Igor Cornelsen Shines as a Consultant

 Igor Cornelsen has enjoyed great success with an innovative stock picking strategy. He invests in stocks which are considered damaged or have faced a temporary setback. With his analytical insight, he’s able to determine if the company is facing lasting structural damage or has only undergone a temporary downturn. It’s one example of his sterling career as a businessman, investor, and financial counselor.

Cornelsen had a long, successful career as a banker in his native Brazil. He was at the helm of some of the biggest banks in Brazil and successfully managed a huge swath of the Brazilian economy.

Igor Cornelsen also touts Brazil as an investment opportunity. He relays that Brazil has abundant natural resources, a growing population with a need for an infrastructure that keeps pace. He considers Brazil the best investment opportunity in South America. They are one of the world’s top food producers and the largest country on the continent. They are also the eighth largest economy in the world.

With the installation of a new finance minister, Cornelsen expressed cautious optimism. Joaquim Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has also worked at the IMF and is considered a sharp policymaker with a high regard for the private sector. Cornelsen is hopeful that policy reforms can be implemented.

Cornelsen is currently retired and living in South Florida where he pursues his passion for golf. He still finds time to invest and perform consulting duties for the banking industry. His extensive experience and contacts enable him to be of great service.

Revolutionizing the Wine Sector through Quality Service Delivery, UKV PLC

UKV PLC, a wine company based in the United Kingdom, has become a leading wine seller in the world. The have loyal consumers who love their broad range of high-quality wine. Some customers buy wine from UKV for their wine collection. The majority of wine consumers in the U.K. prefer to buy from this supplier because of the customer service. UKV PLC treats its clients with respect and values their time and money. Aside from wines, the wine merchant also sells champagnes.

Even when there’s a very high demand for wine, UKV always fulfills all the orders. They work with reputable brokers, suppliers, and wineries to help them meet the needs of their customers. The staff at the wine company is trained to determine the right wine for a given occasion. So, they can recommend the best wine for you during your graduation after-party, birthday party or candlelit dinner.UKV PLC uses advanced technology to enhance the quality of its products as well as reach its target audience. Through the internet, they’ve managed to stay connected with their clients. They post on their Facebook page on a daily basis. They often promote their products on Instagram. Some of the wines they sell include Bordeaux, Italian, Burgundy, and Spanish. On their Twitter page, they post news about the wine industry. The company also tweets about scientific studies that focus on wine. Judging from their social media accounts, they serve many customers every day.

Several benefits come with buying from this company. UKV PLC is ideal for everyone, including those who buy wine to add to their collection. UKV offers home deliveries to its clients. The cost of their wine is low compared to other wine suppliers. Buyers don’t need to dig dip into their pockets to afford a nice bottle of wine. If you’re an investor who is worried about the safety of your goods, you should buy from this wine merchant. They provide their customers with storage services.UKV also has enough wine to supply to wholesalers and huge parties. Their customer support team does its best to respond to inquiries and complaints on time. Buying from UKV PLC guarantees you quality. Learn More.

Berry Flavored Lip Balms from EOS


My tastes buds are very much like a bear’s- I love all types of berries and berry flavored items. Lip balm is no exception to this and once I discovered EOS Lip Balm I knew I would have to try all their berry flavored items, hop over here.

I use lip balm because it protects my lips from chapping and dryness. I found that EOS Lip Balm works better than all other brands for its unique formulas of lip balm which is based on jojoba and other high quality emollients. These ingredients simply work better these ingredients are better than the ingredients in the competition lip balms, namely petroleum jelly. Since EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms they taste better and more real than the competition.

EOS has a whole variety of berry lip balms. Strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, blackberry nectar, and summer fruit which contains blueberry, strawberry, and peach. These lip balm flavors are all berry based but have a wide range of diverse flavors.

