5 Tips For Saving Money On Beauty Products

There are a wide array of beauty products out there, along with a wide array of prices. And naturally, it seems as though the better products are also the more expensive ones. So does this mean that those on a budget must resign themselves to inferior products or constantly being in “makeup debt”? Not necessarily.

  1. Rethink Your Shopping Strategy

Where are you shopping for cosmetics and other beauty products now? At a pharmacy or big box store? A considerable amount of money can be saved by shopping online, and products are delivered directly to your door. Check it here on ebay.com.  Have you ever battled traffic and crowds to go to a store to pick up an item and discovered that it was out of stock? Online stores can keep much larger inventories, and when they are out of a product, you can learn this without driving fifteen miles out of your way to do so. With online shopping you also get retailer and product variety, in addition to the same discounts and coupons that brick and mortar stores offer. And online stores carry the same popular products that their physical competitors do, like EOS Lip Balm, an already reasonably priced beauty product.

  1. Get A Subscription

Offered both online and in some department stores, “sampling services” or “subscription boxes” allow users to get full and sample sized containers of beauty products every month. Some of these products are brand new, some are the latest hot thing, and some are old favorites. Subscription fees run around $20 per month, and the value of the products sent are at least double that amount. Some sampling services allow members to skip months without fees or penalties as well.

  1. Less Is More

If you don’t have to use as much of a product, then you can save money on it. It is a myth that you have to shampoo every day. Your hair will be both healthier and better looking if you can go a couple of days without washing it. In fact, hair experts say that hair looks its best a whopping four days between washes. And does your makeup look chewed up as the day goes on? Try mineral makeup which stays on much longer when applied, and needs less heavy application to begin with.

  1. Go “Green”

Companies spend a lot of money on packaging. They make up for this by charging customers extra for it. But an increasing number of manufacturers are offering “reusable” beauty product containers, meaning that consumers only have to buy the product itself with future purchases.  Additional article on this.

  1. Make It Yourself

Cucumber “therapy” to treat baggy eyes. Honey conditioning treatments for your hair. And raw egg facials to revitalize tired skin. The “grocery store” approach certainly works, and can save you big bucks, too. If you’d like to try such methods, use them sparingly at first until you’re sure allergic reactions won’t be a problem. And make sure to follow application directions carefully, as overuse of some of these foods can dry out your skin and scalp.  For additional tips, visit facebook.com.

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Patty Rocklage – How She Got Her Career and Social Life All Figured Out

Patty Rocklage is based in Massachusetts. She is a successful marriage and relationship therapist that is doing very well in her own marriage, as she is believed to be a great wife to one Scott Rocklage. Her successful career comes about because of the natural warmth in her communication skill. She has been able to steer most couples out of troubled relationships and marriages. She has helped many families overcome their issues with a lot of courage, which has been very instrumental in fixing their issues.

She is not only great with coaching families and couples, as a result of her line of career she has developed invaluable skills in public speaking, team building as well as teaching and community outreach. These skills have been instrumental in making her an excellent therapist. She has applied these and many others to get couples to compromise on life issues and put back their lives on track. This way, she has been a major factor in improving the quality of life of her clients.

Patty Rocklage is also the wife of successful chemist Scott Rocklage. She is a supportive wife as she stands behind every move the husband makes. One of those actions that stand out include the appreciation that she and her husband gave to MIT where scott got his background in the field from. The couple made a significant donation that went towards the building of a Nano chemistry and nanotechnology laboratory at the institution. This made MIT to honor the couple by putting a plaque in their honor in front of the labs. Click here to know more.

The couple also stands out due to their bold move of refurbishing their entire house after getting a major discount to have their home renovated. The major changes were to link the main house and the other rooms thus synchronizing everything together. The couple were able to invest in quality services that delivered and yielded results in good time. They were proof to skeptics that Ed of Sudbury Company and his team were the real deal. Their house was set as an example and testimony that great services do exist.

Linkedin: Linkedin.com/in/patty-rocklage-625a6229

Vincent Parascandola Has Always Triumphed With Every Role He Undertakes As Manifested in His Career Journey

Vincent Parascandola is a top financial expert with over 25 years working in the insurance and financial industries. He has massive expertise in sales, recruiting, leadership, management, and general operations. Vincent attended the distinguished Pace University Lubin School of Business for his higher education where he earned a BSC in computer science.

