Karl Heideck Explains to the Philadelphian Community the Impact of Extra Tax on Soda

The cases of obesity are worrying in the US today than ever before. Research indicates that nearly 35% of Americans are obese. To fight obesity and encourage healthy beverage consumption, the city has established extra tax measures on soda. This is because soda is believed to be the major contributor to obesity. According to the tax body in Philadelphia, if the soda costs more, then the consumers will prefer to consume healthier and cheaper beverage options.

Nonetheless, the tax issue on soda has stirred mixed reactions from the suppliers and the consumers. This has necessitated the intervention of legal professionals like Karl Heideck to explain this new legislation. Karl insists that the Philadelphian government is establishing this law for a good course. According to him, the measure is necessary for reducing soda consumption numbers.

If people consume less soda, then the levels of obesity and diabetes that are soda-related will be reduced. Nevertheless, Karl is advising the leadership to take the matter with wisdom by ensuring that the budget is not greatly affected and people do not move to the neighboring states to do shopping. This is because the neighboring states have not enforced the law and this means that soda is cheaper.

Who is Karl?

Karl Heideck is legal expert based in Philadelphia. He is experienced in Compliance Law, Litigation Law, and Risk Management. