The Evolution of Fashion at The Academy of Art University’s NYFW Display

It is the week each year that fashion professionals all over the world wait for. New York City’s Fashion Week has become a staple of NYC culture and fashion. Designers create very unique and very special items just for these runways and every year new names become the hot new topic while classic and iconic designers keep things fresh and updated. The School of Fashion located within the Academy of Art University is located in San Francisco, California and fashion-minded students travel from all over the world to study here. A number of designers and students travel each year across country to New York for Fashion Week and this year, a group of recent graduates took the stage with their designs. To date, this was the Academy of Art University’s 21st show for Fashion Week, all of them taking place at the iconic Skylight Clarkson Square venue.

On behalf of the Academy of Art University, there were five different women’s fashion outfits presented during Fashion week as well as two men’s outfits. Two collaborations with both genders were also shown. The ten students that created this show were recent graduates with BFA and MFA degrees and they brought their education along with their unique talent to the table. The runway show took place on September 9, 2017 and dazzled the crowd that was in attendance.

It is the unique demographic that attends the Academy Art University that makes this such a wonderful and educational institution. There are students from as far as China that attend this fashion forward school and Americans from across the country in Maine. There are plenty of students in between as well that really contribute to the passionate melting pot of fashion lovers. If designers were nervous at the show this past Fashion Week then nobody could tell. Audience members such as Ms J Alexander from Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model was in attendance as well as Sara Kozlowski who is the Director of Education and Professional Development at CFDA. While the show itself is only about fifteen minutes long in length, with models walking one right after another, it takes all year to prepare for a show of this caliber.


Inmate Phone Hazard: Securus Technologies Brings Innovative Solutions to Block Calls

Prison inmates getting access to cell phones will pose immense endanger to the community. It is the belief and experience of a former corrections officer Robert Johnson who is a victim of dastardly attack executed by a mafia gang in collusion with jail inmates via cell phones.

That highlights the urgency of making inmate communications hazard free and secure to avoid plotting of murder and violence from jails. Johnson was a corrections officer at South Carolina’s Lee Correctional center for 15 years.

Johnson recently deposed before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and raised the danger of inmates getting contraband cell phones in prisons. He convinced FCC that the risk is high and it is threatening the personnel working in corrections. Clearly, he is articulating technology to disconnect cell phones from jail inmates.


Gangs Using Prisoners for Contract Killing

The correction officer’s job mandates seizure of contraband goods and narcotics. It earned him many enemies. One gangster made an attempt on his life using a hired goon who shot him multiple times in close range at his home. The bid on his life followed the seizure of a high-value package of contraband articles.

But Johnson survived the attack despite fatal gunshots on his chest. His recovery followed a series of surgeries. The man is still in pain, and he has vowed to keep cell phones off the prisoners and is sure he would accomplish that goal.

A newly released prisoner Sean Echols was the attacker. Echols was arrested and charged with attempt to murder Johnson.

Echols got the contract to kill Johnson from a mafia gang which paid him a contraband cell phone and a Greendot card of $6,000.

Blocking of airwaves will disband the communication of prisoners to the outside world. But it is the call of FCC, and it has the barrier of a federal law on signal-jamming. That is why Florida and other states are looking for alternative technologies to tackle the challenge.


Making Prisoner Communications Secure

Here comes Securus Technologies for which Johnson is a consultant. The company provides secure inmates communication technologies. It is already working in Florida providing paid calls for prisoners. The firm has launched a wireless containment option to control the phone use from a security perspective.

A spokesperson of Securus explains the process. When an inmate dialed a number the phone links it to a network and their personnel will do the rest to deal with the number. There is the antenna that draws signals with the discretion to allow or disallow phones to take incoming and outgoing calls emanating from prisons.

At the same time, Securus Technology outlined the evolution of future communications solutions that will ensure a comfortable inmate communications experience to the prisoners and their families.

It says the healthy incarceration experience will have the following highlights

  • Low price
  • User-friendly products
  • Video calling features
  • More smart devices
  • Round the clock communication opportunities


In expanding communication opportunities, Securus will use multiple devices, but it will not compromise on security aspects and seek to balance the demands of corrections and law enforcement agencies for maximum safety to the society.

Richard A. Smith, CEO, Securus Technologies observed that communications have been changing drastically in the past decade. Those changes will naturally impact the incarceration experience in the years to come.



