Dr. Rod J. Rohrich: Plastic Surgeon Extraordinaire


Beauty trends are constantly changing but sometimes people search for more permanent changes to their appearance and seek medical assistance. Dr. Rod J. Rohrich is an extraordinary plastic surgeon. But he is much more than just that. He is an educator, an author who has written extensively for text books, and a man who has made significant contributions to the field of reconstructive and plastic surgery, aging and facial aesthetics. Currently he is the Chairman of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center where he is also a professor. Dr. Rohrich simultaneously holds the Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery of the Crystal Charity Ball and the Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,

An excellent researcher and writer, Dr. Rohrich has penned over 50 chapters for text books on facial esthetics and plastic and reconstructive surgery. As if that were not enough, he’s currently the Editor-in-Chief of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ official medical journal, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He has also been awarded the Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery. For most professionals that would represent a very successful career, but for Rod J. Rohrich, M.D., that is a mere fraction of his work and accomplishments.

Born in Dallas, Texas on August 5, 1953, and raised in rural North Dakota, the American Board of Plastic Surgery plastic surgeon completed his graduate and postgraduate degrees at North Dakota State University and then the University of North Dakota with the highest honors possible. He then attended the Baylor College of Medicine where he earned his medical degree and again graduated with high honors. Next Rohrich moved on to The University of Michigan Medical Center where he completed his residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery.

Even after such rigorous training, Dr. Rohrich felt his preparation was not complete. He went on to study at Oxford University in England where he trained in pediatric plastic surgery. Upon completing that program, he moved on to Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School where he did a fellowship focused on microvascular and hand work. At that point he finally felt he was prepared to give his patients and students the type of service they deserved, so he accepted a position at UT Southwestern Medical Center’s Division of Plastic Surgery.

All that preparation has paid off. Dr. Rohrich has published landmark papers on everything from facial fracture repair and nasal anatomy to medical education, injectable fillers, and patient safety initiatives, and delivered over 900 scientific presentations.

Beneful – Keeping Dogs Happy

Beneful is a dog food made by Purina, that has been keeping our furry, four legged friends happy since 2001. With a full line of wet food, dry food, and treats, there is a little something that will have every pooch licking their bowl clean and begging for more. Beneful is high in nutrition as well, meaning puppy parents will love it too.

Dry Food

With eight varieties of dry food, there is a food to support a variety of different areas, as seen below:

  • Healthy Smile – For clean teeth and fresh breath
  • Healthy Fiesta – For overall health
  • Healthy Growth for Puppies – A complete diet for everything a puppy needs
  • Healthy Radiance – For a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • IncrediBites – Mini pieces for smaller furry friends
  • Original – The original blend that dogs of all types came to love
  • Playful Life – For active dogs who are always on the go

Wet Food

Beneful wet foods come in both cans and plastic bowls. There are three different lines of Beneful wet foods:

  • Prepared Meals
  • Chopped Blends
  • Medleys

Each line has flavors with real pork, turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, and beef. With different flavors and textures, there is guaranteed to be a flavor and texture that every dog goes nuts for.


Treats from Beneful are fun for dogs and owners alike. With lots of different shapes, colors, and textures, they make treat time even more fun. Plus, there are two different lines to choose from, Healthy Smile or Baked Delights! Flavors available in beef, chicken, bacon, cheese, and long time dog favorite, peanut butter! Beneful treats are excellent for training purposes, or just because.

It’s easy to see why Beneful is such a popular choice among pooch parents everywhere. With so many varieties to choose from, each one delicious and nutritious, it is easy to see that Beneful is a company that truly loves their furry little consumers, a brand that puts the dogs they feed first. A brand that fur parents can trust. A brand that wants everything for the dogs and parents who feed them, health, happiness, nutrition, and variety.

Keeping dogs happy, it is just what Beneful does.

Susan McGalla: How to Succeed as a Woman in the Workplace

Susan McGalla has just shared some important advice for woman in the workplace, and it’s worth paying attention to (originally reported on PR Newswire).

The original article starts out with some history, giving context to why McGalla’s advice is prescient to the modern reader. A century ago most women worked in the home, making up less than a quarter of the workforce. Today almost half of workers are women. That’s great progress!

