EOS Crystal Lip Balm Review day

The EOS crystal lip balm has made its debut. The clear, egg shaped lip balm was launched soon after the company announced it. Trying to appeal to a wider variety of customers, EOS makes the new lip balm with all vegan ingredients. The price is just 5.49, and almost as soon as it was launched, store shelves and online retailers were wiped clean if this strange yet mystifying new beauty product. While EOS is known for its delicious flavor combinations, the crystal is only in two flavors as of now, yet many celebrities like Kim Kardashian seem to have shelves full of them (mapleholistics.com). The lip balms have been restocked only to run out again, so act fast and get yours.

All-Natural Ingredients

EOS lip balms first hit the shelves several years ago.  Check amazon.com. The colorful little orbs were reason enough for many people to buy. But for some, there was something even better about EOS- all of the ingredients are completely natural. Every flavor, from the classic sweet mint to the new hibiscus peach are all natural. One of the first major lip balm brands to use all natural ingredients in all their products, in addition to the adorable Easter egg shaped packaging, was enough to infatuate customers around the globe.  EOS is constantly coming out with new flavors, and sells many different products including egg shaped balms, roll up lipstick style balms, and even lotion. With a cheap price tag and unique looks, this lip balm is too good for most people to pass up.

EOS Lip Balm Introduces Latest Product To Much Fanfare

In the summer of 2017 EOS announced that the company has formulated a new lip balm that is fully vegan, not just organic like their entire line already is. Some of you may ask, “What’s the big deal?”. Well, EOS’s original formula for it’s organic balm used beeswax as its primary ingredient, which is organic but not vegan. There was an entire growing segment of the population that was being ignored so they decided to address that issue. It really is a great marketing strategy, as it is now the only major lip balm that can advertise its product as ‘organic’, which will surely boost sales.

The company announced that the vegan lip balm will contain the following crystal flavors: Hibiscus Peach, Vanilla Orchid, Vanilla Bliss, Berry Bliss, and many more (makeupalley.com).  The ‘crystal’ means that each balm will have zero artificial colors and therefore will be ‘see-through’. The visual, combined with the already attractive EOS package and the vegan aspect made the products sell out the very first week they were made available. They were impossible to find in store and online. In fact, some flavors are still difficult to find six months later.

EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth and was created in 2012 by the Fast Company. In the first year of existence the lip balms were sold in Walmart, Walgreens and eventually in Target. Eventually the product became feature in a number of beauty magazines and took off among the Hollywood set. After just a year in business, EOS became the best-selling lip balm in the world and social media sites like Twitter and Instagram helped fuel those sales. For reviews, click influenster.com.

Their choice of using organic and vegan products certainly has made them a huge hit among the ever-growing hipster population and among young people. The vegan balm is made of coconut, shea butter, and jojoba oil instead of beeswax, qualifying it for vegan status. EOS has a following that is not only rooted in keeping lips moist but because they were able to establish a cult following so early on, there is no telling how large this company can grow. The empty shelves and ‘out of stock’ signs just go to show that they are not done any time soon.


Rewarding Careers with USHEALTH Group

Randy Hildebrandt is someone who decided that he would go after the career that best suited him and not just settle for anything. Finding a career that you love is invaluable and the key factor is to find what makes you happy in life and keep doing it.

Born in Texas, Randy had dreams of being a professional baseball player. His favorite player is Nolan Ryan and he had high hopes of following in his footsteps. He had the opportunity to play baseball for a time before a shoulder injury forced him to step away from the sport. This was when he decided he would use his degree to forge a career for himself. Graduating from A&M University, Randy majored in business and economics. He originally thought the field would afford him a great career but soon realized it just wasn’t for him. He knew there was something better out there and posted his resume online. See more of USHEALTH Group on Facebook

Randy was contacted by a recruiter who thought he’d be perfect for a position selling insurance. Although he had never sold insurance before, Randy thought he’d give the new position a shot. This ended up being the best move he could’ve made as he gained a knowledgeable mentor and learned the ins and outs of the business. Randy was later able to take these skills and apply them to the position he accepted with USHEALTH Groups’ USHEALH Advisors as a Satellite Division Leader.