Career Growth

Vincent commenced his professional business career in 1986 as a Systems Analyst for Irving Trust Company where he served before moving to Prudential Insurance as an Agent. In 1993, he took up a position of a financial professional at The Mony Group. Vincent rose through the ranks to hold different positions at the firm, including the sales manager, managing director, and finally as the field VP. Then, he left in 2005 and joined AXA Equitable as the Managerial vice president. He went on to head several divisions, including the president of Advantage Group, head of Northern Division, and CEO of Continental Division. Vincent took up more responsibilities as the chief sales officer and president of Continental Division where he was mandated to oversee sales, recruitment, general performance, and profitability of AXA Advisors U.S. branches.

Current Role

Currently, Vincent Parascandola holds a senior administrative post at AXA U.S. where he guides the 225 financial professionals spread across the area of Central New Jersey in locations, such as Woodbridge, Manasquan, and Morristown. His responsibilities include recruiting new staff and overseeing their training. Additionally, he oversees the general performance of the firm regarding sales growth and profitability. Vincent has also been active in helping the company with its philanthropy initiatives through the AXA Achievement Scholarships that helps young adults to access college education. Vincent is also a part of The AXA Foundation that supports the community on disaster preparedness, environmental sustainability, health and disease prevention, and financial education among other active programs.


Vincent Parascandola’s expertise is recognized across the globe. He gets invitations to speak at important forums across different industries, such as the opening speech at the 2014 Pace University Graduation. He has also won multiple awards that manifest his exemplary experience.

8 Products You Will Need To Step Up Your Fashion Game

If you are someone who is trying to step up your fashion-focused lifestyle, you may be excited to know that there are many ways to accomplish your new objective. Here are eight products that you will need in order to ensure that you step up your fashion game.

For Men:

#1: White Tee

White tees are great for those casual or formal attires. They can either be worn casually with a pair of jeans and sneakers or formally as undergarment for a nice and stylish dress shirt.

#2: Button Down Shirt

Button down shirts can be a fashion statement when it comes to those semi-formal or extremely formal occasions. These stylish shirts can either be entirely buttoned for events such as interviews or half buttoned, showing the white tee for those semi-casual events.

#3: Denim Jeans

Not too baggy and not too fitted, denim jeans are perfect bottoms to complement the button down shirt and white tee.

#4: Leather Jacket

You can enhance your fashion style by throwing on a leather jacket. It will look great on top of a white tee or along with a button down shirt. Whichever way you decide to wear it, you will be bringing out your fashion appeal.

For Women:

#5: EOS Lip Balm

Women’s fashion is more detailed. That is where facial products come in. However, instead of a whole lot of makeup, simple lip balm will suffice. Add some EOS lip balm to your lips and your feminine natural beauty will come out.  Follow EOS on their facebook.com page.

#6: Kate Spade Leather Purse

Every woman needs a purse for her feminine essentials. Therefore, step up your fashion game with a Kate Spade Leather purse instead of any old regular purse.

#7: Suede Women’s Desert Wedges

Nothing is like a woman intensifying her appearance with stylish shoes. A woman’s shoes says a great deal about her. So let your shoes bring your fashion appearance to light with a pair of Suede Desert Wedges.

#8: Asymmetrical Cold Shoulder Midi Dress

Finalize your attractive appeal with a fashion-forward dress. You will get the ideal fashion look in an asymmetrical cold shoulder midi dress.

These eight products for stepping up your fashion game are only several of the many items out there that will get you to looking your fashionable best, check this on walmart.ca. All it takes is the right fashion products and the proper complements and your dress style will be turning heads!  Interesting article here.

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Gregory Finch Changes Lives Through Orthopedic Surgery

Orthopedic surgery involves a branch of medicine that deals with conditions in the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedic surgery involves surgical procedures that initiate muscle and skeletons replacement and fixing. Although orthopedic surgery involves the actual operation on tissues, some instances do not call for surgery. In such scenarios, an orthopedic surgeon uses different approaches nonrelated to surgery to solve problems. Although surgeons tend to see different patients with various muscle cases related to orthopedic surgery, there are specific and common orthopedic surgeries in the field of medicine. Here are the two common ones:

 Total Joint Placement

Total joint replacement involves the assessment of the body’s broken parts by orthopedic surgeons. This is done to replace the damaged tissues with metal as well as plastic surfaces. These surfaces have a natural shape and are used to restore the movement of knees. The aim of total joint replacement is restoring the normal function of the knee. Most patients with total joint replacement suffer arthritis. The procedure is usually done because severe arthritis is too painful and uncomfortable.

Total Shoulder Replacement

Total shoulder replacement sounds painful just by the sound of the name. However, the procedure makes a patient feel better over time. This procedure involves the replacement of the damaged bones and parts of cartilage using a metal. In other instances, a plastic implant can be done. The procedure is like any replacement surgery carried out to improve motion on the shoulder. The pain diminishes over time.