Strawberry sorbet tastes more fresh than the standard strawberry lip balm. Blackberry nectar has a complex and interesting taste that is reminiscent of blackberries right off the vine. This is a unique flavor that few lip balm manufacturers even attempt to make much less can execute on. Check also blogwebpedia.com for more news. Summer fruit is a blend of berries and peach, but mostly tastes like blueberries. Given the wide range of other strawberry flavored balms out there, this leaves the EOS summer fruit lip balm with a truly unique offering. Pomegranate raspberry was the last berry lip balm from EOS that I tried. It was a complex flavor and raspberry that really stood out for me. Pomegranate raspberry was a truly robust and interesting flavor that was a joy to try and my favorite of the beery balm bunch. See evolutionofsmooth.com for updates.

Shop and Collect All EOS Lip Balm Flavors, https://www.amazon.ca/eos-Pomegranate-Raspberry-Lip-Balm/dp/B00B6A9KTU.


Milestones Of OSI group With David McDonald

David McDonald was born and also raised on a farm in northeast Iowa. He graduated from Iowa State University in 1998 where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in animal science. Due to his exceptional performance, he received the Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior award.

David McDonald OSI Group was very involved in the exploitation of resources to improve the quality of life of the people living in Iowa, and he became a very active member of the Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. Together with a group of students, David McDonald organized a visit to the OSI facilities based in China in the year 2011. It happened later that one of the students in his company was employed in OSI group together With David.

Immediately Mr. McDonald graduated, he commenced his career journey at the OSI industries situated in Chicago. He worked hard and diligently in the firm, and he has been able to raise in ranks to become the Chief operating officer and President of the industry.

Mr. David, popularly known as Dave, served in numerous positions before his current status at OSI group. For instance, he has been the Chairman of North America Meat Institute and an independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods since 2008. Moreover, he served as Director of OSI International Foods Limited.

The success of OSI group can be attributed to the partnerships with clients on the products they need to develop their industries as noted my McDonald. Also, they have been able to meet the dynamic nature of demand by producing state of the art products that meets customers’ requirements.

The company’s continued engagement with manufacturers enables the development of processes which promote quality and safe food production. Some equipment such as the built-in-X-ray is capable of detecting foreign particles and other devices that help in monitoring growth of products.

Customer engagement is also a key area that the company has invested. Such interactions have provided a platform in which the customers bring in their suggestions on the quality of products they need.

When OSI group obtained Baho Food McDonald said that they had attained a better visibility in Europe. There was a huge improvement regarding the capacity to serve the customers.

Read more: Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

EOS Lip Balm Choices for Spring 2017

The spring lip balm choices for EOS are summed up in one word: fun. Listed and sold as “Spring 2017 Limited Edition Pack.” It offers a new flavor that was created specifically for this release, named New Visibly Soft Cucumber Melon. It also comes with the favorite called “Coconut Milk.” It is packaged in a cute little collectible box. Most collectors buy two. One to keep as a collector that remains unopened, and one to use and enjoy. Here are some of the details of the Spring Collectible.

These smell wonderful. Each one has their own distinct design too. The all natural ingredients are great for your lips. They keep them smooth and smell wonderful for hours. The collectible Melon Cucumber flavor is made of the following ingredients.

– Shea Butter

– Jojoba Oil

– Vitamin E


Visit youtube.com to learn more.


It is gluten-free, petrolatum-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free, as all of the EOS products have always been since the beginning when they were first released. They even offer oxidant protection for your lips. Each one is 0.25 oz. Try to hop this page, blogwebpedia.com.

The vitamin E is great for conditioning the lips. Over time, it makes the lips soft, even when the product isn’t being used. The jojoba oil does too, great info here.

These special release sets have been a mainstay of this product line since the release of the first ad on television. It was discovered that people not only loved the product, but they were even beginning to create collectible groups online. Some of the first collector sets go for way above the actual price on eBay now. While some people might not understand it, people have been collecting things forever. Take any product and you will find a group a people that collects it. EOS is no less attractive to collectors. This Spring 2017 collection is a hot collectible.

See the EOS Collection here on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MQEsd7_LaLk


Life Line Screening Changing Lives

Chief Medical Officer of Life Line Screening, Dr. Andrew Manganaro, deals with cardiac, vascular and thoracic surgery. He has held that position in this privately owned institution for 35 years. During an interview with ideamensch, he says that he had witnessed a high number of catastrophic attacks such as carotic embolic strokes and abdominal aneurysms which could have been prevented if the patient was aware of asymptomatic diseases. That was the source of his motivation to establish the Life Line Screening.