USHEALTH group is an outstanding company thanks to all the work they do for their employees and communities across the country. Their division called HOPE, which stands for Helping Other People Everyday, provides assistance to those in need in many ways. They have partnered with nonprofits which donate clothes and shoes to children’s’ centers and even assisted with Hurricane Katrina cleanup. This is by far an amazing company to work for.

Be sure to take a look at the USHEALTH Group website for more information how you can be apart of the team. Share Randy’s story of success with loved ones in order to inspire and motivate. More information can be found at http://www.ushealthdirect.com/


Heal N Soothe is your Best Bet for Joint Pain

Heal And Soothe is a anti-inflammatory product which contains antioxidants. It is designed for anyone who has pain and suffering from joint inflammation. When joints are inflamed, your body does not move smoothly, you can stiffen up from lack of motion and you may experience constant pain.

How Heal N Soothe Works

When joints begin to swell, the area becomes less mobile and quite painful. Heal N Soothe is loaded with natural ingredients mixed together to relieve those uncomfortable symptoms. Heal N Soothe provides the pain sufferer with what is called Systemic Enzyme Therapy. Breaking this term down will help you understand why Heal N Soothe works so well. First,the term systemic pertains to the entire body. Enzymes are also called biocatalysts. These biocatalysts are chemicals that make other substances work harder and faster throughout your entire system. Enzymes are considered to be the main line of defense against inflammation.

Reducing inflammation in the body is essential for good health, and doing so can speed recovery from sprains, fractures, bruises joint pain and even surgery. Reduction of inflammation can also improve heart health, prevent cancer, and reduce memory loss.


Along with enzymes, Heal N Soothe ingredients contain some of the most powerful natural pain relievers known to Mother Nature. For example, Bromelain, a natural compound found in the pineapple, contains proteolytic enzymes known to short-circuit pain pathways in the body. Papain comes from the dried root of the papain plant and has been used for thousands of years for reducing painful inflammation and destroys free radicals in the body that lead to swelling. The Mojave Yucca Root is known for its anti-inflammatory properties as well as support for the immune system and digestive system. Another ingredient known as Devil’s Claw has been used for centuries in Africa as a natural pain reducer. Other ingredients include Proteolytic systematic enzymes. Turmeric extract, Boswellia Extract, Ginger Extract, and Citrus Bioflavonoids.

Where to Buy Heal N Soothe

This product is all natural and does not require a prescription from your doctor. It can be found on line or purchased at many health or vitamin supplement stores. For about $50 a bottle, its a great bargain for the results you will see.

Does it Really Work?

There have been a number of clinical studies showing that customers love this product because it works! One study in which patients taking Bromelain, a major ingredient of Heal N Soothe reported a significant reduction in both pain and swelling. Another study looked at the benefits of Boswellia, another significant ingredient in this product. These patients reported significant reduction in pain and an increase in joint mobility.

A Review Of The New Vegan EOS Lip Balm

In a world where many people are turning to a vegan diet, companies such as Evolution of Smooth are jumping on the bandwagon. EOS has long been producing lip balms, and their latest offering is a vegan flavor. This has opened the door up to consumers who previously avoided using lip balm because they didn’t want to come in contact with the ingredients in it mainly the beeswax used (influenster.com).

As it stands, the two most popular flavors of EOS vegan lip balm are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. Vegans love these balms because they also include Vitamin E and jojoba oil, making them very healthy for everyone’s lips.

The flavor of the lip balm, combined with its soothing colors and comforting scent, pleases consumers so much that they have made ESO lip balm a hotter product than Chapstick.

In fact, as soon as EOS lip balm hit the market, it was a best seller in stores all over the country. Not only did the general public embrace it, celebrities did too (https://www.mapleholistics.com/blog/why-are-eos-lip-balms-so-popular/).  When Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Christina Aguilera were spotted using the product, it achieved a new height of popularity.

With one million units of the product sold every week, it is set to become a $2 billion dollar industry between now and 2020. Pharmacies and department stores all over the world now carry this product.

