Cancer Treatment Cernters of America is Offering Free or Low-Cost Prostate Cancer Screening

Prostate cancer is expected to strike upwards of 160,000 men in the coming year. All men aged 40 and up are urged to be tested for this deadly disease. Men over age 40 are at a higher risk for developing this cancer, and one in seven men are stricken. Black males face an even higher rate of prostate cancer with a one in five men ratio. October is National Prostate Cancer Awareness month. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is partnering with LabCorp and the NFL Alumni Association to offer free prostate cancer screenings to 2000 men 40 years of age or older. After those 2000 men are screened, other interested men can get a dramatically discounted price of just $25. These terrific offers began in September and will continue through October 15, 2017.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a leading force for battling cancer through precision cancer treatments and the latest cancer research. Their holistic and all-inclusive approach to cancer care is what sets this treatment center far above any other competitors. This premiere cancer treatment organization is rated highly by their many thankful patients. CTCA provides superior cancer care to adult cancer stricken individuals. They have five elite hospitals devoted to cancer treatment in five locations across this country.

This October’s prostate cancer screening promotion is due to CTCA , NFL Alumni Association and LabCorp that has testing sites in over a thousand locations. Cancer Treatment Centers of America wants to get the word out that prostate cancer can be successfully treated if caught in the earlier stages. In several cities, there will be prostate cancer awareness events that will have some well-known NFL players and coaches. It is hoped that many men will take advantage of the free or reduced cost prostate cancer screenings held this month.

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