Could You Swallow a Worm to Improve Health? Parasites are Showing Promise Against Autoimmune Diseases

Could you swallow a long, thin, spaghetti-shaped worm if it would suppress your immune system and stop the symptoms of autoimmune disease like lupus, Crohn’s or multiple sclerosis? All of these diseases stem from an immune system that has gone haywire and a parasite called helminths may be the medical answer to reign in the autoimmune system and allow the person to live a normal life.
Studies have shown in regions where the helminths parasite thrive, there is virtually no autoimmune diseases like lupus, Crohn’s and multi-sclerosis. Studies also reveal when proper hygiene comes to a region where helminths once thrived, autoimmune diseases begin showing up in the residents.

It seems that the helminth parasite secrets a substance that suppresses a rampant immune system and keep a person’s autoimmune system in check and running smoothly. Gianfrancesco Genoso certainly doesn’t know exactly how this works, but it is interesting. The disease remains, but the symptoms subside, if you can swallow the worm.

More research is being done in hopes of finding a way to get the helminth in the patient in a more agreeable form, such as the parasite’s eggs. Helminth eggs are so small the can’t be seen by the naked eye and would theoretically hatch inside the patient and do their good deeds. The snag with that is what goes in must come out, and the elimination of multitudes of helminth parasite could cause a health and safety issue.

It’s Possible to Reverse the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

Ever since Dr. Alois Alzheimer first discovered Alzheimer’s in 1906, researchers have been trying to find a cure. Now, in 2014, it is believed that early stages of Alzheimer’s disease can be reversed. Alzheimer’s affects over 5 million people in the United States, is the sixth leading cause of death,and there’s still no cure. Today, people in the early stages of Alzheimer’s may have some ray of hope. At UCLA they have organized a research study with ten people who have varying degrees of dementia.

The Study
Members of the study were given Vitamin D supplements and DHA supplements to repair severed brain connections. The ten people in the study ranging from 55 to 75-years-old underwent a battery of different tests. A lady 60, entered the program when she was in the late stages of the disease unfortunately continued declining. All ten patients had undergone blood testing, brain scans, and neuropsychological testing.
The Results
Nine out of the ten participants felt significant improvement from the tests. According to Dr. Dale Bredesen, the study was successful because it was done on a group basis and not individually, which is what Jared Haftel prefers. Bredesen believes that if people in the early stages of Alzheimer would lower their carbohydrates,gluten, and processed foods from their diets, will would help reverse the symptoms. The doctor also recommends thirty minutes of exercise and getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night.

Austin Mahone Shows How To Wrap Gifts

Austin Mahone, who is an accomplished dancer, singer and an author as well; has put out a spoof tutorial on how to gift wrap. It’s now the holiday season, and of course, gifts are on the brain. Austin Mahone. Many people are purchasing gifts at record numbers during the holidays, and if you’re interested in learning how to wrap a gift, and getting a laugh, or two as well, watch the video. The singer shows his cute face in the video, while standing in front of the camera, instructing those watching, as to how to wrap a gift.

What’s funny about the video is the fact that he tries to rhyme like poetry, when he’s referring to the gift wrapping process. He does note that you have tape, wrapping paper, and even add string to your gift. Although the video is not a serious one, it’s a fun and Beneful tutorial, if you are a fan of Austin’s, and you just want to see him in motion. It would be nice if other artists took the time as well, to make tutorial videos, especially ones that are this much fun.

Austin is actually wrapping his own book in the video, so obviously there is no self praise there! Even at one point in the video you see him taking a bunch of bows, and flashing them off his other hand, similar to how people make it rain in a strip club!

Surgery is a Success for Twin Girls With Rare Heart Condition

In October of 2013 Stephen and Roxanne Montalvo-Tsai found out they were expecting, excited to add a to their growing family. However at their ultrasound appointment the couple found that not only was their son getting a sibling, he was getting 2! Roxanne was pregnant with twins. As the babies developed and Roxanne went in for an ultrasound it was found that the girls had a rare congenital heart disease which would likely require both to have open heart surgery after their birth. 

On May 1st, 2014 Roxanne delivered babies Selena and Jasmine via C-section. After birth they received a bit of good news- Selena’s condition was less severe and was able to go home along with a machine to help monitor her breathing. Jasmine however, at 15 days old, was going in for heart surgery. After 4 hours in surgery doctors managed to successfully implant an artificial pulmonary artery for her. Unfortunately both babies took a turn for the worse. Due to an arrhythmia Jasmine was back to the hospital and put on stronger meds. At 3 months old Selena, like her sister, had a successful surgery performed on her heart. 

