OSI Industries Accelerates Its Global Expansion Spree

OSI Industries is still hungry for growth. The food-manufacturing conglomerate recently picked up new food companies to add to its juicy plate. The group supplies packed and processed food products such as different meats and fresh produce. It targets the food service industry as well as retail markets. Seven new processing plants around the world supplement this growth.

Reports indicate the group recently acquired a processing plant for around $7 million. Tyson Foods in Chicago operated the facility. This augments production capacity to support the projected growth. OSI Food Solutions Spain recently boosted production by expanding the chicken processing plant in Toledo with high capacity production lines. This will double the plant’s output. It enables the company to exploit rising demand in region.

OSI Industries has a presence in the US and sixteen other countries globally. Sheldon Lavin is the man driving this rapid growth. He is serving as the Chairman and CEO of the group.

In the same fashion, the group is expanding its consumer menu to include special price points as well as natural and organic options. The holding company offers fresh, healthy and tasty food for the global consumer. Some of the group’s consumer products include bacon, pork, pizza, chicken, meatballs, and hotdogs.

The multi-billion-dollar holding company is one of the biggest privately-held firms in the world. Forbes ranks the company at number fifty-eight globally by annual revenue. It posted over six billion in sales last year.

The group recently acquired Flagship Europe, a supplier of frozen poultry foods and condiments to the foodservice industry in the UK. This expands the firm’s European footprint and opens the doors to new markets. Additionally, Baho Food brings Germany and Netherlands to the stable and with them access to over eighteen countries in Europe.

OSI Industries was founded in 1909 and has its headquarters in Illinois in the US. The company employs over twenty thousand workers. Besides Baho Foods and Flagship Europe, the group runs other subsidiaries such as OSI International Foods, OSI Food Solutions, and OSI Austria Foodworks among others. The group operates as OSI Industries in the US.

OSI Industries and multiple subsidiaries have won numerous industry awards for excellence in service delivery and business leadership. Trade Monthly Magazine honored Flagship Europe as the “Best Global Diversified Food Supplier” in 2017. British Safety Council honored OSI Food Solutions UK with a “Globe of Honour.”

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Greg Secker’s Portfolio Of Great Investments and Philanthropic Work

As an investor, one can expect to live an unpredictable life filled with either profitable choices or detrimental ones. People who are within these waters invest their capital hoping to get a good return based on the current trends in the market. Greg Secker has had a very successful career by participating in FOREX. The name stands for Foreign Exchange, and this is where an investor can exchange currencies from all the countries in the world.

How To Get Started?

If one is not able to spend time analyzing data, Secker suggests that this is probably a perfect fit for them. Furthermore, the time to invest in Forex is now since the dollar has been losing its value to inflation. As with anything else, however, one will have to get educated on the basics of this market in order to succeed. It all begins with a good strategy that facilitates good risk to return ratio.

Where To Go?

Secker usually avoids suggesting specific platforms to people. This is because he believes one should find their own outlet and strategy that they stick to. Main things to look for on any particular platform is a good chart analysis that will save one’s time, simple data that is not impossible to read into, and a track of high and lows. By being able to obtain factual information through the aforementioned, one will have a lower risk of losing their capital to a bad investment.

Keeping Up

When an investor starts doing FOREX, they should avoid bringing in emotions to their decisions. Investing a lot of capital hoping that the dollar will increase in value because one is from the U.S. would be a biased strategy.

About Greg Secker

Born in 1975, Secker is one of the most successful traders worldwide. He is also a fierce philanthropist who helps people through his Greg Secker Foundation. The highlight of his career is being the Vice President of the Mellon Financial Corporation.

In his personal life, he is a father who runs his own company called Learn to Trade. This is where he helps people interested in trading achieve success. Importantly, his portfolio of great investments and helping others keep growing!

