The New Crystal Lip Balm From EOS Is Stylish, See-Through and Sensational

A recent Pop Sugar article shines a light on the new Crystal Lip Balm from EOS, here. Since 2009, the exciting line of EOS lip balms has become increasingly popular with consumers, and they are regularly utilized by several prominent celebrities. In fact, Miley Cyrus even spotlighted an assortment of the balms in one of her music videos.

Based on, the new Crystal Lip Balm from EOS is a pyramid-shaped, see-through balm that is packaged in a stylish, plastic container. This balm contains no wax, so your lips won’t feel uncomfortably sticky when you use it.

Available in Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid flavors, Crystal Lip Balm is a hypoallergenic and vegan product. Each flavor is quite tasty and wonderfully aromatic, and a blend of several natural oils helps to consistently moisten the user’s mouth.

Based in New York City, EOS Products is a forward-thinking company that has revolutionized the lip balm industry. By offering high quality products that are packaged in cute and convenient containers, EOS lip balms are now among the top-selling lip balms in America.

Among the other products that are offered by EOS are a fast-absorbing, natural hand lotion made with shea and cocoa butters, and a nourishing shea butter body lotion. The company also offers a line of moisturizing shave creams that are available in four delightful fragrances, you can purchase all these amazing products here at

From the start, EOS has exhibited a keen sense of marketing by developing products that are visually unique and attractive, while also providing effectiveness. You can find their lip balms online and at pharmacies, mass retailers and food stores everywhere.

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Troy McQuagge Recognized By Everyone

In the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Awards, Troy was named the Chief Executive Officer of the Year. He is the CEO of USHEALTH Group, Inc. The One Planet Awards recognizes individuals and companies in their professional and business excellence. The award which cuts across all the industries, acknowledges all type of firms, start-up, non-profit, public or whichever. It does not have any boundary as it recognizes all organizations in the world. One Planet Awards categories are public relations, marketing, executives, new products and services, teams, organizations and corporate communication.

Considering the One Planet Awards is open to all the companies worldwide, it is evidence that Troy McQuagge is an excellent CEO. After receiving the award, Mr. McQuagge dedicated it to the USHEALTH Group team noting that they are the reason he got it in the first place. USHEALTH Group, Inc. is a health insurance company for small businesses owners and self-employed and is committed to giving its clients a coverage that grows with them. This award shows Troy McQuagge’s leadership impact on the firm. Since he took up the CEO role, USHEALTH Group has grown in the number of clients and profits.

Troy’s leadership

Troy McQuagge is compliant with businesses in competitive markets including but not limited to turnarounds, start-ups, and high-growth firms. His work is exceptional and has been recognized by many organizations. For the past thirty years, Mr. McQuagge has been considered a dynamic and driven insurance and sales professional.


To give back to the community, Troy McQuagge made several charity donations to Crisis Nursery Phoenix, Semper Fi Fund among others. He also volunteered in these organizations and several others like Trinity Habitat for Humanity.

Career and education

Before being the CEO of the USHEALTH Group, Inc. Troy McQuagge was the President and CEO of USHEALTH Advisors, the sales subsidiary of USHEALTH Group. His primary role was to manage the sales profits for health insurance. Troy worked at the HealthMarket as the President Agency Marketing Group for over eleven years before joining USHEALTH. He had also worked with Allstate Insurance. Troy McQuagge has a bachelor of Art in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida. Know more:


Your Future Is Sexy and Delicious In this EOS Crystal Ball

Just in case you aren’t aware of EOS Vegan Lipbalms or aren’t aware of EOS at all, let’s get you acquainted. You’ll never feel so safe when applying a lip balm as you will with EOS. First, all the fabulous fresh flavors are natural. Today, they’ve broken the mold and offer up a totally vegan sphere that’s sexy and see through. Just using it is fun! And you can rest assured that it’s not harming animals or you with chemicals. Hard to believe when you look at the package but they did it. Check out more related info here on


A Forgone Design

If you look at the regular flavors of EOS you’ll note it’s a spherical fun and young shape that appeals to a young at heart crowd. This one; however, is a more adult yet still sexy pyramid shape. Once you’re done playing with the mesmerizing packaging, you’ll open it to reveal a totally clear balm. That’s right, a totally clear see-through ball! They’re so addictive you’ll have to have more than one and you’ll have to give one to each friend for a stocking stuffer or other holiday gift. Hell, you could give one of those away anytime during the year but you’ll want to be one of the first right now.

The cost is less than a tropical drink which is what the Hibiscus Peach smells like, see here at The Vanilla Orchid is fabulous too. So for the price why not buy two?

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OSI Group Company: Customized Solutions for the Food Industry.

American company Group is a privately owned holding company involved in processing meat. It has its headquarters in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald who is the President of Group manages it. It has various plants across United States in areas such as Chicago, Geneva, Oakland, and in Riverside, California.

For the sake of its food service and retail customers, the company produces numerous private label brands. The company has over 65 facilities spread across the 17 countries around the globe. The main products include Pizza, Bacon, Pork, Fish, Hot dogs, Meat patties, Poultry, vegetable and Dough products. The company has been a renowned meat supplier through the numerous chain stores across China.

Group tremendous growth is attributed to the many years it has traded with china. With time Group will turn out to be one of the largest companies across United States. This is due to various investments that it has done over the years with already eight factories and two facilities already in progress.

The President of Group David McDonald claims that the continuous growth of Group companies is due to the growth of China both economically and in population wise. China is the largest consumer of poultry products. In order to cater for the growing demand of its products, Group launched seven new processing and production facilities around the world.

McDonald also asserts that regardless of the continued increase in appetite for their products, they not only just increase the quantity but over the years, there is development in the product so as to attract and retain more customers. Group particularly collaborates with the clients so as to get to know what they want; they in turn collaborate with the suppliers in order to achieve the desired outcomes.

McDonald claims that listening to customer’s feedback is the foundation of success of any business. Group always involves its esteemed customers in order to know what developments are to be done to the products and what should be incorporated in the final product.

These engagements are always valuable to the group. In 2016, Food Solutions UK was awarded one of the most decorated and envied award “Globe of Honor Award”. This in particular was for their credible and perfect management of environment, health and safety risks. In 2013 and 2015, it also scooped “Globe of Honor”.

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David Giertz’s 3 Golden Rules to Financial Freedom in retirement

Being a responsible parent with concerns about his children, David Giertz offers the youth the golden tips on how to achieve the status of retiring with benefits. Just from the onset of his free advice to young people, David Giertz uses wit and wisdom he gains from experience to help his subjects understand that everyone has some level of control over his/her destiny.

From the financial lenses and experience that Giertz has for over three decades, he outlines three most essential but simple ways through which young people can change their positions in the rat race.

Firstly, he says that the safest way through which an individual can get the best amount of money during retirement is through prompt payments of debts. David Giertz argues that the first step in saving for a pension is settling the current debts; whether college debts or just business debts so that one gets free to start saving immediately.

Secondly, Giertz also proposes having a side business as another way that can brighten the future if a young person. From his perspective as an investor, no one can ever satisfy his financial needs with his/her normal income. However, the side gig should not interfere with the mainstream business since it should only take place during the leisure times.

Finally, he highlights compound interest as a gold-digger plan for the youths to save for retirement since the banks only impose transaction charges as one deposits cash into the account, and not during its use on retirement. He, therefore, encourages the youth to master these golden rules so that they can enjoy the fruits of their struggles while young.

David Giertz is an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the growing finance industry. He has been developing the strategies and innovation for profitable growth. Giertz was the president of the Nationwide Financer sales and distributor organization where he propelled the growth of the asset base from $11 billion to $17 billion in three years. He is also a certified business coach with WABC.

Therefore, the financial directions he gives in retirement benefits are from his own experience and practical life.