He states that his typical day consists of some time-consuming activities. Some of them include supervision of the board doctors, maintaining high-quality assurance to the corporation, overseeing the clinical Department as a whole, and analyzing the research efforts. In his company, ideas are brought to life by his hardworking and cooperating team. A trend that impresses the doctor is the progressive awareness by people in recognizing a developing asymptomatic disease. He states that hard work and persistence are his key habits to attaining excellence.

It is startling how Dr. Manganaro says that he would not change a single thing if he were to start again. It seems that he started off well and has maintained that pace and attitude. He often assesses his failures to learn from them, urging others to do so as well. He has managed to grow his business by distinguishing what is clear from the unclear, and also the known from the unknown. By doing this, the mission of the corporation is well stated and understood. Last but not least, he recommends ‘Idylls of the King’ to the people, a book was written by Tennyson and highlights on how it is to be human.

Life Line Screening is stated as the provider of preventive health screenings, both direct- consumer and also community-based. The screenings identify risks that do not have symptoms. Examples of such include abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke, and carotid artery diseases among others. However, if these risks are identified early enough, they can be prevented.

The screenings are performed by highly-qualified technicians. They use quality machines and equipment, similar to those in other hospitals. The screening process is quick, non-invasive and painless, and the results of the test are handed over to the board-certified physicians for proper reading and analysis. Therefore, these results provide a statement concerning your overall health. Your physician will then know how to help you avoid the possible upcoming risk.



Chris Burch And His Investments In Resorts And Fashion

Chris Burch is one of the finest investors in the fashion industry, and he is the leader of Burch Creative Capital. There are many different people who are visiting his resort at Nihiwatu, and they are purchasing his clothing from Tory Burch. This article explains how someone like Chris does his work, and he shares concepts that he believes are important for his business.  More to read on burchcreativecapital.com

#1: Nihiwatu Resort

Nihiwatu is a resort in Indonesia that Chris created from a small hostel that he remodeled. The purpose of changing this location into a resort was to ensure there was a new five-star resort in the Pacific. The location is on a lovely beach on the island of Sumba, and it has a large new set of buildings, that will host luxury clients. Chris wanted to build the luxury community to host all his customers, and he has ensured that a number of different people may take a vacation they will love.  Check bjtonline.com.

#2: Creating New Fashion Brands

Chris is the owner of Tory Burch, and he has invested quite a lot of money ensuring that this brand will be one of the finest in the world. There are many women who wear Tory Burch every day, and the company will help women look their best. Chris has an eye for fashion that is used to run his companies, and he works quite hard to ensure they are keeping up with the times.

#3: His Ideas For Business

Chris values hard work because he was trained as a child to do hard work. He respects all the people who are doing hard work for his company, and he knows that there are a number of people who will work hard on his behalf. He travels often, and he knows that no day is typical. He keeps his options open, and he encourages all people to be open to what the day will bring them.

#4: Take Risks

Chris asks everyone in business to take risks, and he knows that someone who takes a few risks will see good results in the end. Chris loves taking risks, and he offers options to his company that may help them weather all the risks they take.

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Someone who wishes to learn about business may learn about Chris and his businesses. the companies that he runs are thriving because of the way in which he manages his businesses.  To read related articles, hit on ideamensch.com.

Additional article about Burch  on http://www.huffingtonpost.com/news/chris-burch/

Todd Lubar- Business Success and Family Man

TDL Global Ventures is run by a business man that knows how to operate a business successfully, Todd Lubar. He knows firsthand that being successful is not an easy task. In order to be a success, you need to know the right skills and have the ambition to do it. He graduated from Syracuse University in Upstate New York with his major in speech communication. He started off in business like most everyone else, at the bottom.


Not everyone has been ambitious enough to learn from their life lessons and what has helped Todd is that he has his very own personal struggles that helped him to make his life better and brighter. It is for this reason that he has been successful throughout his own career. He was successful before he came to TDL. Prior to TDL, Todd worked for Crestar Mortgage Corp.