A Brief Description Of Logan Stout

This article will display information about Logan Stout, he is Founder and CEO of company IDLife. Stout is many things a successful philanthropist, entrepreneur, leadership trainer, keynote speaker, and also a best-selling author. The Company ID Life, LLC launched in May of 2014. ID Life is a company to help those manage a business.

Since that date, the company has greatly grown with familiar face. For example, in 2016 ID Life was on the top 100 list of the world’s “Solid Top MLM Companies. billionaire Darwin Deason, Jen WIlderstrom celebrity trainer, and former NFL player Troy Aikman. Those three are joined by fitness ambassadors and recognized authors to embark on teaching people on how vital health and wellness is. This is also to give the nutritional products of highest quality.


Logan Stout is known for his reliability. That is one of the factors that had him create billions of dollars in revenue in his entire career. He is also known for his recorded performance of success principals, team building, and leadership. This has made him continue to control the ventures he currently has. He has also been one of the biggest looked up to keynote speakers throughout the world. Also, in 2013, Stout wrote a book to show his passion of assisting others to create quality skills of leadership. This book was called “Stout Advice: The Secrets to Building Yourself, People and Teams”. He wrote this to inspire readers and impact them to reach their potential God gave them.

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Dr. David Samadi Uses Natural Breathing Methods To Relieve Some Of This Stress

David B Samadi is a famous urologist. He currently works as the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital. He is well known around the country as he has appeared on television multiple times.

He has become the highest paid doctor in all of New York. Although he has managed to find great success, things weren’t always that way. Before moving to the U.S., he lived in London and Belgium. Originally, he was born in Iran. Due to a revolution in his home country, he was forced to move at a young age. He finally ended up in New York were he finished high school. He has a lot of experience and expertise in his field. He has conquered many difficult operations and has achieved a lot in his time working. His official job is to diagnose prostate issues such as cancer. He then provides patients with the best plan of treatment.

To help him during procedures, he developed a robotic procedure that uses precise attention to detail. Doing so, he has eliminated some of the negative side effects that come from prostate procedures. He has stated that he has wanted to become a doctor and assist others since a young age. The reason he leaned towards urology was due to his fascination with, and the development of, robot surgery equipment. Although he loves what he does, he does find it to be stressful sometimes. He uses natural breathing methods to relieve some of this stress. He is constantly working to make improvements. He is at work as early as 6 AM and stays there for up to twelve hours. He surrounds himself with driven people like himself. He maintains a very positive attitude during and outside of work. He enjoys keeping himself busy during the day. One of the reasons he is so good at his work is due to photographic memory. He is able to draw up or look at pictures and them visualize them during a procedure. He is focused on making procedures easier and less hard on the patients. He truly believes in the use of robotic surgery. Robotic surgery can help by minimizing the invasiveness of certain operations. People like David Samadi are very beneficial to the country. He is very selfless and cares about helping others more than he cares about making money. He will continue to further his career in Urology.

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George Soros’ $18 Billion to the Open Societies “the Most Significant Transfer of Wealth by a Private Citizen.”

Over the years, the Open Society Foundation, an international grantmaking network, has received over $18 billion from its founder, George Soros. Soros, 87, established the network some 30 years ago and supported it by donating between $800 and $900 million per year. Presently, the foundation has a presence in more than 120 countries advocating for what Soros is passionate about: democracy and human right. However, the Open Societies Foundation may not increase the amount it channels out in grants or other programs as it is already channeling out $900 million more than it is legally required of the foundation.

According to New York Times, the $18 billion that Soros has committed to the open society’s ranks as the highest amount ever donated by a private citizen to a single foundation. Also, the generous donation makes the Open Society the second most significant philanthropic organization in the U.S, second to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. While the move by Soros is seen by many as a kind gesture in support of human rights, others have used it as a basis to bash him in social or political debates.


The Open Societies

While the organization is global, its efforts have been much more visible in the US, over the years; it has profoundly made its presence felt in America by investing in causes that support gays, lesbians, and minimize the harassment of ordinary citizens by the police. Most recently, the foundation funded efforts to protect U.S citizens seemed to be targeted after the 2016 presidential poll in what the organization labeled as “a national wave of hate incidents;” Soros donated $10 million to further this mission.

Soros established the first Open Society over three decades ago in Hungary. The origin of the name “Open Society” can be traced to a book authored by Karl Popper, “Open Society and its Enemies.” In the book, Popper is inclined towards democratic governance, free expression, and respect for individual human rights; the very philosophies behind Soros’ Open Societies.