The Benefits of Waiakea Water

This article will discuss a special water bottle brand entitled Waiakea. Currently this particular brand is ranked 414 of 5000 on a list of America’s fastest growing companies in America. In three years 2014 to 2016 Waiakea has seen an amazing growth of 1,059.3%. It was also dubbed the best-bottled brand of water. It will celebrate its place in the elite company list to be horned at a 5000 2017 Conference in California on October 10 2017.

Being placed on the list as a fast-growing company in America is a source of evidence. This such evidence shows that there are several ways to successfully run a business. This brand paints a picture. It paints the picture of an innovative company which cares about society and environment.

Waikea is helping in a situation in the country of Africa. A great number of people about 700 million do not have access to clean water. Many children because of this are dying from illnesses that are related to water. In helping with the world water crisis, Waiakea water has helped with aa company to help the communities who are disadvantaged in the rural parts of Africa. Other than helping thirst in Africa. This company also got Africa access to education.

About Waiakea Water

This company was established in 2012. The founder and CEO of the company is Ryan Emmons. It was also considered the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii. This water brand is produced on an interesting arrangement of initiatives and attributes that are sustainable, healthy, and charitable. This volcanic alkaline water was originally from the rains and snowmelt from the Mauna Loa volcanic peak of Mauna- it is one of the environments in the world.

The mission of this company is to give healthy water that is natural. This is through a continuing lifestyle brand which creates and inspires legit positive changes in distinct ways. This brand promotes and contributes environmental conservation and clean water access. It also is educating people in the millions throughout the world and in America.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Many times, we do not get enough sleep because of busy schedules. Nowadays people are relying on coffee and other stimulants to help them stay longer working. What they don’t know is that the stimulants can result in serious health concerns, and should not be employed on a routine basis. Sleep deprivation is a serious health concern that requires a serious address. Dr. Avi Weisfogel has come up with a sleep treatment for Sleep Apnea.

Sleep Apnea is a medical condition that is characterized by breathing pauses when one is asleep. Most people who have the condition are normally unaware of it. Dr. Avi’s treatment uses dentistry technology. As a trained dentist, he is able to prescribe oral treatment solutions to his patients suffering from sleep apnea. He is also involved in the training of other doctors on the treatment solution.

Dr. Avi’s Career

Avi Weisfogel graduated from Rutgers University with a Degree in Medical Biology and Psychology. He also possesses a doctorate qualification in Dental Surgery from New York University. These qualifications form an important part of his dentistry career. Straight from university, Dr. Avi started his own dental clinic known as Old Bridge. The dental care unit managed to win the best dentist award twice. When he started to handle patients with sleep disorders, he noticed that most of the conditions were aggravated by neglect from the physicians. The doctors failed to conduct sleep tests on their patients.

Dr. Avi’s vision was to provide a global solution to all patients with sleep Apnea. In 2012, he founded Owner Unlimited. The brand was effective in bringing together dentists and sleep experts and they would share ideas concerning sleep apnea. Years later, the doctor launched a sleep program known as Dental Sleep Masters. The program’s major specialty was to focus on the provision of oral therapy. Patients would get oral prescriptions to help them sleep.


Today, Dr. Avi is globally known for his contributions in sleep apnea treatment. His treatment prescriptions are seen as a safe alternative for sleep deprivation as opposed to taking coffee or any other stimulant. His vision of providing treatment solution worldwide is now realized, and now the doctor is a fulfilled person.

Glow Up With EOS Lip Balm Products

Teens everywhere are raving about the cute new small circle containers with instant gloss when they need it. Today’s youth are concerned with their appearance because a selfie could be just around the corner, and they want to look their best. EOS lip balm products will make looking back on those moments as a great time with beautiful lips to match your smile. Get easy on the skin all-natural ingredients like shea body butter extracts, and exhilarating jojoba extracts. Enjoy great coverage against extreme wind, and exposure to the sun with the benefits of EOS products.