According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar also once worked for the Legacy Financial Corp out of Arlington, Texas. During this portion of his career, Todd worked to help Maryland business offices gain the knowledge they needed in order for their own offices to be successful. This office has held close to a hundred million for loan volume sizes each year. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.


Todd has used his impressive skills throughout the business scene. He holds skills that are needed in not just mortgage knowledge but also in other business ventures he has been a part of. He has companies that operate within the nightclub scene, recycling, demolitions as well as developments. He has learned to dip his hands in many different areas to allow for maximum success.


When he was asked about what decisions are most difficult for him to make within business, his answer was firmly about family. Todd struggles with the decisions to make about when it becomes time to travel for business and when it is not. Family time is important to him and he knows this which is why he struggles with it. There are times that he wishes he was able to be home with his family and not out on a business venture but he is firm when it comes to this as he knows that in order for his family to have everything they need, he must perform well in business.


See more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/todd-lubar#/entity

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Presents Clinical Pathways to Improve Cancer Care

In early 2016 Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), Allscripts, and NantHealth set out to plan an integrated solution to cancer treatment. The planning process led to Clinical Pathways, a platform designed to improve and inform the chemotherapy regimen selection and ordering process. NantHealth brought eviti to the table, which allows access to Allscripts Sunrise electronic health record system so that oncologists can access necessary information from an Evidence-Based Medical Library in real time as they treat their patients.

As stated on WebMB, a full-time team of oncologists and oncology nurses maintain the library, which culls information on evidence based treatments of all cancers, sub cancers and modalities. Everything from treatment costs to expected clinical outcomes is supplied with each regimen. This process allows oncologists to make consistent and informed treatment plan options to present to patients so that everyone involved is informed and confident moving forward. The process also allows for faster insurance processing time.

Founder Richard J. Stephenson opened the first CTCA hospital in 1988, due to his dissatisfaction with how his mother’s cancer was treated. Since then, four more hospitals opened as part of the network. Each state-of-the-art hospital treats cancer exclusively, giving patients confidence that their disease and side effects will be expertly handled. Each CTCA patient has a team of cancer experts assigned to them. These experts work and collaborate together in one location, ensuring continuity of care and close monitoring of progress.

The Clinical Pathways is just one more tool CTCA has developed to make the patient-centered care even more effective. The direct interface was designed with the input of hundreds of oncologists across the nation. Clinical Pathways incorporates the constantly improving cancer care research in a comprehensive database so that patients can be assured they are getting the best treatment available. The transparency for patients is just one more perk of this new program.

The wide range of EOS Lip Balms

EOS has such a wide range of lip balms that it can be hard to try them all. While I have sampled many of their flavors in the past, I decided to try what seemed to be the more exotic flavor offerings to stir it up a little, so to speak.

EOS revolutionized the lip balm market with unique blends of lip balm that were vastly different from the lip balms that were for sale before. Get more info here. Eos noticed that customers were concerned with the quality of products that they used on their b and decided to create lip balms that were made from better quality ingredients than what others were selling. The result was a lip balm which quite simply worked better than the options for sale. Further, the higher quality ingredients let the brand test new varieties of flavors which had never been done before.

Some of these flavors were quite unique. Passion fruit is a product that few people have consumed as a fruit and even less as a lip balm. The flavor was exotic and enticing to those who were looking for something different from what they had tried in the past. Blueberry acai is another example of a very different lip balm flavor that was developed by EOS. While blueberry is a common flavor, the acai component adds a level of sophistication to the product and the added vitamin E helps to actually make a difference in adding lost nutrients back to your lips. Vanilla mint is more complex and nuanced of a flavor than sweet mint and other mints for sale and adds another dimension to these lip balms that few have tried in the past, useful reference here on frenchtribune.com.

EOS is truly revolutionizing lip balms and creating flavors that few had had a chance to try in the past. Their higher quality nature of EOS lip balms make them an even better option for customers.  Hop over to their twitter.com page for more updates.

Check out more EOS products here on https://www.douglas.de/douglas/eos/index_b9867.html.