Marc Sparks the spark I needed

In some years, small business owners contribute more to the tax base than any other sector in our country. Because of this, we also have the most entrepreneurs in the world. Not because of the number of entrepreneurs, but in the success of entrepreneurs. This also means that we contribute on this level worldwide.

No one would have to look further than the American innovation called the internet to understand our capabilities. This evolution has produced an even healthier crop of innovators, but many of them have no guidance, so they are destined to fail.

This certainty bears out in the statistic because a vast majority of businesses started then fail in only a two year span.

In fact, most wealthy entrepreneurs report it requiring two decades before they saw any wealth. Imagine the tenacity required to endure two decades in order to see success. The prevailing imagery says that this success is supposed to occur rapidly and fast enough to ensure richness in the early teens or twenties.

The statistics say that this type of success is very rare, and some of the wealthiest entrepreneurs in the world are relatively unknown to most of the general public. There are even rubber band magnates that have more money than Oprah.

When I first began, I had these types of delusions of grandeur. I would have looked like an eighties version of my own Miami Vice episode, but more importantly, I would have lost the ability to affect anyone’s life positively beyond my own, and the negative aspects surrounding money would have consumed the real things in life like family and friends.

However, when I decided to look into mentorship for myself and a few friends that were beginning to see wealth but had no guidance on how to make success enduring, I found the right guy.

I ran across an entrepreneur named Marc in this endeavor. He was not able to mentor me because I was a little far along, but he had programs in while he mentored young entrepreneurs with start up companies.

It showed me that a guy like this understands the feelings that I was having towards being successful, and his way of finding a means to contribute inspired me to pass along my knowledge to people that had drive, a genuine interest and willingness to learn.

According to Good Reads, this is Marcs Sparks contribution, and now, it is mine, and he does not know that he has helped the people I mentor and myself by proxy.