Financial Expert-Felipe Montoro Jens

Recently the government announced that it would make a concern and it will make a partnership with National Bank for Economics and Social Development (BNDES). The initiative of the project was well explained in an interview. The President of Trata Brasil told about the project in a meeting which was recently conducted. T6rata Brasil is an institution which has the responsibility on focusing on basic sanitation. According to the President of the Institution, the project will assist in the improvement of management, resource as well as structure. Felipe Montoro was the interviewee, and he has the raised the issue of waste management.

To answer some of the questions asked by Filipe Montoro, Edison said that 90% of the waste products in Brazil is managed by the government while 70% of the users of the services are served by the state government. According to Mr. Edison, there is no need for excluding the services of the public facilities because of the private institutions; he further said that the two bodies could work in hand in hand for better waste management services. Edison also said that the government has more experience and can only be strengthened by collaboration with other bodies.

Felipe Montoro is a Chief Financial Officer Odebrecht S.A. At Odebrecht Felipe is responsible for taking care of the e investments of the organization. He is known to one of the hard working leaders, and due to his hard work, he was appointed as a member of the Odebrecht Board of Directors. Before being elected as the Chief Financial Officer of the Group, Mr. Felipe was also involved in the various sectors of the firm including the project finance division, planning , treasury, corporate as well as controlling.

Felipe Montoro is a leader who since he began his career in the financial industry has been showing positive leadership skills. Mr. Felipe has been serving in different board of directors of the Odebrecht companies including the transport, oil and gas, sugar among others. Before joining Odebrecht Felipe Montoro worked for Terna S.p.A. Felipe is a Business Administration degree holder from Fundao Getlio Vargas, a master’s degree in International Management from Thunderbird and American Garvin School of International Management.