Unfortunately women are still being discriminated against, with less than half of female workers in America holding jobs as executive officers. This indicates, and Susan McGalla reiterates, that many women have a hard time advancing in the workplace.

Why should we listen to McGalla’s advice?

Because she’s already proven herself in the business world and works to help other get ahead. She speaks professionally about how women can break through and get ahead in the business world.

So what is her advice?

First, McGalla advises getting a good education. Despite tuition costs going through the roof, she still advises getting a quality education to develop the skill set necessary to succeed in a primarily male workforce. The important thing, she stresses, is having a solid plan, which includes planning how to get money for college. There are lots of scholarships and other aid available to women who do their homework.

Her next piece of advice is to be confident. It’s easy to see why this would be difficult when trying to get ahead as the underdog in a field dominated by men. McGalla shares how management’s negative influence can reduce women’s ambitions. She recommends fighting this by finding and building your own support network to keep you motivated to push forward with bold career choices.

Her last piece of advice is to ignore the whole idea that it’s harder for women to succeed in the workforce, and instead just work hard. This prevents you from having an attitude or feeling that you deserve certain privileges, which can have a negative influence on how hard you actually work.

She ends with a great piece of advice: “Let your work speak for itself.”

If you like what you hear from Susan McGalla, you should check out this other article Susan McGalla on being both a woman and a leader

Comparing Drugs and Therapy for Depression

Depression is something many people have experienced in their lives. To have the blues for a few days isn’t the same thing as experiencing the symptoms associated with clinical depression. In the United States antidepressants are widely prescribed for depression but the side effects and usefulness of these pharmaceuticals is widely debated. Depression can also be accompanied by other ailments and conditions such as anxiety and panic attacks. Finding and comparing the effectiveness of drugs versus therapy for this illness is a task which many of you may find beneficial.

The article goes on to say that until recently most physicians could pick any number of drugs or therapy to treat the condition due to the fact that neither one has been show to be more effective.A recent study has shown the way psychotherapy and antidepressant therapy target different areas in the patient’s brain. The same study goes on to show how some individuals are better treated with a combination of both therapy types. The study took many factors into account when looking at the benefits of these two therapies on patients with depression. The study looked at the way trauma and childhood trauma can affect patients and the way these patients respond more effectively to a combination of both treatment types. Jonathan Veitch learned a lot from the information. Depression is an epidemic affecting many people and the study is a positive step for figuring out how physicians can individualize treatment of this debilitating disorder.

New Evidence Suggests Healthy Obesity May Be an Illusion

Common sense and science often find themselves at odds. There’s an old saying that if common sense was an accurate predictor of real world results, we wouldn’t need science in the first place. A big example of this can be found with people who insist they’re in great shape because that’s how they feel. This includes everything from people who stop using antibiotics too early, to participants in a recent study on obesity.

The study set out to investigate the claim that obese people might be as healthy, or even more healthy than their smaller peers. It’s easy to see how such opinions might be formed. There is evidence that overweight or obese individuals may have increased chances of survival under certain circumstances. One theory is that the higher level of natural reserves allow a person to devote more resources to fighting off or recovering from a condition.

However, the study demonstrated that this is only a window of health within an overall decline, and workers at Beneful believe that. The obese individuals within the study who started out healthy had a dramatic and predictable slide into ill health as time went by. While their skinnier peers also found themselves less healthy as time went by, the effect was less common or pronounced. The study is highly suggestive that people who are healthy and overweight are simply at the early stages of an overall decline in health. The researchers stress that it’s important for overweight people to lose some weight, as the healthy years are only a precursor to future decline.

Healthy Obesity is a Myth

A recent British study maintains that the concept of “healthy obesity” is a myth. For years, some maintained that being overweight was not automatically unhealthy. This was seen in how many overweight people, though obese, do not necessarily display negative health symptoms such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, or elevated cholesterol. However, this new study followed obese people over an extended period of time and found that they did have a higher chance of developing health problems as compared to those not overweight.