While people of all ages use the product, EOS has chosen females between 25 and 35 years old as their most valued demographic. Marketing to that age group and targeting women who consider themselves style conscious has been the key to the success of the product. The company uses social media and beauty bloggers to promote their lip balms. They also recruited celebrities admired by their target demographic in order to further market it. Reviews on allure.com.


How ClassDojo Solve A Problem For Teachers

The problem with most educational technology products is that the creators don’t ask teachers what would be useful in their classrooms. Just under 60% of teachers say that these types of products meet the needs of their students. The issue is that the educational technology company just assumes what will be useful for teachers and students without gathering their input.

ClassDojo is a different type of educational technology product. One of the co-founders of the firm, Sam Chaudhary, said that when they were developing this app they extensively talked to teachers about what would be useful in their classrooms. They also gathered input from students as well as their parents. The result is an app that truly fills a classroom need which is that it offers a way for teachers to easily communicate with parents whenever there is a need to do so.

The Classdojo application is now being used in 2 in 3 schools across America as well as overseas in many countries. The app has been tested and proven to be useful by teachers who will only use technology that truly serves a need of theirs. This app is replacing the out-dated practice of holding a parent-teacher conference once or twice a year as open lines of communication can be held at any time.

The problem with most educational technology companies is that they believe that it the build a new technology it will be broadly adopted just because it exists. The attitude at ClassDojo is different. Their goal was to fill the need of creating a positive classroom culture where student learning could thrive. Teachers know that parents involved in their child’s education will support their students both inside and outside of the classroom.

Classdojo is a privately held company that was launched in San Francisco, California, in August 2011. In order to use the app in a classroom the teacher first creates a free account. After this they create an online “classroom” that includes accounts for all of their students. The teacher then sends an invite to the parents of their students so that they can connect to the “classroom” as well.

Learn more about ClassDojo: https://www.pinterest.com/explore/class-dojo/

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An Update on USHEALTH Advisors

USHEALTH Advisors Company is a subsidiary of the larger USHEALTH Group which is responsible for handling all the marketing aspects of the health coverage plans offered and underwritten by the parent company. Located in Dallas, Texas, the company has several branches located in the United States including Florida. It also has offices around the world including in Europe. Read more on yelp.com about USHealth Advisors West Texas

The market target includes young self-employed Americans, employed American, small business owners, and their respective dependents. USHEALTH Advisors group of companies have a tremendous experience that spans 35 years. The company offers a broad range of products and services that meet specific needs of particular people. Regarding salaries of the employees of USHEALTH Advisors, they are as per the competitive market rates. Right from the top management to the lowest employee, they are well paid.

The company values its employees and, therefore, offers a broad range of benefits for them. Concerning benefits compensation, all USHEALTH advisor agents are well remunerated. The agents earn on a commission basis and even get to make over $100,000. Furthermore, there are incentive bonuses that the agents get sustainability. Agents can qualify for the bonuses as they progress up the ladder. Learn more about USHealth Advisor at indeed.com

So if you are aiming at getting a very trustworthy insurer to manage your health cover together with that of your family, then USHEALTH Advisors is the right partner. The company has maintained its vision and mission in business growth, service delivery, innovation and proper customer support. Get to visit any of the branches and find out more. For more info, visit:https://www.ushealthgroup.com/aboutushg.aspx


Jeremy Goldsteins Answer To Corporations EPS Dilemma

Is EPS good or bad? This is a question that is now raging in the corporate world because of its effect on the sustainability of a business entity. There are some proponents of the concept who say it is good but there are also some detractors that say it is bad for business. Who is right and who is wrong? These are the questions that Jeremy Goldstein is trying to answer. With his wealth of experience in financing and investment, he may well have the answer that corporate leaders should consider.



EPS is the acronym for Earnings per Share. It is the part of a company’s profit that is apportioned to a common stock‘s outstanding share. EPS is used to indicate a company’s profitability. It is usually calculated using the formula: EPS = (Net Income – Preferred Stock Dividends/ Average Outstanding Shares. The EPS breaks down the profit of a company on a per share basis. This is why EPS is a very important fundamental in the valuation of a company.



