Bruce Levenson, A Business Man With An Eye For The NBA

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for being the team owner of the Atlanta Hawks, one of the biggest and most prestigious NBA teams in America. The bid was made to buy the team, the stadium that they have to their name, and the giant Philips Arena.According to, Bruce Levenson is said to have paid a whopping $750 million for the team and all its assets and has emerged as a frontrunner among all the other businessmen who were trying to get their hands on this team. Bruce Levenson functions as the team’s managing partner and is also in the department that handles the business section of the NBA.

Bruce Levenson garnered his fortune when he pioneered United Communications Group, where he still administers as the founding partner of the firm. Bruce formed the company in 1977 and brought it up to be the large corporation that is today. Bruce Levenson started the company with little to no support and started working on the business right from his apartment when he lived in Maryland. He had an immense amount of determination and faith that his business would succeed, and despite all odds, kept at it to make it the huge success it is today. The company was founded by Bruce along with his business partner Ed Peskowitz. Together, they started up a news journal, which focused on the happenings in the oil and petroleum industry. The newsletter gave readers a glimpse into the companies that contribute to the growth of the sector, as well as any other information that they would need regarding petrol and diesel. The newsletter suddenly started growing and gaining more and more attention, from other journals of its kind, as well as oil companies themselves.

Today, United Communications Group has transitioned into a database management company which offers their clients the data that they need regarding the oil and petroleum industry. They also provide any kind of analysis that these companies need. Most recently, the company launched their mobile app called Gas Buddy, which was the company’s entry into the digital sphere. The aim was designed to help drivers on the road, and give them all the information that they would need with regards to finding the nearest petrol pump. The app gives drivers the information that they need regarding finding cheaper petrol and tells them which pumps have what prices for their fuel.