Since the establishment of the first Open Society in 1984, Soros has been heavily involved in the missions of the foundation. Patrick Gaspard, the vice president of the foundation, confirmed that he spoke to Soros regularly regarding the operations of the foundation. The vice president was quoted intimating that the election of President Trump had given the society a new sense of urgency. Gaspard mentioned the Trump’s panel on voter fraud which he believes is devoid of integrity. Gaspard will take over the presidency of Open Societies as the year comes to close, and learn more about George Soros.

The Open Societies has received praise and criticism in equal measure. Darren Walker, the president of the Ford Foundation, praises the Open Society for being active more than any other foundation (including the Ford Foundation) in the last two decades. He believes that the Open Society has made significant impacts in the quest for democracy and human rights. However, the Republicans think otherwise. Some of them have accused Soros of undermining the territorial integrity of European countries’ borders over and above vouching for abortion in Ireland.

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Michel Terpin-Brazil’s Leading Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an accomplished Brazilian Off-Road Rally Driver whose has a genuine love of the sport. His roots are from Sao Paulo, Brazil and his entry into the T-1 Prototype category driving the famous T-Rex has proven to show his stamina and passion as a highly competitive rally driver. He strives for excellence in each race he enters, learns from the failures, and strives to get better at each rally. You can find Michel looking for the next opportunity in rally driving.

In 2002, Michel started in rally driving through the influence of his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins who is also a rally driver and also a teammate of Michel’s on the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Although he started out as a motorcycle driver, it wasn’t long that he knew car racing was his forte. His knowledge of what to do when an emergency arises during the race and competitive nature is what rally drivers are made of. Through this partnership with his brother, the duo is a force to be reckoned with. They rule the racing circuit and look to future events to see where it will take them next.

In the 2017, Sertoes Rally, his win helped him secure a spot in the National Championship and catapulted him into the top ranks of Latin American drivers. He has participated in the series 10 times thus far and has fared well in each competition.

With the recent additions of a V-8 Engine, to the T-Rex, his car is ready for action against the best drivers and the roughest terrain a course can offer.

When he is not racing he is devoting his time to multiple charities and giving back to the communities in Latin America. Such donations go into improving the hospitals in Latin America and offering a clean water supply to the people of Brazil.

The Successful Career Of Brazilian Rally Driver Rodrigo Terpins

Rally driving is a profession that is feared by many people in the world.The life of these professionals always looks foreign to the other people in the society. There are some people in the community who believe that the job is too risky, because an individual can easily lose their life in case of an accident. For one to become a rally driver, they must be highly skilled when it comes to driving. Without this qualification, it is dangerous to participate in the game. Some people in the community consider this game to be for the courageous and wealthy people. Rodrigo Terpins has proven to the world that anyone can become a great and successful rally driver, regardless of their upbringing.


Although Brazil is known for having some of the best players in the football game, it has some of the best and most professional rally drivers the world has ever seen. Rodrigo is one of these professionals. The businessman has been making headlines in the recent times for being very successful in this area, despite the competition he has been receiving from his opponents. Together with his co-driver, Rodrigo has made his country proud by emerging as a winner in several hotly contested matches. Check out estadao to see more.



When growing up as a young boy, Rodrigo Terpins was only interested in becoming successful when he grew up. His parents were good people who did their best to educate their children by taking them to the best schools in the world. When in school, Rodrigo was always passionate about games, and this laid a great foundation for his great career. Rodrigo is not the only professional rally driver in his family. One of his brothers has been in this industry for a long time, and he has been inspiring him to work even harder so that he can retain his title. The Rodrigo brothers have only been experiencing success in the rally driving department. At the moment, the businessman is a member of an influential team that is known as Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Apart from serving in this group, Mr. Terpins also works as the current Director for T5 Participacoes.

Positive White Shark Media Reviews Indicate They Know how to Deliver Results

White Shark Media is a media marketing agency that specializes in creating campaigns with Google AdWords. In fact, the team at White Shark is so dedicated to delivering the type of results their clients want that they have become one of Google’s premier partners. While these experts are more than capable of handling marketing campaigns for any size business, they place a particular focus on small to mid-sized businesses. As one of the personally selected distinguished agencies to become a SMB partner with Google AdWords, the team at White Shark Media had to meet or surpass this major company’s tough eligibility requirements.

Visitors to the White Shark Media website will find numerous testimonials as to the outstanding work they do for their clients. This team knows how to construct marketing campaigns that help small businesses grow. They utilize a process of analysis to determine the best techniques to use to get an online website noticed. They accomplish this through the use of link building strategies and optimized content. They also make use of Google AdWords to bring their clients into the forefront of this major online advertising network. The positive results of these combined strategies can be seen in the attestations clients have provided in regards to usable leads and increased sales.