Now at 7 months old both babies have fully recovered. Roxanne has shared pictures of her babies. Both are happy, healthy and able to live full lives thanks to the life saving surgeries they received. Now they’re free to grow up and play with new technology like Skout and other phone apps.

New Discoveries in BMI

Your Body Mass Index is a useful measure of overweight and obesity. It is an estimate of your body fat which is calculated by how tall you are as compared to your weight.  My friend who I follow on just got done reading this book on how there has to be a balanced weight for a certain height and that is how they measure if your body fat is just enough to be healthy.

There are many doubts as to the efficacy of these measures, but it is currently the best that there is.

There are also limitations on the accuracy of BMI such as overestimation of fat in athletes or those who have a bigger and muscular build and underestimation of fat among older persons. Nevertheless, this is the best way to measure if your body is proportionate to your fat.

In a study recently conducted on BMI’s effects in losing weight and in gaining some. It is found, after a careful study of a number of participants, that increase in BMI causes extensive metabolic changes which may increase cardiovascular risk factors even if you are not a smoker or do not exercise. The decrease in BMI , however minimal it is, tends to improve metabolic rate and the metabolic profile as a whole.

So this means that it is not just losing weight alone, but knowing your BMI and stating within that normal range can reduce the factors of cardiovascular diseases and other health risk factors.

Anti-Psychotic Drug Geodon Causes Fatal Skin Rashes

The anti-psychotic drug Geodon, as well as the generic versions of the drug, can lead to fatal skin side effects. The FDA has stated that the anti-psychotic drug, which is produced by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, has been known to start a rash that can spread all over the entire body. The United States food and Drug Administration is now requiring that a warning label be placed on the bottle that lists a condition known as DRESS.

According to Reddit, DRESS is known as Drug Reaction with Eosinophilic and Systemic Symptoms. The warning label will help patients to be aware of these types of symptoms and seek medical help when necessary. The drug can also cause inflammation of the organs and fevers.

The generic name for Geodon is ziprasidone. Sam Tabar thinks this will be pretty valuable for customers in the future. It is commonly used to treat patients with schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. It has been proven to help reduce delusions, psychotic episodes and hallucinations. While the drug has been proven to be very effective in these types of mental health patients, it is yet another drug that is produced by Pfizer that is now known to have fatal side effects according to the FDA.

Beauty in the Eye of the Beholder

To summarize the link to this article actually sounds like a day in the life of any frustrated parent. The writer of the article, a Caucasian lady named Lauren, is the mother of two adopted, special needs children whose nationality differs from hers. Lauren and her husband were grocery shopping at Trader Joes both children were cranky, tired and hungry. 

Tom Rothman says Lauren was in the parking lot, trying to get her young daughter in the car while her husband and son returned the cart. Close to tears, Lauren was hoping no one noticed the kid’s meltdown in the grocery store and her frustration. At that time a female employee was calling for her across the parking lot. When Lauren turned imagine her surprise as the clerk held a big bouquet of flowers for her. 

You see the clerk saw Lauren’s love for her adopted children, not her inadequacies. The clerk then explained that she was an adopted child too, and it has been a wonderful experience, and that the world needs more families like Laurens. Lauren was left almost speechless, choking out a thank you. 

We ,meaning parents as a whole, often see our shortcomings when raising our children, but sometimes it takes a stranger to remind us that we are wonderful, caring parents. Even on our frustrating days.

Vision of a Super Hero?

Could a simple change in our diet give you extraordinary vision? That is the question being asked and investigated.

An interesting fact is that carotenoid supplements have been given to treat macular degeneration, a disease of the eye that affects many as they get older. This disease affects the back of the retina and is a major cause of blindness. Reseachers have been studying whether taking the aforementioned supplements could have a positive effect and actually improve vision in otherwise healthy people with good vision. John Nolan has been studying the effect of carotenoids on the eyes for quite some time and has come to the conclusion that these carotenoids could be very helpful as people get older.


Carotenoids are found in vegetables such as carrots and they also create the color in purple broccoli. Many at Slow Ventures know very little about this. These in turn become a form of Vitamin A and help protect the retina from damage from too much exposure to blue light.

