EOS Lip Balm Introduces New Clear Flavor

EOS fans are very familiar with the spherically shaped orbs that line the shelves at their local retailers. The majority of EOS fans delight in collecting as many flavors as possible too. EOS fans rejoice. EOS or the Evolution Of Smooth has introduced a crystal clear lip balm to the market. This new vegan formula is also wax free. The lip smoothing formula includes very nourishing ingredients like avocado oil, shea butter oil, and coconut oil to infuse the lips with moisture. The lip balm is currently available in Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach.


EOS Captures The Lip Balm Market

EOS was the small company that dared to compete with the leaders in the lip balm industry that included giants like Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. However, their co-founder had a very interesting business strategy up his sleeve that worked like a charm. Their strategy was to introduce a line of natural lip balms with delightful flavors to the market. Today, it is estimated that the small startup sells about 1 million units a week. Sales are expected to grow higher over the next few years.


EOS Products

EOS lip balms are gaining, even more, popularity because they are an exceptionally high-quality product that is made with superior ingredients that are known to nourish and moisturize the lips. The delightfully scented and flavored lip balms include nourishing ingredients like vitamin E, shea butter, and jojoba oil. The founders of the company realized that quite a few people are allergic to certain ingredients in other lip balms on the market. Therefore, they made sure that their products were hypoallergenic.

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Other Products

Certainly, EOS gained worldwide popularity due to their wonderful line of lip balms. It’s important to note that the company produces other products too. Those products include hand and body lotions, along with shaving creams.


Visit EOS’ official website, evolutionofsmooth.com.


I Am A Believer Of EOS Lip Balm Products

Do you suffer from sensitive skin like me, and finding a compatible lip balm has been a maze? I was impressed with the all-natural ingredients advertised in EOS lip balm products, and became a user. Through my research, I discovered they’ve sold millions of products without a logo. They remain a leader in the beauty care industry, and I am a witness to the clinically tested up to 24 hours results. I was able to enjoy superior coverage with organic ingredients like the familiar shea butter base along with jojoba. I would recommend their products to anyone who wants to use organic lip balms to retain their beauty, read this.

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I am now using Evolution of Smooth, and they come in many cool flavors. I was able to cool from lip balms that include Mint Kisses, and Lemon Drop, check out here at imabeautygeek.com. Their amazing flavors come in amazing scents to match their name. They are also completely 100% hypoallergenic, and good for all skin types including mine. They were reasonably priced, and easy to locate on the beauty care aisle of select retailers. There are websites like Evolution of Smooth offering promotional offers for free shipping on their products. Join the worldwide EOS lip balm family today, and retain your youthful luster.

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Rocketship Education Changes the Perception of Public Schools with Incredible Education

The 76 million, a non-profit, non-partisan education news site, recently published an article by Rocketship Education’s CEO, Preston Smith. Smith’s article “Smith: 10 Lessons from Rocketship Education’s First Decade as a Pioneer in K-5 Personalized Learning” considers the past decade of Rocketship Education and the most important lessons they have learned along the way.

Rocketship Education, founded in 2006, has provided high quality education to low income communities around the country. A huge key to that success is through the mindset of creating a learning environment that does not focus solely on the student’s relationship. Instead, it also includes the parents, encouraging them to become more involved in their child’s education. The charter school has home visits that allow the parents and teachers to develop a more meaningful relationship. The understanding helps each party develop better chances to create the personalized learning environment for each “Rocketeer”. The parents also have access to a leadership program that helps parents understand their power in the community, how they can demand political attention as well as ensuring that leaders are held responsible for their decisions.

Smith also believes that creating diverse charter schools starts with the teachers. They want to build new ways for students to experience teacher diversity. These teachers provide personalized learning to the students through a blended learning model, which uses both traditional teaching methods and technology to adjust the lesson to the student’s needs. Teachers also have ample chances to improve their practice through professional development and leadership programs.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit organization of charter schools that targets low-income communities as an opportunity to provide incredible education. They achieve this by empowering their teachers, engaging students with a personalized learning system that uses a blended learning model, and by encouraging parent engagement. These public charter schools are looking to create an ecosystem of quality public education that allows students to learn in their own way, which traditional education models prohibit. The organization, which was founded in 2006, wants to instill the possibility of human potential in their students and educators. Teachers have the opportunities to be involved in professional development and leadership opportunities to continue to grow their skills and teach their “Rocketeers”.