The team at White Shark Media also places an emphasis on communication. They take the feedback they receive from their clients very seriously. This is why when their clients became concerned about inadequate communication with their representatives, White Shark quickly implemented a change that included a monthly phone call to update clients on the status and performance of their campaigns. They also addressed the issue of clients who could not access their AdWords accounts by ensuring they had all the tools and information needed to understand their campaign’s progress.

USHEALTH Group Inc.-The Titans in the Insurance World

We have heard cases of individuals who have lost everything after an accident. Sometimes the fractures that we get during accidents can be treated, if done at the right time. Lack of life insurance has led to some people having to spend their life in wheelchairs. It is, therefore, important to prevent such incidents. Other cases that need to be insured against are chronic diseases. Learn more about  USHealth Group at Crunchbase

Lack of insurance has rendered some firms bankrupt. This is because some loss that happen may not be possible to handle alone. Some examples of accidents that could lead to the closure of uninsured companies include natural calamities, fire, and theft among others. This is why you need to stay insured.

One of the common reasons why many people are reluctant with the insurance companies is the bad reviews they have seen. The flooding insurance companies have even made it harder. To avoid such disappointments, it’s important to, take your time before settling for an insurance company.

One such company is the USHEALTH Group Inc. The firm has been in the insurance field for over five decades. The long period in the field has given them experience. The company is also highly innovative, and this is why it has survived the competition.


It can be challenging to make decisions on the right plans. This is because we require different plans based on our health conditions, business, occupation and other factors.

USHEALTH Advisors are well trained to assist the clients to make the right decision. The USHEALTH Advisors are well trained and are professionals in the field. This is why many people are turning to USHEALTH Group Inc. because they are guaranteed of professional advice. Read more about USHealth Group at Bloomberg.

USHEALTH Group Services

The USHEALTH Group Inc. has a variety of services to offer their clients. The company serve all groups in the society and offers innovative plans.

The USHEALTH Group also understands that some clients may need insurance of risks that may be missing in their portfolio. For such cases, they offer customized services for their customers. The company has served over 15 million customers with personalized needs.

The company has also taken into consideration the clients who may be willing to enroll but are blocked by low income. USHEALTH has invented a plan that will enable the customers to invest in plans that do not take long to mature.

The company has also taken the initiative to keep enlarging their portfolio to adjust to the dynamics.

Final Verdict

Insurance is important to everyone. In some way, everyone needs to be insured against something. Our needs vary depending on our daily schedules. The USHEALTH Advisors assist you to decide on the best plan for you, your business and your business. This is one of the reasons why USHEALTH Group Inc. is among the reliable insurance companies. Visit:


Jeunesse Growth and Success

The beauty industry is growing rapidly throughout the world. Many people are willing to spend both time and money to improve their overall appearance.

Jeunesse is one of the leading companies in this field. With all of the growth over the past few years, the company needs to start planning for the future. The founders of the company never expected that the growth rate would be so high. Jeunesse has a ton of quality products at a low price for customers. Not only that, but this is a company that truly cares about adding value to customers.

Online Viewing

One of the biggest reasons for the growth of Jeunesse is the committed customer base. Jeunesse chooses to take a unique approach to marketing. Instead of spending a lot of capital on traditional marketing programs, Jeunesse encourages customers to share their experience with the products online. Not only is this more effective, but it allows the company to save money on advertising. Jeunesse can then sell products at a lower retail to increase sales.


Financial Issues

Jeunesse has had a lot of financial issues since the company was started. One of the biggest issues is debt. The company grew much faster than many people were expecting. As a result, the company had to take on additional debt in order to fill all of the customer orders. This was a good decision, but the company is still struggling with high debt payments.

The current leadership of the company is trying to pay down the high levels of debt as fast as possible. Jeunesse is a company that has the potential to continue growing in the future. With all of the positive changes that the company has made, now is a great time to plan for the future. Learn more about Jeunesse Global at

Developing New Products

Even with the success of the current product line, Jeunesse is always developing new products. One of the biggest reasons that Jeunesse Global is doing so well is that they have unique products relative to other companies in the industry.

When people attempt to improve their looks, they want to have a unique approach using quality products. Jeunesse is a vast company that is in a great position to succeed in the coming years. Now is the time to check out what this company has to offer. Read more about Jeunesse Global at Bloomberg.