Proponents of EPS say that it could be the key by which corporations could give pay hikes to their employees. They also claim that EPS could be used to influence stakeholders to buy or sell their company shares. If these two claims are true, then it may well be that EPS is good for a company’s sustainability.



However, detractors are also claiming that owners of corporations could leverage EPS to their advantage because shares and trading are highly competitive. The detractors also claim that EPS will encourage favoritism and may give corporations a false picture of their financial condition. If company owners use EPS wrongly, they can claim that their corporations are financially sound although the company may be losing money.



In this kind of stalemate, Jeremy Goldstein is offering an answer that may satisfy both proponents and detractors of EPS. He suggests that a compromise should be considered to enable companies use EPS that will benefit both employees and employers alike. His suggested compromise will enable companies to increase their income and employees to have their salary increases. Basically, Goldstein suggests that companies and company owners should be held accountable for all their decisions instead of removing EPS in their operations. Goldstein’s solution should be considered because it comes from his extensive years of experience working as a lawyer in New York City, resolving conflicts between corporate owners and their employees. Learn more: https://www.visualcv.com/jeremygoldstein



EOS Is Going Vegan- Review of EOS Vegan Crystal Lip Balm

Being a committed vegan is difficult, especially when it comes to beauty products.

Animal by-products, like beeswax or lanolin are in everything. There is a massive gap left by the beauty industry and the few vegan cosmetics on the market tend to be on the higher end of pricey. Evolution of Smooth, EOS, is determined to change that with Vegan Crystal lip balms.

Their new line of vegan crystal lip balms in delicious flavors, like Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid, have become instant sensations. With more beauty gurus looking for products with cruelty-free ingredients, it’s no wonder this new line is flying off the shelves. These amazing lip balms contain only plant derived ingredients, such as Jojoba oil and Shea butter, and decently priced around $5. Best of all, this lip balm leaves your lips silky smooth. More details on mapleholistics.com.

For years, Chapstick was the lip balm top dog, with their generic tube container and generic flavors. The great founding minds over at Evolution of Smooth knew their product would have to stand out for them to make it. They wanted lip balm to be an enjoyable sensory experience. They designed a product with a radically different sphere shaped container, fabulous flavors, and organic ingredients EOS was about to completely innovate the lip balm industry, hop over to allure.com.

When EOS initially released their radical makeover for lip balm, it’s no surprise this company took off like a rocket.  Check client’s reviews here.   Soon celebrities everywhere were endorsing the beauty sensation. With products available at mass retailers and drug stores across the country at a reasonable price of $3, it didn’t take long for EOS to become a household name.

Read top Q and A’s on  https://www.influenster.com/reviews/eos-organic-smooth-sphere-lip-balm

Review of the Vegan Line by EOS

For anyone who wants to go vegan or who is already vegan, you know how important it is to watch the types of products you’re putting on your skin. This is why EOS has created a totally vegan line known as Crystal Plus. Crystal Plus totes delicious flavors in brush applicators. This makes it easy for you to get quality lip care without giving up on your vegan needs. This amazing line was recently created, and there have been many people claiming that EOS is going to be expanding on the line and offering a variety of other products that are totally vegan-friendly. The line of lip care uses only plant-based ingredients to deliver high-shine and moisture to lips.  More reading here.

Because EOS is one of the best lines on the market, it is no wonder that so many individuals are choosing this brand rather than most others. EOS offers a range of different products, from lip care items to shaving creams and lotions. You will be able to find just about anything that you need and want when choosing the EOS brand. The brand puts a lot of dedication and work into their products, so you know you’re getting something that is sure to work and deliver the ingredients and quality that you are looking for.  Here’s a personal assessment of the product on celiacathebeast.com.

You can find EOS both on the internet or in your local store, so this enables you to find just about any product that you are looking to use for yourself. Once you have made the decision to use EOS, it is easy for you to find a product that is sure to work. There is nothing worse than choosing a bad brand of skin or lip care, but this is simply not possible when you choose to buy any type of EOS product on the market.

Check this article on https://imabeautygeek.com/2017/08/14/eos-crystal-lip-balm-review-and-chemist-interview/