Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How Basic Sanitation Services Can Be Improved In Brazil

The Brazilian government announced the proposed plan to partner with BNDES in order to fund waste management programs. According to Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos, said the initiative will lead to improvement in services delivery. Trata Brasil is a company that provides waste management services. Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert in infrastructure projects noted that Carlos was concerned about the levels of waste in Brazil. Mr. Carlos further pointed out that 90% of basic sanitation services are provided through public power, and approximately 70% of users are served by state agencies.


Trata Brasil’s executive further added that the presence of private firms in the industry is not a valid reason to ignore public ones, since the two sectors can provide improved services when they collaborate together, reports Felipe Montoro. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has a responsibility to build customized plans for the areas it serves, depending on surveys previously conducted. Inadequate water supply was noted as the main reason why state companies in the water sector did not have sufficient funds for their operations. Carlos explained that private firms have adequate resources hence they can prevent wastage of water.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro is an expert serving in the investment and infrastructure industry. For several years, Mr. Jens has worked as top executive of numerous Brazilian firms, helping them to achieve growth targets. He is passionate for his work and it has enabled him offer his expertise to those companies he has served.


Felipe’s leadership skills have made him very prominent such that many firms are willing to hire him. All the projects he has undertaken have ended up very successful. Felipe earned his degree in business administration from FGV (Fundao Getlio Vargas), and then went to Thunderbird School of Global Management for his Masters in international management. http://www.radaroficial.com.br/d/28075923

The Growth of Lime Crime

a budding business that continues to expand to attract more and more loyal customers to the company is a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is company that was founded by Doe Deere who has always had a passion for makeup and for making sure that individuals feel beautiful on both the inside as well as on the outside. Doe Deere’s makeup brand was specifically designed to accentuate the beautiful features for both men and women who have different tastes. This brand is unique due to the fact that it uses some of the brightest and boldest colors for blushes, lipsticks, as well as for eye shadows. Doe Deere is proud of what she has accomplished and is making sure that her business is a business that involves the people to make decisions on what products she should not only include, but also should create.


Doe Deere is well known for her presence on social media sites such as Instagram where she shows her designs through numerous creative photos. Before founding her business, Doe Deere had also created a clothing business that also uses bright and bold colors. Doe Deere only created Lime Crime as a side business due to the fact that she could not find a makeup brand that would not be washed out by the brightness of her clothing. With almost a decade of experience with running her business, Doe Deere has many more plans in the future to grow the company and to make even more individuals feel happy and confident.


Doe Deere has kept her business an internet-based business in order to make sure that the products that are sold rely on the input of the customer. This business model has kept Doe Deere humble with the success that she has acquired and also makes sure that her products are of the best quality. Doe Deere would one day like to have a typical brick and mortar shop, but only after she has been able to satisfy as many customers as she can. Doe Deere looks to expand her business even more in the future.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helps Benefit Basic Sanitation Services through Concessions in the Country

The government of Brazil recently announced that it would make concession through a partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development. During a recent interview with Edison Carlos, the current president of Trata Brasil, he stated some important points concerning the initiative. Trate Brasil is an institute with actions concentrated on basic sanitation. Mr. Edison believes that the services offered will undergo enhancement in structural management and resource areas. During the interview, Edison stated that public power performs 90 percent of basic sanitation services. On top of that, 70 percent of users are served by state organizations.



Mr. Edison also pointed out that all government bodies have a significant and imperative experience that can be leveraged through partnering with other firms. Note that BNDES will formulate customized action strategies for the countries it serves, based on surveys that detail the condition that these areas are facing. With this, a financial institution can adapt the project of every location. On that note, Felipe Montoro Jens says that the loss of water was considered as one of the leading cause of the flow of financial resources of country-owned firms in the water sector.



Mr. Edison pointed out that private business has more resources, something that makes it an essential ally in preventing water wastage. He also talked about the advanced technology of these firms as something imperative for the management of water in the nation state so that they can raise greater investment in sewage network. Felipe Montoro Jens claims that the current Brazilian condition requires the typical rigor for such companies so that there is a substantial advancement in the financial situation of public institutions.



