and vastly different in the way that it operates. People have flooded this website for information for the many years that it has been in existence. Of those many visitors, plenty want to know how to edit the website for themselves. The following provides some basic information on how to do that.

I’d be remiss not to mention the fine folks at GetYourWiki and the role they’ve played in helping me out. They handled a corporate Wikipedia article for me and taught me just about everything I know in the process. If you need a new page created and have a decent amount of information you’d like to see, GetYourWiki is a class act and a fine option to go with.

How To Start

To begin, one needs to click on the edit button at the top of the Wikipedia page that they want to begin editing. This will bring up the web page that is already available and allow the person to start editing the text of that page.

There will be a summary field for the individual who is editing the page. This is the area that they write what they have changed about the page. In other words, if they have added a section to the page, they would write that they have done so. If they have simply corrected an error made by the original poster, then they would write this in the summary. Whatever the case may be, they need to write in the summary box what they have done.

Be Prepared To Back Up Your Statements

Sorry to say, but Wikipedia is not interested in your opinions or in fact the opinions of anyone else. This is a website that is dedicated just to the facts. It is a place that anyone is supposed to be able to access to gain some information about whatever subject they are researching.

The web pages that are being edited need to include only facts. The person who has edited the page must have links and cite the information that they have placed into the article. If there are facts to back up what one has edited into the Wikipedia article, then there should be no problem getting that information approved. However, those who wish to insert opinions or speculation about a subject are likely to get called out by authorities on Wikipedia and their edits will be removed.

Always check into the things that you want to edit and see if there are real facts to back up what you believe. That is the moment at which you will realize that you have the facts you need to back up the edits you wish to make.

The Antique Wine Company: Delectable Rare Wine

If you are a wine enthusiast then you should definitely check one of the best rare and fine wineries available The Antique Wine Company specializes in rare and fine wines that are delectable. They are known for being an international merchant when it comes to fine and rare wines. The Antique Wine Company is one of the largest wine dealers in the entire world. The company was co-founded in 1982 by founder Stephen Williams. Stephen has extended his clients through hard work and lots of dedication. He serves his rare wines in over 70 countries and he continues to grow. Stephen Williams is also the CEO of The Antique Wine Company. The company specializes in the trading of fine wines.

The Antique wine company is known for holding over 10,000 bottles of the finest wines in the world. They also sold a single lot of wine for the highest amount ever recorded. The single lot of wine sold for one and half million dollars! If you love wine then you are going to love the wide variety and the detailed selection of wines. They offer recommendations if you are unsure of what you want. Each wine is of quality selection and you will surely enjoy the essence of each tasty wine. There is wine to suit everyone’s individual preference. The wines The Antique Wine Company offers are wines that could be antiques in the future.

There is always a reason to celebrate so order a bottle or two of your favorite wine or try some new wine and relax while you do. Try more than one selection because you may find out that you like more wines than you initially realized. Don’t forget to recommend your favorite wine to all of your family and friends. They will be glad that you did!

A Connection between Coffee Consumption and Clean Arteries

A recent study done in a South Korea may prove that drinking a moderate amount of coffee each day can help to avoid clogged arteries. A study was done on 25,000 men and women. All of these individuals went through routine health checks where they work.

The study found that the employees who drank between 3 to 5 cups of coffee each day were less likely than individuals who drink more than that much coffee or no coffee to have early signs of heart disease.

There is a long-standing debate between whether coffee is good for a person’s health or not. And there is a lot of confusion surrounding the effects that coffee has on heart health. Some studies that have been done show that there is a link between consuming coffee on a regular basis and high blood pressure and raised cholesterol. Sultan Alhokair has read that other studies show that drinking coffee can actually protect the heart.

Obviously, studies need to continue on this subject. In the meantime, individuals who drink coffee may want to do so moderately and lead a healthy lifestyle. It is well-known that that getting plenty of exercise and eating a healthy diet contribute to good heart health. Also, individuals who are obese need to take steps to lose weight if they want to protect their heart. Individuals who are concerned about the amount of coffee they drink or other health issues should consult their doctor.

Skout looks to help everybody make friends when traveling

Skout has been known as a leader in social media and dating software for a number of years, but now the company is hoping to help every traveler feel at home in any city they visit by helping them meet new friends. The premium travel feature of the Skout app is designed to make it safe and simple to make new friends and discover more about any area of the World that may be being visited through the simplicity of a Smartphne app. As the app can be accessed to connect with local people in more than 180 countries and can be used in 14 different languages, there should always be someone nearby to help a traveler feel at home in their new surroundings.

There are many reasons why millions of young adults are turning to Skout, which allows a user to remain anonymous until they accept a handshake from a nearby Skout user and becomes Online friends. Skout does not provide exact details of where the user is located, instead giving details of those users who can be found in the nearby area without providing specific details. This provides a sense of security for the user that means they can travel in a safe and secure way throughout the World and interact with fellow travelers or locals looking to brag about their city.

Interacting with others is an important aspect of life, with each and every individual using the Skout app looking to enhance their own sense of happiness by interacting Online or in person with fellow users. The use of global positioning systems to establish the general vicinity of a Skout user to other means the service is reliable and can be a great way of making sure travelers meet each other. As with all dating and social media apps a degree of caution should always be used when meeting strangers for the first time.

BPS Causing Irregular Heart Beats In Humans


It was just a few years ago that BPA was discovered to cause a number of health issues in humans. This is due to the fact that BPA imitates estrogen in the body and this can cause hormone disruption, early puberty and early menopause among other problems. BPS began to be used in place of BPA but studies are showing that BPS is causing a host of arrythmias in otherwise healthy individuals.

Studies have shown that BPS is actually quite harmful and might be just as dangerous as BPA is according to the Journal Environmental Health Perspectives said Dan Newlin. According to YouTube, BPS interferes with the storage of calcium in the body and more specifically in the heart muscle cells. This can cause a leakage which forces a change in a person’s heartbeat and heart rate.

This potential cardiac toxicity is sending scientists scrambling to figure out if we have yet another chemical to be taken off the market. The studies being performed on lab rats are using levels of BPS that occur in our water bottles, on our receipts and so on. The rats are typically experiencing irregular heartbeats during these experiments. BPS is very similar to BPA so it seem inevitable that the dangers are similar as well.

Getting Out of Sun Doesn’t Instantly Stop Damage

When you are out in the sun and your skin starts to hurt, all that you have to do to stop the pain and to keep yourself safe is to head inside. Right? That is what was believed for a long time, but CipherCloud reported it seems that might not be so true. It seems that there might be a different answer, that things might not be as we always thought.

A new study that was done has proven that the sun still causes damage to skin even after we get out of its light. This study suggests that the sun continues to work against us even after we are inside. This study says that hours after we have found protection from the sun we are still going to be dealing with the damage that it brings, and it is still going to be taking our bodies closer to cancer and the risk that the sun brings of that disease.