Gregory Finch’s Profile

Gregory Finch has made a name for himself in the industry of orthopedic surgery. He is a member of the Australian Orthopedic Association. Gregory Finch has a broad experience and knowledge in orthopedic surgery. He is additionally a member the North American Society of Spine also known as NASS. After attaining his FRACS, Gregory Finch worked with the leaders of the spine surgery department in the U.S. and Germany. Gregory Finch exudes passion, talent, and commitment to providing excellent orthopedic surgery for better lives.

Dick DeVos’s Career Summary And $139 Million In Giving

At last one of thee great secrets surround Michigan entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick DeVos has been uncovered. DeVos made it official during the confirmation hearing for his wife Betsy’s appointment to Secretary of Education that they had given $139 million to their various non-profit entities. One of the reasons Betsy was selected for Secretary of Education was the DeVos’s background funding and supporting private schools across Michigan and fighting for school of choice endeavors. Most of the DeVos’s funding has gone either to K through 12 or post secondary education, but it’s also been funneled to hospitals, museums, scientific research and even churches.


Dick and Betsy began focusing on education back while their children attended notable private schools in the Grand Rapids area, and after starting their foundation in 1992 they began starting scholarship funds to aid needy families. Several years after starting the scholarship programs, Dick DeVos worked to bring a ballot initiative to allow for tax credits and vouchers at private schools, but it failed to pass in the 2000 election. In the later 2000’s Dick and Betsy began starting charter school organizations including the Great Lakes Education Project, and later the formation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy which not only has aviation and piloting courses in its curriculum, but also general studies and high tech science courses.


Dick DeVos is one of the visionaries behind Grand Action Committee which is a coalition of Grand Rapids business executives and city leaders that form strategic planning for the downtown areas. During his time on this board Grand Rapids has seen several museums, sports arenas and stadiums, and even new libraries constructed. He also contributes to organizations that teach free market economics including Thunderbird School of Global Management, Action Institute and the Heritage Foundation.


DeVos learned much of his business skills and philanthropy leadership from his father Richard DeVos Sr. who’s been listed in various magazines as one of America’s richest people. Richard DeVos Sr. cofounded Amway Corporation, worked closely with former President Gerald Ford’s administration, and currently owns the Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos worked for his father’s company for over 20 years serving several as an executive vice president, and later took over as CEO during which he maximized the company’s global operations.


Today Dick DeVos primarily runs The Windquest Group, a company that invests in Michigan companies that specialize in clean energy, food service and technology. He and Betsy have spent a lot of time in politics including his 2006 run for governor. He came up short in that race to then incumbent Jennifer Granholm, but it wasn’t the end for him. Six years later he and other patrons of the Heritage Foundation and Koch Group put out an effort to pass a right-to-work law.


Stronger flavored EOS Lip Balms

EOS is well known for their lip balms and the fact that they don’t use fake flavorings in them. This leads to a subtle and enjoyable lip balm application that goes on luscious and smooth and doesn’t leave that fake aftertaste.

This doesn’t mean EOS lip balms are boring though as they have many flavorful and enjoyable options. While some lip balm flavors like EOS’ honeysuckle honeydew and vanilla mint are subtle, others like pomegranate raspberry and vanilla mint have more powerful tasty flavors that stand out. Of course your own tastes will dictate whether you enjoy more subtle or stronger flavors but here is what I thought of these two more powerful flavored lip balms.

While I enjoy mint flavors, most of the options out there are too minty for me. The more subtle flavors don’t do it for me either as I do enjoy stronger flavors, just not the overpowering flavor of mint. The vanilla mint option from EOS lip balms came as a real pleasant surprise for me as it was not too minty and had a delicious vanilla under tone to it that made the flavor more complex. Vanilla mint was tasty with a strong flavor, but not an overpowering medicine flavor that most mint lip balms have. Would highly recommend the vanilla mint lip balm from EOS.  Useful reference on walmart.co.

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I enjoy many stronger flavored fruit flavored lip balms and the pomegranate raspberry flavor from EOS was right up my alley. I knew I would enjoy it before I even took it. The flavors of pomegranate and raspberry are both prominent in this lip balm and you can taste them individually when you try to concentrate. When they are blended together the flavor of this lip balm is truly special and a unique flavor. It is tasty and special and a great option for any lover of strong lip balms. Follow EOS on their facebook.com page

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Pamper Your Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products Today

Beautiful lips don’t have to require uncomfortable medical procedures or cost you a fortune. You can utilize EOS lip balm products and achieve super-moist lips with your first use. Canadian’s are known for trying trendy new products and EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth are becoming increasingly, popular among teens and young adults that crave an organic beauty care product for their lips. Thousands of customers are choosing their superior brand over leading competitors like Chapstick. EOS products are packed with signature all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Your lips will begin the healing process from dry cracked skin with your first use.