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Their new Crystal brand leaves wearers thinking their packages couldn’t get any cooler, but they have. EOS continues to sell millions of products without a logo. Their brand is their logo, and thousands of customers trust their products worldwide. Give your lips cool fragrances like Mint, and Lemon Drop directly from the beauty care aisle of select participating retailers. Check them here at makeupalley.com. Their products are clinically tested to be completely hypoallergenic, and safe for all skin along with sensitive skin. You’ll never want to go back to your former big name lip balm after experiencing the benefits of EOS lip balm products. Visit the select Evolution of Smooth for more purchasing details today.

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Rick Smith Knows How to Take Care of Emails

Back in July of 2015, Securus Technologies announced that they are going purchase JPay, which is a leading technology company specializing in electronic payments, entertainment, and email services for the prison system. For industry observers, this move on Securus’s part did not come as a surprise, because Securus itself is a leading inmate services company. JPay has contracts to operate at over 33 state prison system facilities nationwide. With the purchase of this company, Securus Technologies now has access to one of the most lucrative segments in the corrections industry, which is e-payments, email, and e-tablets. Thus, with one stroke, Securus is now in the position to provide all electronic services for the prison system, according to Rick Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies.

JPay is based in Miramar, Florida and has become the leading company of its kind, in a few short years. They provide service for over 1.5 million inmates across the country. Why is state of the art technology very useful in correctional facilities? The answer is simple. It can greatly help reduce crime, make running the place more efficient, and reduce the chances of inmates becoming repeat offenders. JPay was one of the first companies to offer inmate related electronic services. They have a dedicated cloud-based technology for these services and more information click here.

Securus Technologies is also one of the leading technology companies serving the prison systems. It is based in Dallas, Texas and was founded in 1986. The company has contracts to provide communication services to over 2600 correctional facilities. One of its leading products is a system to help detect contraband cell phones. It also pioneered the Wireless Containment Solution, which is a software that prevents inmate cell phones from connecting to mobile networks. Recently, Rick Smith has said the emails of inmates have been released to the police as a way to sift through and find potential repeat offenders. He has also gone on to say that the company received many emails from people showing their appreciation of this move by the Securus and movie produced by Rick Smith.

Rick Smith took over as CEO of Securus Technologies in 2008. He is a highly accomplished and educated individual who has an undergraduate degree and Masters degree in Engineering from the State University of New York, Buffalo. He also has an MBA from the University of Rochester. After graduating he worked in several communication companies such as Global Crossing North America, Frontier Information Technology, and Midwest Telephones. The last job he had before joining Securus was with Eschelon Telecom, where he served as CEO and increased the companies revenue from $30 million to nearly $350 million. He comes to Securus Technology backed by all the experience he got from these companies, which is why he is a natural fit and learn more about Rick Smith.

Other Reference: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/rick-smith-12

Dr. Jennifer Walden – Open Busy Practice in Austin

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon recognized by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. She recently moved from New York to Austin, Texas, and opened up her very own practice in her hometown. She relocated so that she could be closer to family while she raises her two young twin boys. Dr. Walden remains an active member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and is also a member of the American College of Surgeons. Currently, she proudly serves on the Board of Directors for the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and actively service as the Vice Commissioner of Communications.

Dr. Walden worked in the Manhattan Ear, Nose and Throat Clinic while living in New York. She was also part of the Lenox Hill Hospitals while she worked as the Clinical Instructor of Surgery at New York University Langone Medical Center. Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center is the name of her current practice in Austin. Her practice is fully accredited and is located at Westlake Medical Center where her team of medical professionals are dedicated to providing the best patient care, safety and highest standards. Dr. Walden also has privileges at other medical facilities within the area such as the Hospital at Westlake Medicare Center, Central Park Surgery Center, Seton Hospital, St. David’s North Austin Medical Center and Hill Country Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Walden was born and raised in Austin where she attended high school and college. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Biology and then went on to get her Medical Doctorate degree from the University of Texas Medical Branch. After completing her residency, she decided to move to New York and pursue her career further before returning to her roots in Texas. Dr. Walden has achieved many medical awards and continues to provide the best patient care in the region when it comes to plastic surgery and cosmetics.

Different Types of People Who Could Use Fabletics Fashion

Fabletics can benefit many different types of people. The good news is that Fabletics is willing to reach a wide range of people so that they can all benefit from the creativity that goes into the clothes that are offered by this brand. One of the types of people that can benefit greatly from this type of fashion are people that are into fitness. The fitness world is a very active world. This does not mean that people shouldn’t look good. Sometimes, finding some well fitting clothes will not only give people the confidence to perform, but also give them the room to move as needed.


Another group that can benefit greatly from Fabletics fashion are the plus-sized people. Plus-sized women often have a hard time finding clothes. It is even more challenging to find clothes that are very stylish and well fitting for them because most companies don’t offer much for them. Therefore, finding stylish outfits can be challenging. Don Ressler has decided to make it easier for plus-sized women because he believes that everyone should have the ability to look and feel how they want to feel. Therefore, he has made it a point to offer products that could bring their self esteem and style to the next level.


The other type of people that can benefit from fashion offered by Fabletics are people that just have an interest in fashion and want to explore. For one thing, those that have an inclination towards fashion are more likely to explore and find items that they want so that they can put together their own unique style that they can be proud of.


Fabletics has reached those markets and are even working on reaching others. Among the groups that Fabletics has most recently reached out to are people that want to shop from a physical location. While online shopping might be convenient for some people, many people are aware of the disadvantages that come with shopping online when it comes to clothing. Fabletics is aware of the sizable crowd that wants to shop in stores. Therefore, they have opened up physical stores in various markets. http://www.businessinsider.com/justfab-becomes-techstyle-fashion-group-2016-8

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Help People Break Out of their Rut With Fashion

Fashion is a very fascinating concept. A large group of people find it very thrilling to get a look at the new designs that are coming out and soon to be in stores. Among the different aspects of these fashion pieces is how they look, and how they feel. When people see an item that looks good and looks like it would be comfortable, a lot of thoughts may run through their heads. However, there is one aspect of fashion that some people may not realize. Fashion can also affect the mood and the self image of an individual.


There is one challenge for people who are interested in fashion. This challenge is figuring out and finding items that are close to their own style. Fortunately, there are designers that are willing to help with this. Among the designers that are putting forth effort in order to bring out unique styles are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler handles the branding and the merchandising while Adam Goldenberg handles the data. Together, they present not just new and unique fashions but the type of fashion that customers want. The way they do this is by getting in contact with the customers and getting their opinions.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have founded the TechStyle group which helps people find some new and durable fashions that they can afford. This helps them break out of their fashion rut and put some new excitement into their lives. There is almost a level of artistry put into the clothes that are brought forth to people.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg hope to provide fashion for people of all types of styles. This can help people who are artistic in their approach to fashion. When they find items that they can coordinate not only with color, but with cut and overall style, then they will have an easier time expressing who they are. They can also explore some new fashion identities that can bring greater excitement into their lives. The best part is that people will see the difference that fashion could make in their lives.  http://www.entrepreneur.wiki/Adam_Goldenberg

New Vegan Lip Balm


New EOS Vegan Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is one of the greatest new products of these past few years, and just when you didn’t think they could get any better they created a new Vegan line. This product comes in two different scents and the product is completely clear! By the sells they’re receiving this product was already a hit. This new vegan lip balm launched on August the fourth and sold out on that same day says frenchtribune.com. This product is animal by-product free. There are only seventeen ingredients in this product including shea, coconut, avocado, and natural oils. This product was made for everyone to love, purchase your lip balm here on walmart.ca.

When the EOS lip balm line launched people instantly fell in love with this unique product, more blogs to read here. Where most lip balms are made from the typical tubes, EOS is made with sphere shaped orbs and the colors are pastel. The typical lip balm always had the basic flavors such as cherry and mint, but EOS came out with several different flavors such as strawberry sorbet, summer fruit, and many more. This product was shortly seen everywhere. EOS products were seen in magazines and in pictures of celebrities. Eos is a product that is made for everyone to love.

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