Beneful for Healthy Pups

A quick look at your puppy’s mouth will tell you he’s a meat eater. Those adorable little canines are meant for meat, and lots of it. Short of buying out the supermarket, what’s the best way to improve pup’s diet?


Beneful’s number one ingredient is farm-raised chicken.

The number one ingredient in Beneful is chicken. A high protein percentage makes this an extremely healthy option for all active puppies and dog breeds. And who’s ever heard of an inactive puppy?

Beneful comes in many flavors.

With many unique flavors to choose from, some options are:

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  • Dry Dog Food
  • Wet Dog Food
  • Grain-Free Dog Food
  • Dog Treats

Coupons for Beneful products are available on the Purina Beneful website. Over thirty-nine dry dog food recipes with main ingredients like beef, chicken, eggs and salmon are available for your dog’s good health and good taste.