Richard Mishaan Design is what to go for when it comes to Quality and Extravagant Designs

Richard Mishaan, the owner and founder of Richard Mishaan Design, got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New York. He later studied architecture and design at Columbia University School of Architecture. By acquiring great knowledge from these prestigious learning institutions, he has incorporated so much into his career and has grown to become the best in what he does and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

As a dedicated man, he follows his passions which are inspired by his great love for art and design. He has expressed these endless passions in books that have gained fame by getting as many readers. His two famous books are Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury.

Richard never lets any artistic work go unnoticed and therefore appreciated young designers by offering them jobs at his company. Together they have managed to transform so many spaces into beautiful landscapes. Besides, he has also done some of the unique and extravagant designs in residential homes, business premises, luxurious hotels and much more.

No one has ever beaten him when it comes to doing what loves most, and this has made him shine in this industry. Every company and even the government are desperately in need of his exquisite expertise even to the point of requesting him to design their spaces. A confirmation to this was when he was requested to design the presidential suite at one of the luxurious hotels in New York. In addition, he has also designed many famous buildings such as the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel, New York City and learn more about Richard.

Additionally, he has also designed most of the luxurious hotels in the city. The reason why he has been getting these good deals is that his good works sell him. He has gained so much popularity and all these have helped in his personal growth as well as that of his company and his Linkedin.

Conservatives Still Fear The Influence Of George Soros

George Soros has a reputation for backing some of the most liberal and difficult to complete good causes in the world; a good example of the difficult causes Soros backs is his determination to play a part in the repeal of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision many feels has robbed U.S. politics of its freedom and democratic nature. Soros may be seen as the main backer of causes even those founding charitable groups know are difficult to complete but he is also well known for providing his backing to many of the best-known political personalities on the left of U.S. politics and learn more about George Soros.

One of the major problems many in U.S. politics have with George Soros is his belief in a liberal agenda much more extreme than those he shares a bond with as a backer of the democratic party in the U.S. Business Insider reports the Hungarian-born Holocaust survivor has been identified as the major source of left-leaning funding for what many conservatives see as extreme movements and organizations who are looking to affect change in the U.S. within areas such as criminal justice and social change and more information click here.

A number of right-leaning media outlets including Fox News and Breitbart have been extremely outspoken in their criticism of the founder of Soros Fund Management with many political experts explaining their belief in the anti-Semitic roots of this criticism. Conspiracy theories have surrounded the role of George Soros in U.S. politics since his decision to back Democratic John Kerry in the U.S. Presidential election of 2004 against incumbent Republican, President George W. Bush. The $27 million Soros pledged to Kerry’s campaign was almost matched by the $25 million Politico reports the hedge fund manager provided for the campaign of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016 and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

The Open Society Foundations reports George Soros has dedicated his work as a philanthropist to overcoming the totalitarian and fascist regimes the former refugee lived beneath the rule of throughout his childhood. In 2004, Soros created a stir and prompted conservative outrage when he compared the ambitions of the Bush Administration to that of Hitler’s Nazi Germany; George Soros has been reported to have expressed his displeasure with the rhetoric of then-candidate Donald Trump for President and accused by conservatives of funding the protests following the election of Trump to The White House. In fact, George Soros has backed a number groups dedicated to bringing social justice to the U.S. for a number of years and saw many of these groups come together in Washington and across the U.S. to fight the rising power of right-wing groups in positions of political power and Follow him Twitter.

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Bumble App Entrepreneur Whitney Wolfe Weds Well

According to the website norcal.news, Whitney Wolfe, the founder of one of today’s most popular dating apps, Bumble, was married on September 2nd, 2017 in Amalfi, Italy. Wolfe, a successful tech entrepreneur who has also recently launched personal and business apps Bumble BFF, and BumbleBizz spent an entire year planning for her lavish, luxurious destination wedding at the Villa Treville in Amalfi.

Wolfe selected a full length gown, by Oscar de la Renta featuring layers of embroidered lace, a flowing skirt, and a cathedral train with a deep V-shaped cutout at the back. She opted to wear her blonde hair swept into a glamorous and romantic updo. Michael Herd, her fiance, chose a traditional tuxedo while he waited for his bride to walk down the aisle.