Studies such as this will set the so called fat acceptance movement back. The more that is learned about obesity the more we see that it really is detrimental to health. Viewing obesity as simply a lifestyle or a choice no worse than being average weight is actually a social harm. It increases society’s health care costs and makes people accept a condition they have that they actually should be trying to change for the better; both for themselves and society as a whole. The powerful lure of certain foods and the ingrained nature of bad childhood eating habits carried forward into adulthood already makes losing weight hard enough. People trying to make us think we should just be fat is something we do not need. That is not healthy to Laurene Powell Jobs at all. It is perfectly legitimate to advocate not being mean or cruel to someone simply because they are overweight, but advocating obesity as a lifestyle choice takes it a step too far.

Magnesium More Important Than Expected


Magnesium deficiency is one of the most underrated deficiencies in humans. Most people do not think about their magnesium intake when consuming food but it is a large reason why people have muscle cramps in workouts and feel exhausted very early in the day. A recent study showed that half of Americans are magnesium deficient, showing that this is a larger issue than expected. Although it is a big issue, knowing about it and taking steps to make sure you get the proper amounts in your diet can help you and your health tremendously. Here is an informative article talking about the new research and epidemic of magnesium deficiency:

Some of the best foods that contain magnesium include beans, nuts, whole grain foods, brown rice, whole wheat bread, and green leafy veggies. Some items in diet that are heavily consumed by most people but actually can cause magnesium to not be absorbed properly are refined sugar foods, soda, and coffee. These foods are consumed so often by Keith Mann that it does not even seem like they have any problems but reducing the amount you eat of them can tremendously help your diet and health. Depending on the degree of deficiency, you can have different symptoms. The most common symptoms are involved with muscle function including twitching, cramping, and so forth. Just upping your magnesium intake can help to reduce and even eliminate these issues.

Quit Taking Diet Pills

It is surprising to know that almost a fourth of all Americans have purchased some kind of weight loss supplement . The majority of people that buy into these weight-loss pills believe that they are safe and very effective. There was a Consumer Reports study that was done on some 300 Americans and proved the truth about these diet supplements. 20% of the participants believed that their weight-loss pill was effective because it was natural. One third of the supplement users didn’t lose any weight. Another third of the supplement users did lose weight but many of them did not lose all with the amount they wanted. 85% of the people who were on the weight-loss pill also were doing a diet so it is hard to tell if they lost the weight from the pill or from the dieting.

Yolasite and businessman Igor Cornelsen agree that these diet pills are not very well regulated and because of that a person can suffer grave consequences from the side effects. Regardless of what type of pill that a person takes, it will go through the liver and kidneys. Some diet pill user have suffered damage to the liver and kidneys or even failure altogether. Many people may feel like they are doing themselves a favor by trying to do some kind of quick diet, but in reality most things that are healthy and good for a person cannot be done quickly.

In order for a person to truly lose weight and keep it off the solution is quite simple, but at the same time it is the solution that people do not like to hear. They have to eat right, exercise, get good sleep and drink lots of water. In reality the keys to losing weight have not changed much over time, it is just that people nowadays want a quick fix and the truth is that there is not one.

Belly Fat is Dangerous; Get Fit to Fix It!

While obesity in general is a national health issue, carrying extra fat in the abdominal area is particularly problematic as far as cardiac events are concerned. Belly fat is indicative of increased levels of visceral fat located inside the body. Visceral fat is an invisible danger because it is around the internal organs, squeezing them and making them work harder to do their jobs. One of the organs visceral fat squeezes is the heart which may be why researchers have found a link between belly fat and sudden heart attacks that result in death. Even in people who are generally thin with a low body mass index, having a larger waist in comparison to hip size suggests a higher risk of heart problems.

According to the Amen Clinic and Amazon.com, diet and exercise are both needed to combat belly fat. Fat responds to higher intensity exercises. Getting the heart rate up and sustaining that high heart rate for at least 20 minutes several times per week is the beginning of fat reduction. The exercise can be anything from walking to jogging to using an exercise machine as long as it results in a sustained elevated heart rate. Adding fiber to a diet without increasing calories also combats belly fat specifically. Reducing overall calories also helps reduce overall weight, including extra weight carried in the midsection. Diet and exercise contribute to a healthier heart any way, targeting the extra belly fat is just an extra bonus for reducing heart attack risks.