Anthony Toma Discusses How Nine9 Acts as a Perfect Platform for Aspiring Talents and Industry Clients to Come Together

Nine9 is a talent services company that are unlike the so-called talent agencies. It has an entirely different working format and cannot be put in the same bracket as the talent agencies in the business. Nine9’s Founder and CEO, Anthony Toma, has experience in many other businesses over the years in different industries, which include service, entertainment, and retail.

He believes that there’s a lot of potential talent out there that needs a right medium and proper guidance to achieve their full potential. Anthony aims to bring together aspiring talent as well the industry client together through Nine9, where everyone is treated equally, and with kindness and respect.

In a recent interview, Anthony Toma said that the idea to open Nine9 came when he was looking for a franchise in food and grocery category, but ended up buying a franchise in the talent business. It didn’t work out well for him even after he managed to open 23 other franchise nationwide, so he ended up taking the idea and forming his company, which is now known as Nine9. Currently, Nine9 works are one of the most famous talent services enterprises in the nation and are known for its forward vision and unique business machinery.

Nine9 helps the models, aspiring actors, and aspiring talents to find work and assist them to get listed for castings and auditions across the nation. The company uses advanced technology to help locate the right job for the right talent, and make sure that the aspiring candidates have a multitude of opportunities available. Not only that, but Nine9 also provides valuable guidance to the talents to help them groom themselves as per the industry standards and fill in the voids that might pull them back in the competitive showbiz and read full article.

Nine9 offers a commission-free searchable database of talents to its clients, which helps in accessing thousands of profiles as per the requirement. Nine9 acts as a platform for talent to grow and take their career forward while providing industry clients a massive database of talented aspirants to choose from and its website.