The grounds of Amalfi reportedly offer picturesque terraces, lush vegetation, and multiple garden venues overlooking the Salerno Gulf and offer extensive venues for both the wedding site and reception areas. Wolfe and her fiance Michael Herd, the grandson of Bob L. Herd of Herd Producing, a Texas gas and oil well company, chose the Villa’s lemon tree orchard as the setting for their reception, which offered a picturesque setting for guests to enjoy a meal and traditional wedding cake. The honeymoon was planned as a tour and exploration of multiple locations throughout France and Italy.

According to this article the couple met in 2014 in Austin, Texas, where Bumble was founded. Her husband Michael Herd currently serves as vice president of Herd Producing, an oil and gas production company and also as president of the Bob L. Herd Foundation which supports higher education and multiple charitable causes. After dating for two years, Herd popped the question during a sunset horseback ride at his vast Texas ranch.

The article also states that since 2014, Bumble has registered more than 11.5 million users and is popular due to its women driven engine that allows female users to initiate a conversation and remain in complete control of initial ‘real’ contact. Due to the success of dating app Bumble, Wolfe is busy launching an app for finding platonic friends, with BumbleBFF and a business networking app BumbleBizz.

Source: www.sxsw.com/speaker/whitney-wolfe/

How Agora Financial Helps Investors and Financial Institutions.

Located in Baltimore Maryland, Agora Financial provides free publications based on economic commentary, analysis, and education. The company was formed from Agora Inc. in 1979 and later relocated to Mount Vernon in 1994. The printing firm provides publications that are free and paid, which includes printed and online books, videos, online seminars, e-books and international conferences. Agora Financial is purely independent with a team of employees who are experts in their field of work. The printing firm has helped its readers to grown and protect their wealth by informing them various companies that have the potential for growth and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial hires workers from various fields in the corporate industry. The company’s personnel involves a geologist, a bond professional, a self-made billionaire, scientific journalists, a film-maker, a fund manager, an author, a banker and editors among others. Financial institutions or investors do not lure the editors of the firm in exchange for coverage. The company’s employees gather research information through visiting various parts of the continent, which help them to provide bold financial predictions. Agora Financial offers ways that individuals can generate income. The company is proud to be the leading transmitter of commercial media, serving over one million readers. The enterprise spends over $1 million annually touring the world to find new investment opportunities. The research writing firm had earned recognition from various authors, books, newspapers, and magazines and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Agora Financial has a library that has that assist the editors in economic forecast. The printing firm became an independent LLC in 2004 and continuously provides market ideas since its establishment. It predicted the rise of the value of gold and oil price that later increased after four years and one year respectively. Before the personalized medicine and regenerative medicine streamed in the media, Agora Financial had already predicted its emergence in 2008 and read full article.


This is a privately owned meat processing company, with its headquarters at Aurora, Illinois. This company is well known for providing items such as sausage links, sandwiches, and pizza to willing retail brands. David McDonald is currently president of the OSI group, and he admits to having a wide range of networks around the world. This corporation handles over fifty institutions in seventeen different nations.

David insists on the company’s appetite for growth as he states about the plans to expand and open up new plants around the globe. He states that making large sales is not solely dependent on production rates but also largely depends on product development. In the United States, OSI plants are located in Chicago, Geneva, Utah, California and several other countries.

OSI group continues to spread its wings further by buying other food industries that match up to their values as a company. OSI gives ideas on how to tackle various custom problems and also provides quality products to retail businesses. By combining efforts with consumers, OSI groups gain ideas on how to develop their business and liaise with suppliers to help them boost their sales. This helps the most demanding buyers to obtain exactly what they expect. McDonald stated that the primary goal of the company is to keep the taste and health benefits of the food constant.

He commends Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of the OSI group for steering the company to growth, by offering a variety of foods to choose from and letting the company become more direct with its customers.

The OSI group spreads through sixteen countries outside of United States. According to Forbes, OSI ranks as one of the largest private food processing company in the world. Having purchased a flagship in Europe, OSI can deliver resources for new customers in world markets. Products provided in the Europe flagship line would include dressings frozen poultry, marinades, and sandwich fillings. McDonald stated that establishment of a flagship o OSI in Europe enables a wider existence in the continent, and makes it easier for the group to meet a customer’s evolving needs. OSI hand combined efforts with Baho, which is a Dutch manufacturer of snacks, meat, and food, which widens the presence of the OSI group in the European market. Baho with five subgroups have plants set up in Germany and Netherlands.

OSI maintains an extensive range of services and aims to increase its popularity domestically. Expansion of this food processing company all around the world has been made possible by standardization of their goods to ensure an impeccable quality of their products. To know more about us: http://www.fooddrink-magazine.com/sections/producers/1308-osi-group click here.

OSI, in its production, employs the use of latest technological methods, such as the use of x-ray machine and metal detectors to ensure elimination of any foreign material during the production process. In Illinois, OSI keeps beneficial relationships with the Ronald McDonald’s house and other charities. OSI’s future is explicitly bright globally.

Academy of Art University – Created by Artists for Artists

According to the article in the Huffington Post, New York Fashion Week is known to be the platform where usually new names get launched into the limelight. It is a rare treat of discovering a great talent. Try doing that 21 times consecutively. The fashion school at the San Francisco, California-based Academy of Art University (formerly Academy of Art College) held its twenty-first runway showcase on Sep. 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Sq. the official home for the weekly all things style.

This season, ten recent MFA and BFA graduates debuted a total of five womenswear plus two menswear collections, and with two collaborations between them. The School of Fashion director, Simon Ungless, said that every collection had an individual spirit, and yet the process had been done as a collective.

Considering the various backgrounds of the designers, from the mainland China to the coastal Maine with several remote places intermediate, the range of idea, outlines, plus craftsmanship techniques moved the audience. The audience included Professional Development at CFDA, Director of Education, and the legendary Miss J from the America’s Next Top Model as well as Sara Kozlowski.

All the classes, internships, workshops, as well as “last-minute” hours of meticulous labor up to the fifteen minutes on the runway. And in front of their equals, potential career mentors plus the whole wide world (through live streaming) they presented their ideas for the destiny of fashion.

The Academy of Art College, currently known as Academy of Art University, is a for-profit art school that is privately owned. It was founded in 1929 by Richard as AAA (Academy of Advertising Art). It has 1154 part-time teaching staff and 283 full-time teachers, plus approximately 12,600 students.

It is the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the U.S. In San Francisco, the school is among the largest property owners, with the main campus situated on New Montgomery Street (which was formerly Montgomery Street South) in the South of Market area. There are plenty of things to do near Academy of Art University due to its central location.

In 2007, the WASC gave Academy of Art University regional accreditation. The school is a certified institutional member of the NASAD. The school is offering master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees in nearly 25 subjects. Several courses are offered online.

Keep up with the Academy of Art University on  @academy_of_art on Twitter.

A Brand New EOS Lip Balm Review

There is a new buzz going around about a new product that EOS has launched. The new lip balm is vegan and is clear. This lip balm is already a hit and customers who have had problems with some of the ingredients of the traditional lip balms love this and are able to wear it.

Based on usmagazine.com, the EOS brand is known for their iconic orb shaped dispensers. The shape of the new vegan lip balm is still the same, but the ingredients and scents are different. They are fleeing from the shelves as fast as they can produce them. This product is organic and animal byproduct-free. EOS has been around for a long time and the only thing stopping it from being a vegan lip balm was the beeswax which was removed. This New lip balm launched on it’s website on August the fourth and sold out on the exact same day. The outcome of this product was no surprise to the company because they still sold their top quality products for only $5.49 a piece!

EOS lip balm was instantly because a sensation shortly after it hit the market. People fell in love with the orb shaped lip balms, click makeupalley.com to see more products. They were pastel colors and has several delicious scents to choose from. Celebrities such as Miley cyrus and Kim Kardashian were caught pulling the little spheres out of their makeup bags. Critics and magazines were raving about the new product and they were flying off of the shelves.

The EOS company didn’t want to create another typical product like most lip balms. They wanted something unique, and so they created something totally different. They wanted to make a product that everyone would love and by the look of their success it’s easy to assume they did just that!

See this awesome video, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2_UEa9u13Mc.