More information about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe has a degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe also earned a graduate degree from Thunderbird school of global management. He is the current principal at Odebrecht Participaçoes e Investimentos SA. Before working here, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen previously worked as head of finance in Odebrecht SA.

How Avi Weisfogel is an Embodiment of Success in the Treatment of Sleep Disorders

Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a dental specialist who has majored in offering his clients various cosmetic dentistry services. He puts beautiful smiles on the faces of his patients. Avi started his private practice about 16 years ago at the Old Bridge Dental Care, which is located in New Jersey. He is the founder of the clinic, and it has been known for offering services such as dental care, fixing implants, and oral reconstructive surgery. Wiesfogel has been devoted to providing the best services since he joined the industry


Avi is a member of various professional associations and dentistry marketing clubs. At some point in his career, he decided to venture into the sleep world, and his primary aim was to establish an ideal cure for sleep disorders. He was also devoted to training dentists and other medicals professionals on how they can treat patients who are affected by the problem. In 2010, he developed an outstanding marketing strategy that enabled him to sleep apnea venture to be successful. He has been devoted to sharing his expertise in the United States and other parts of the globe.


In 2010, Avi worked in close coordination with physicians in establishing and managing sleep labs across the world. He also established Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients, which is a firm that he has been using in offering lectures to medical professionals on how they can set themselves in sleep disorder treatment sector. The organization has been assisting him in creating awareness about sleep apnea.


Dr. Avi Weisfogel is the proprietor of Dental Sleep Masters. The company has majored in the development of various techniques that can be used by dentists in offering sleep disorder therapies by using their oral appliances. Dental Sleep Masters has been successful in the sleep sector. It has been financing and supervising studies in sleep apnea and other related complications. Avi interacts with various professionals, and this enables him to acquire new knowledge. He often records concepts, which he later analyses and strives to implement. Avi’s ventures in dentistry and sleep medicine have been successful since he has made them readily available to the public.


Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Rules

To be a successful investor in Brazil requires vision, understanding, knowledge and discipline. It also requires a set of rules. Over a career as an investment advisor in Brazil that has lasted many decades, Igor Cornelsen has developed all of those things. He has a seemingly innate ability to see investment opportunities. Having worked with the most successful banks and businesses in Brazil has given him the knowledge and understanding he needs to consistently pick winners in the Brazilian stock markets. And over the years Cornelsen has developed a set of rules that lead to successful investing.


One of Cornelsen’s most important rules is to begin investing as soon as possible. It takes time for an investment to pay the type of dividend that can make a person wealthy. By beginning to invest as early as possible, this gives the dividends an opportunity to grow. Another of Cornelsen’s investment rules is to invest for the long-term. This rule dovetails perfectly with the prior rule. For Cornelsen, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you have to be prepared to leave it in place for years. This is how you build true wealth that can last a lifetime.


Get rid of losing investments as soon as possible, is another of Igor Cornelsen’s rules for successful investing. He always reminds investors that they are investing to make money. If an investment it’s losing money, it’s best to get rid of it right away and invest that money elsewhere where it can earn dividends. Another very important rule of investing that is preached by Cornelsen is the need to develop a diversified portfolio. Each person’s investment portfolio should contain some low risk, low reward investments. But it should also contain some investments that are high risk and high reward. Further, investors should spread their investments into several industries.


Igor Cornelsen has been a very successful investment advisor in Brazil for many decades. During that time, the investment rules he has developed have helped to make many people rich. Investors that follows these rules improve their chances of being successful.



Introducing Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair: Cute And Spunky Meets Healthy And Happy

In the attempt to identify and remove toxins and pollutants from living areas, kitchens and bathrooms- the last frontier remains….hair care. Hair coloring, styling and cleansing formulas are usually brimming with toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, ammonia or bleach. While manufacturers struggle to replace classic formulas with products that aren’t tested on animals or swimming in poison, brands and products are being developed to satisfy savvy consumers.


Introducing Unicorn hair dye by Lime Crime, available in 13 spunky super bright shades- the ingredient profile reveals information as bright as the shades themselves. After spending three years in careful product development, Lime Crime has produced a semi-permanent direct deposit conditioning hair dye, formulated from vegan ingredients- that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free (based on vegetable glycerin), certified by both the Leaping Bunny and PETA.


Each hue is available in full coverage (10 to 12 washes approximately) and tint (8 to 10 washes) formulas. A 6.7-ounce bottle retails for $16, the color is a gentle deposit-only formula that is incapable of damaging hair, no developer or heat is needed to process.

Creator and company founder Doe Deere envisioned a toxin-free hair color product and designed Unicorn Hair, a hair color sourced from healthy ingredients that would meet a professional standard, with basic application principles appealing to either newbies or industry professionals. Understanding the importance of testing a product before committing, Deere promises that samples are being developed and are on the way.


For maximum coverage options, it is recommended to start with pre-lightened hair (preferably a medium to pale blonde shade), consulting a professional for the bleaching portion is highly recommended, no toner is needed- applying Unicorn dye directly to freshly bleached hair will yield optimum results. For richer tones and hues, leave the dye in for one to two hours, for a traditional typical shade, 30 to 45 minutes is recommended. Unicorn dye could leave residual marks (i.e. clothes, pillowcase, tub), however, it is not permanent and will wash out over time- traditional precautions for stains should be taken as with any hair dye process or product. http://www.dollskill.com/shop/lime-crime.html


Doug Levitt Expands on the Work of 1930s Artists

Blurring the lines between news reporting and artistry has been something the most creative people in the U.S. have been doing for over a decade, and this tradition has been continued by the former journalist and musician Doug Levitt. As Doug Levitt set out on a six week journey by bus that he had initially labelled “The Greyhound Diaries” in 2005 he noticed the initial effects of the 2008 economic slowdown striking the poorest members of society he encountered in the heartland of America.

Doug Levitt had already been inspired by the work of artists in the 1930s who were funded by the WPA initiative that was developed to ensure the effects of economic disaster in the 1930s was recorded for posterity; inspired by these efforts during “The Great Depression“, Doug Levitt has been traveling by bus for over a decade and completed an impressive 120,000 miles as he has looked to replicate and evolve the work completed by artists in the 1930s to reflect the difficulties of life in the 21st century. Through the development of multiple media the work of Doug Levitt has now been brought to the attention of the wider public through the development of a dedicated YouTube channel to record his work on “The Greyhound Diaries“.

In his early life, Doug Levitt seemed destined to follow his family members into a career that would take him to the very top of the political or news media industry after the Washington D.C. born artist won a Fulbright Scholarship to study at the London School of Economics. Levitt became a foreign correspondent based in London for many top rated news channels, such as ABC and CNN and learn more about Doug Levitt.

A pivotal moment in the life of Doug Levitt pointed to by the artist himself was the death of his father that Doug Levitt often points to as the reason for his drive to follow his dream of becoming an artist. Traveling the country talking with people from various walks of life for “The Greyhound Diaries” has proven to be a form of therapy for Doug Levitt and allowed him to help others as he finds himself on the bus lines of the U.S. and more information click here.

More visit: https://twitter.com/douglevitt

UKV PLC Chooses The Best French Wine For You

To get a great French wine for a newbie is a difficult task to undertake. Recently, UKV PLC was showcased in French Tribute for their professional tips to identify the best French wines. UKV PLC they also operate online by providing the best recipes for international and French wines.

The UKV PLC’s Twitter page recently posted a guide on how to differentiate the best quality of wines depending on the area you are. The company has unique way giving out information, instead of the firm labeling relevant information like the type of grape or mixture used the company will in turn label bottles based on the region. French people believe that the environment in which the wine is produced significantly affects the taste of the wine.

The French part, Bordeaux region its well stocked with both red and white grapes varieties. The Bordeaux region is the country’s red producers. The country exports of grapes come from that part of France. Many of the wines from Borduex are featured in UKV PLC’s online store.

If you wish to have a high-quality champagne in France, UKV PLC it’s the one-stop shop for the best wines from Northeastern France. Champagne produced in this region is of high quality and are referred to be cremants. Find the best and real champagne bottles by communicating with UKV PLC firm.

James Dondero Gives $ 1 Million to Support Families and Pets from Violent Homes in Texas

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. He is the current president of the company. He offered a grant of $1 million to assist an organization supporting family violence victims – The Family Place, Dallas. The grant is a response to the efforts by the organization to raise a total of $2.8 million for the Legacy Campaign. This announcement from Highland came during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon hosted at Hilton Anatole, Dallas Texas.


The grant will be through the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., the philanthropic arm of the capital management company. Highland Dallas Foundation will match 50 percent of funds the capital campaign raises up to $1 million. Since the Family Place received the announcement, it has received an additional $200,000 going towards the Legacy Campaign from Highlands as the promised complimentary fee.

James Dondero asserts that the grant answers requests by Mr. Mike Rawlings – Dallas Mayor and the Dallas Police Chief David Brown. The two high-ranking members of the community urged the community to rally together to solve the life-threatening problem of domestic violence in Dallas.


Mr. Dondero believes that the Texas community can achieve many things and expresses optimism that with the support Highlands Capital Management is offering, the campaign will reach the finishing line. Moreover, James Dondero urges others to consider giving support to the organization to enable it to continue providing lifesaving services and shelter to victims of family violence. The Family Place CEO Paige Flink agrees that the campaign offers a tremendous opportunity for others to multiply their gifts and make a difference in the lives of the victims.


The Family Place Legacy Campaign is supporting operations and construction of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center for victims of family violence. Corgan – a leading architectural design firm, is responsible for the unique design of the new building. The center includes a medical and dental clinic, 13-emergency shelter bedrooms, multiple private ad group counseling rooms for children and adults, a call center and a multipurpose job training room.


The building can serve at least 2,000 victims annually. It will provide critical emergency shelter space and reach at least 6,000 students undergoing teen dating and bullying annually. It also has a child development center and an animal shelter for victims who own pets.

Honey Birdette Looks To Expand Across US and UK

The lacy and racy Australian based women’s intimates company, Honey Birdette has recently released a ambitious new plan for expansion into the United States of America and the United Kingdom. To begin their new plans the company has put in place a dedicated U.S. based website with some special and inticing incentives over the original website including free deliveries for the purchase of any product or products that total more than 50 dollars – a pretty hard deal to pass up. For anyone who has been following the movements of Honey Birdette this will come as little surprise given the fact that the companies U.S. sales, before creating the new site, had gone up by around 374 % in the past twelve months alone, so it was only natural that they would seize on such a golden opportunity.

Additionally, the company also looks to move into the United Kingdom by rolling out brick and mortar Honey Birdette boutiques in the areas of Westfield Stratford, Leeds, Newcastle and Liverpool, with several other locations in the works and plans for over 40 HB stores to be erected in the British isles by the end of the year. The lingerie company already has fifty five real world store fronts in its home country of Australia which, after the new renovations will put the total number of stores up to ninety five in total.

Honey Birdette’s CEO and Founder, the maverick Australian business woman and fashion designer, Eloise Monaghan is currently working with the global private investment and beef breeding company, BBRC (B.B. Retail Capital) who is currently financially backing the Australian intimates companies’ expansion north. When asked, in a recent interview for a local paper about what else the leadership had in store for Honey Birdette, Ms. Monaghan responded, “This year is all about new directions. Giving the face of Honey Birdette somewhat of a facelift.”

For more information follow Honey Birdette on Facebook.