Evolution of Smooth is known for their eleven essential amino acids, vitamin C and E. Best of all their body butter contents have been proven to have skin healing agents for ages. You can also experience the benefits of easy to absorb jojoba oil extracts. Many people love their cool containers that come in pastel colors that can fit in your purse or your pocket. Their containers make their products very easy to use. Join celebrities like Kim K. and Miley Cyrus that use EOS lip balm products on their lips for maximum coverage and extreme moisture. Check this on douglas.de.

Interesting article here.

You have the option of delectable flavors that include lemon drop, original EOS, and coconut lip balm products. Evolution of Smooth is 100% Leap Bunny approved and safe for all skin care types. You will love giving your lips a one of a kind opportunity to get superior healing agents that will remove wrinkles and fine lines on your lips. You’re invited to heighten your senses with Evolution of Smooth products are also hypoallergenic. Revolutionize the way you to take care of your lips with an amazing EOS lip balm product that is highly preferred.  Click costco.ca for more.

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HuffPost Gets New Look as Talk Fusion CEO Contributes Content

It takes a special kind of person to succeed in the realm of online business. Digital entrepreneurs are a dime a dozen but we only ever get a chance to hear from the major success stories. Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina has been a mainstay in the digital world since he founded his company back in 2007. Reina’s focus on creating the best and first elite video marketing and communication solutions company has been a huge success story to follow. Now, Reina is taking time out of his day to contribute as a writer to websites like the Huffington Post.


The Huffington Post recently underwent a huge branding change in order to try and shift gears in the new political and social climate that we are living in. The Huffington Post has long been a first hand source for avid readers of both political and entertainment based news. The Huffington Post recently changed their name to the shortened version: HuffPost. This name change isn’t the only difference between the new and old website. HuffPost will be focusing on giving a voice to those that have been ostracized by the public — giving a platform to those that are socially disadvantaged, as well.


Reina’s contributions to the Huffington Post (now HuffPost) over the past couple of years have been met with great critical reception. Reina’s taken plenty of time to write about marketing in the digital world, growing your brand, and constantly innovating when the time is right. In fact, Reina recently launched two new articles on the rebranded HuffPost website: “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters” and “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience”. These two articles are being shared, viewed, and commented on right now.


Being a contributor to the Huffington Post Reina was eventually asked what he thought about the changes. Reina, true to form, stuck to his guns. Reina admitted that he believes a brand is never done evolving. Rein also went on to say that a company must innovate in order to survive. It’s safe to say that Reina is buying into the new HuffPost model.

Duda Melzer’s Recognition and Displays of Gratitude

Duda Melzer, most commonly known for being the CEO of Grupo RBS, is a Brazilian entrepreneur with many accomplishments under his belt. His specialty of newspaper and radio media is a third generation family effort. He’s also recently founded and is running e.Bricks Digital, which is a branch within Grupo RBS that specifically handles digital media; more specifically, venture capital and private equity funding. Just in its first year, it provided over $100 million in funding, and in total about $300 million.

Duda Melzer’s educational background includes a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande. He also holds an MBA from Harvard University. His educational background assisted him in making many valuable connections that have lasted a lifetime and have provided many opportunities. Duda also values ethics in business and serves on boards that create, impose and regulate ethical standards among fellow businesses. His contributions, as well as his leadership and management skills, have landed him at the top of many “best of” lists. He’s not only recognized by the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise as a top business leader; he’s also been asked to help select future candidates for these awards. Not only has Duda received much praise he’s also worked for the community that he serves. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

In an article on Acaert, being a leader in media is a great advantage that Duda Melzer not only uses to make a living, but he also helps others who struggle. The Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho Foundation was named after his grandfather. The group started its campaigns well over 35 years ago. The focus is to raise awareness for social issues affecting youth in Brazil. The group not only works within the community but also with the government to further its impact. The efforts have been significantly effective over the years, as seen with the reports RBS Group publishes on its website eduardosirotskymelzer.com.

See more: http://zh.clicrbs.com.br/rs/opiniao/colunistas/fernanda-pandolfi/noticia/2015/12/em-sua-residencia-eduardo-sirotsky-melzer-recebe-parceiros-do-grupo-rbs-para-brindar-o-fim-de-ano-4926417.html#showNoticia=LUchLzAuYjUxNTI2ODk0ODcxMDc4NTAyNDAwMTlzODc2MDgyMDM2MTIwMTE1OTMxOHUwJjU4NDc4NDUxNzMwMzEwNzU4NDBpI0hASHRGfFo7emdaTC57Mik=