North American Spine Providing Innovative and Minimally Invasive Pain Relief

If you are like many, and are suffering from severe back pain, know that one company, North American Spine, strives to make their mission to help as many people as possible get relief from back related pain. Based out of Dallas, TX, but located in various places around the United States, North American Spine is the leader in in minimally invasive spine care. If you have back pain, then look no further than North American Spine and their unique approach to help repair and heal your injury through the minimally invasive AccuraScope procedure that will help you get your life back.

North American Spine which has seven different locations in major cities around the United States offers a non traditional approach to helping with your spinal pain or spine related pain. North American Spine’s philosophy is healing through a holistic and conservative approach and finding the medical treatment that is appropriate for varying types of spine-related pain.

They help to make the choices that you may have to make simple and easy to understand so that you can be assured you are making an informed decision regarding your health care and your spinal pain management. The doctors at North American Spine make sure that they set you on a course that is designed to fit you and your very specific pain whether it be degenerative spinal condition, herniated or collapsed disk, or a failed past surgery, it is tailor fitted for your individual needs.

Through an innovative new approach called the continuum of care belief the, North American Spine sets itself apart from others by encouraging individuals to try all other natural means to relieve spinal pain before making the decision to pursue surgery regardless of how invasive it may or may not be. While the doctors at North American Spine can offer operative and non-operative treatment, for most common back pain options to patients, they empower patients to take control of their health and well being and try some more holistic and conservative therapies. Based on the doctor’s belief that most spinal and back pain will eventually resolve itself with lifestyle changes, patients are encouraged to first try other avenues before surgery.

Patients are offered treatments and therapies such as varying types of physical therapy, pain medicines, chiropractic services. As an absolute last resort after all holistic and conservative therapies have been exhausted, the skilled doctors at North American Spine will turn to surgery. Under normal circumstances the word surgery can be frightening to most patients and family members and can often lead them to make a decision to either over medicate or just live with excruciating back pain for the rest of their life.

North American Spine can help to alleviate that fear of surgery with the latest innovation called the AccuraScope. The AccuraScope is a minimally invasive laser spinal surgery that can quickly and effectively treat a large array of spinal problems. While the AccuraScope minimally invasive surgery should treat most problems, there is a chance that it may not treat all and some more extensive surgery may be required. If this is necessary, the patient will be referred to an orthopedic or neurological surgeon.

The patient can be rest assured that the doctors at North American Spine have years of experience and most come from their own private practice. Our doctors are highly skilled individuals and will know exactly what your individual needs are, as most people can attest after using the service.

If you are one of the millions of individuals suffering from back or spinal pain then know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. That light is North American Spine, the only company located throughout the United States that specializes in minimally invasive spinal surgery.

Capturing the Imagination of the Fashion World

Photos, we love to take them. You see photos all over the place, in your family album photo book, in your wallet, even in the Doctor’s office. We enjoy looking at great photos and how they capture the beauty, the unexpected, the surprise and the shock. A good photo can be breath-taking and priceless as well. Good lights, color and a beautiful scenery plays a part in making a good photograph.

That’s why I follow Terry Richardson.  Some of his work is just beyond anything else that anybody is able to create.  Plus he’s worked with the biggest names in the industry.

Terry Richardson an American Fashion photographer seems to capture the perfect shot every time. He was born on August 14, 1965 in New York City. He grew up in Los Angeles and played in a band, when he was in high school. He played a bass guitar in a punk rock band. He attended Nordhoff High school and his band was called Invisible Government.

He also played in other bands including Doggy Style, Baby Fist, Middle Finger and Signal Street Alcoholics. His parents were both fashion photographers. Some of his advertising campaigns he has shot for are Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford and Aldo. He has photographed famous models like Kate Moss. His work has appeared on Vogue, Swing King and Dune magazines. He has taken photos of a wide variety of celebrities to include, Megan Fox, Sharon Stone, Gwyneth Paltrow, Cameron Diaz and Lindsay Lohan are a few.

He has photographed some rappers to include Lil Wayne and Pharrell Williams. He has photographed basketball player Lebron James. Terry Richardson’s photos seem to draw your attention right to his photos. His work has been featured in famous magazines such as Rolling Stone and Vanity Fair. He has campaigned for brands as well like; Dolce and Gabbana and Gucci. His photos sometimes capture the sexual side. When he gets behind a camera he makes Magic.

He is involved in RxArt, this is a charity that donates art to children’s hospitals. Richardson has directed music videos since the 1900’s, to include; Primal Scream and Death in Vegas. He has also a Published Author of Hysteric Glamour. He is a man of many talents, and his first solo outing Terrywood definitely shows that.