Get Customized Health Insurance Plans from USHealth Group

In this life, we have to be prepared for all unexpected incidences like accidents and sickness. To be ready means that we must have reliable health insurance covers that will help us in case these incidences happen. To have a peace of mind, it is advisable to visit a credible health insurance provider to purchase a cover for yourself and the family. Many insurance providers have come, but none has matched USHealth Group health insurance plans.

USHealth Group has worked hard to tailor customized health insurance plans that meet all customers’ needs. The insurance group of companies has been operational for a long time, and it has served over 15 million customers. The company understands most clients and works closely with treatment facilities to ensure everything works out smoothly. The company specializes in innovative specified disease, accident, life as well as disability insurance solutions.

USHealth Group of insurance companies has employed highly trained personnel to work with clients. The personnel develop health insurance plans that most people in the society require. They develop plans that fit self-employed individuals, small business owners as well as families. Their health insurance plans are affordable to make sure that no one in the society lacks a health insurance cover. USHealth makes sure that clients get the best covers that match their health insurance needs.

To improve service delivery, USHealth group has a subsidiary known as USHealth Advisors. This branch employs highly trained insurance agents that represent the insurance company’s products to clients. The agents work directly with clients to explain the health insurance plans the company is providing. They do it in a simple manner and clients are left to make a rational decision based on the options available. USHealth Advisors have made USHealth Group make significant profits as well as broadening their customer base.

To ensure they deliver quality services, USHealth Group has the best customer care service. Clients are served well, and any queries are welcomed by their team. They respond to calls 24/7 to ensure they respond to questions from their customers. On top of excellent customer care service, they have an excellent claim processing. USHealth Group executives are working hard to ensure they come up with more unmatched health insurance plans which will be affordable. Read more:


A Brief Look at the Profile of USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance firm located in Fort Worth, Texas. Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group provides innovative disability, sickness, and accident insurance solutions to business owners and their employees, families, and self-employed individuals. Through its insurance arm, USHEALTH Advisors, USHEALTH Group has provided tailored policies to over 15 million customers for over five collective decades.

USHEALTH Group acknowledges that each customer has different preferences when it comes to accident and disease coverage. As such, the firm believes in choice and ensures its array of options meet customer expectations as they choose the most appropriate health coverage. USHEALTH Group has developed a broad portfolio of health policies to promote customer choice. Its innovative plans are tailored to address each customer’s need for affordability, functionality, and flexibility in coverage selection. Besides, USHEALTH Group caters for customers on either a limited budget or those that are concerned about having a high annual deductible before receiving any benefits from their health coverage. USHEALTH Group provides a broad portfolio of innovative policies with a substantial network discounts and first dollar benefits for covered services. Their plans are more affordable than a comprehensive plan and provide first dollar protection and assurances just like a protection plan.

USHEALTH Group provides solutions that are reliable, flexible, and affordable to cater for customers who may want a more tailored coverage approach. The firm helps its customer to enhance protection through its broad portfolio of products including income protector, dental and vision plans, specified disease and accident, and disability income. In a market characterized by low customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group sets itself apart from the competition by strengthening its relationship with customers. Over time, USHEALTH Group has become a trusted ally that honors its promise of dependability.

USHEALTH Group together with its business units understands that every customer is unique and that a comprehensive approach is not always the solution. As such, it has designed an array of affordable options to meet each customer’s needs. Once a customer has chosen a product, USHEALTH Group uses its award-winning customer services to solidify their decisions. In 2013, USHEALTH Group featured on a list of 2013 top 50 North America Call Center. That ranked it as one of the elite companies in America for excellence in customer service. Over time, the firm has built a stellar reputation for its excellence in customer care.USHEALTH Group’s broad portfolio of products lets you to tailor your plan according to your needs.

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Nick Vertucci Helps Investors to Realize their Goals by Venturing into Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci believes learning from the past and focusing on the future is an ideal tactic for becoming successful. Despite his businesses failing terribly in the past, he still held his head high up and focused on identifying new investment opportunities. Vertucci was on the list of many investors who lost their life savings because of dot-com recession of 2000. After close to 18 months of toiling and sinking deep into debts, he attended a life-changing real estate seminar courtesy of an invitation from his friend. By the end of the three-day workshop, Vertucci had figured out how to regain his lost financial freedom.


After the workshop, Vertucci concentrated on training, studying, and absorbing the ins and outs of real estate. It took him over a decade to collect all the relevant information he required to succeed. His breakthrough came when he built a state-of-the-art system that enabled him to earn money in the real estate sector simply and straightforwardly. When Vertucci’s system started generating millions, he vowed to ensure others knew about his systems so that they could use it to resolve their debt, generate large amounts of money, and attain financial freedom. He came up with the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2013. Since its inception, NVREA has turned out to be one of the prominent educational programs. Through NVREA, Vertucci assists students from different parts of the nation in making their dreams a reality through investing in real estate business.



Nick Vertucci is the founder of California-based The Nick Vertucci Companies, and he serves as the CEO of this innovative group of companies. As an astute real estate investor who focuses on acquiring bank owned properties, he was instrumental in the creation of a “Turn-Key” investment system to help other in investors in buying, rehabilitating, and renting bank owned houses. Vertucci has in-depth knowledge and exceptional experience for building high-quality single-family homes.


Before venturing into the real estate business, Vertucci established Coastline Micro and served as its president cum chief executive. With more than 100 workers, Coastline Micro was a leading vendor of computer systems to businesses across the nation. Currently, Vertucci does not participate in daily management affairs of Coastline Micro, but he is still one of the major shareholders in the company. He leverages his long-term experience as a real estate developer to train and mentor both upcoming and established real estate investors.

Igor Cornelsen Shines as a Consultant

 Igor Cornelsen has enjoyed great success with an innovative stock picking strategy. He invests in stocks which are considered damaged or have faced a temporary setback. With his analytical insight, he’s able to determine if the company is facing lasting structural damage or has only undergone a temporary downturn. It’s one example of his sterling career as a businessman, investor, and financial counselor.

Cornelsen had a long, successful career as a banker in his native Brazil. He was at the helm of some of the biggest banks in Brazil and successfully managed a huge swath of the Brazilian economy.

Igor Cornelsen also touts Brazil as an investment opportunity. He relays that Brazil has abundant natural resources, a growing population with a need for an infrastructure that keeps pace. He considers Brazil the best investment opportunity in South America. They are one of the world’s top food producers and the largest country on the continent. They are also the eighth largest economy in the world.

With the installation of a new finance minister, Cornelsen expressed cautious optimism. Joaquim Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has also worked at the IMF and is considered a sharp policymaker with a high regard for the private sector. Cornelsen is hopeful that policy reforms can be implemented.

Cornelsen is currently retired and living in South Florida where he pursues his passion for golf. He still finds time to invest and perform consulting duties for the banking industry. His extensive experience and contacts enable him to be of great service.

How the Concessions Made in the Sanitation Industry Are Going to Benefit the Community

The recently completed concessions from the Brazilian government and BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development) is a matter that has generated a lot of debate in the industry with many experts in the industry weighing in their thoughts. Some of the individuals who have even gone ahead and given an interview on this subject include Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure project expert, and Edison Carlos, the president of an action-focused sanitation institute. According to the interview, there are a number of things one can learn about the concession.


First and most important, the concession will help minimize waste. One of the most rampant causes of financial loses in the sanitation industry is in faulty sewage lines and leaking water pipes. Thanks to the concession, the government is seeking a partnership between the private sector and the public sanitation industry. Felipe and Edison note that through the state of the art equipment that the is characteristic of the private sector, the sanitation industry will be able to curb the huge loses and wastes that used to be experienced quite often.


The other point that users stand to gain from the concessions is the quality services. Edison notes that if the concessions are reviewed and the operations of the services aligned according to the public sector that will ensure the needs of the citizens are effectively met, the sanitation sector guarantees nothing short of quality.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a celebrated infrastructure development expert with several years experience in the field. Mr. Felipe is a graduate of Fundao Getito Vargas (FGV) with a degree in business administration and postgraduate in International Management. Over the years in service, Felipe has been quite instrumental in the success of the companies he has been involved with.


In addition, Mr. Felipe enjoys educating entrepreneurs on how to run a successful business. Some of his articles have been published in a number of reputable online publications.


Felipe Montoro Jens Explains How Basic Sanitation Services Can Be Improved In Brazil

The Brazilian government announced the proposed plan to partner with BNDES in order to fund waste management programs. According to Trata Brasil’s president, Edison Carlos, said the initiative will lead to improvement in services delivery. Trata Brasil is a company that provides waste management services. Felipe Montoro Jens, an expert in infrastructure projects noted that Carlos was concerned about the levels of waste in Brazil. Mr. Carlos further pointed out that 90% of basic sanitation services are provided through public power, and approximately 70% of users are served by state agencies.


Trata Brasil’s executive further added that the presence of private firms in the industry is not a valid reason to ignore public ones, since the two sectors can provide improved services when they collaborate together, reports Felipe Montoro. The National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES) has a responsibility to build customized plans for the areas it serves, depending on surveys previously conducted. Inadequate water supply was noted as the main reason why state companies in the water sector did not have sufficient funds for their operations. Carlos explained that private firms have adequate resources hence they can prevent wastage of water.


About Felipe Montoro Jens


Felipe Montoro is an expert serving in the investment and infrastructure industry. For several years, Mr. Jens has worked as top executive of numerous Brazilian firms, helping them to achieve growth targets. He is passionate for his work and it has enabled him offer his expertise to those companies he has served.


Felipe’s leadership skills have made him very prominent such that many firms are willing to hire him. All the projects he has undertaken have ended up very successful. Felipe earned his degree in business administration from FGV (Fundao Getlio Vargas), and then went to Thunderbird School of Global Management for his Masters in international management.

Felipe Montoro Jens Helps Benefit Basic Sanitation Services through Concessions in the Country

The government of Brazil recently announced that it would make concession through a partnership with National Bank for Economic and Social Development. During a recent interview with Edison Carlos, the current president of Trata Brasil, he stated some important points concerning the initiative. Trate Brasil is an institute with actions concentrated on basic sanitation. Mr. Edison believes that the services offered will undergo enhancement in structural management and resource areas. During the interview, Edison stated that public power performs 90 percent of basic sanitation services. On top of that, 70 percent of users are served by state organizations.



Mr. Edison also pointed out that all government bodies have a significant and imperative experience that can be leveraged through partnering with other firms. Note that BNDES will formulate customized action strategies for the countries it serves, based on surveys that detail the condition that these areas are facing. With this, a financial institution can adapt the project of every location. On that note, Felipe Montoro Jens says that the loss of water was considered as one of the leading cause of the flow of financial resources of country-owned firms in the water sector.



Mr. Edison pointed out that private business has more resources, something that makes it an essential ally in preventing water wastage. He also talked about the advanced technology of these firms as something imperative for the management of water in the nation state so that they can raise greater investment in sewage network. Felipe Montoro Jens claims that the current Brazilian condition requires the typical rigor for such companies so that there is a substantial advancement in the financial situation of public institutions.



More information about Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe has a degree from Getulio Vargas Foundation. Felipe also earned a graduate degree from Thunderbird school of global management. He is the current principal at Odebrecht Participaçoes e Investimentos SA. Before working here, Mr. Felipe Montoro Jen previously worked as head of finance in Odebrecht SA.

Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Rules

To be a successful investor in Brazil requires vision, understanding, knowledge and discipline. It also requires a set of rules. Over a career as an investment advisor in Brazil that has lasted many decades, Igor Cornelsen has developed all of those things. He has a seemingly innate ability to see investment opportunities. Having worked with the most successful banks and businesses in Brazil has given him the knowledge and understanding he needs to consistently pick winners in the Brazilian stock markets. And over the years Cornelsen has developed a set of rules that lead to successful investing.


One of Cornelsen’s most important rules is to begin investing as soon as possible. It takes time for an investment to pay the type of dividend that can make a person wealthy. By beginning to invest as early as possible, this gives the dividends an opportunity to grow. Another of Cornelsen’s investment rules is to invest for the long-term. This rule dovetails perfectly with the prior rule. For Cornelsen, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you have to be prepared to leave it in place for years. This is how you build true wealth that can last a lifetime.


Get rid of losing investments as soon as possible, is another of Igor Cornelsen’s rules for successful investing. He always reminds investors that they are investing to make money. If an investment it’s losing money, it’s best to get rid of it right away and invest that money elsewhere where it can earn dividends. Another very important rule of investing that is preached by Cornelsen is the need to develop a diversified portfolio. Each person’s investment portfolio should contain some low risk, low reward investments. But it should also contain some investments that are high risk and high reward. Further, investors should spread their investments into several industries.


Igor Cornelsen has been a very successful investment advisor in Brazil for many decades. During that time, the investment rules he has developed have helped to make many people rich. Investors that follows these rules improve their chances of being successful.



Financial Expert-Felipe Montoro Jens

Recently the government announced that it would make a concern and it will make a partnership with National Bank for Economics and Social Development (BNDES). The initiative of the project was well explained in an interview. The President of Trata Brasil told about the project in a meeting which was recently conducted. T6rata Brasil is an institution which has the responsibility on focusing on basic sanitation. According to the President of the Institution, the project will assist in the improvement of management, resource as well as structure. Felipe Montoro was the interviewee, and he has the raised the issue of waste management.

To answer some of the questions asked by Filipe Montoro, Edison said that 90% of the waste products in Brazil is managed by the government while 70% of the users of the services are served by the state government. According to Mr. Edison, there is no need for excluding the services of the public facilities because of the private institutions; he further said that the two bodies could work in hand in hand for better waste management services. Edison also said that the government has more experience and can only be strengthened by collaboration with other bodies.

Felipe Montoro is a Chief Financial Officer Odebrecht S.A. At Odebrecht Felipe is responsible for taking care of the e investments of the organization. He is known to one of the hard working leaders, and due to his hard work, he was appointed as a member of the Odebrecht Board of Directors. Before being elected as the Chief Financial Officer of the Group, Mr. Felipe was also involved in the various sectors of the firm including the project finance division, planning , treasury, corporate as well as controlling.

Felipe Montoro is a leader who since he began his career in the financial industry has been showing positive leadership skills. Mr. Felipe has been serving in different board of directors of the Odebrecht companies including the transport, oil and gas, sugar among others. Before joining Odebrecht Felipe Montoro worked for Terna S.p.A. Felipe is a Business Administration degree holder from Fundao Getlio Vargas, a master’s degree in International Management from Thunderbird and American Garvin School of International Management.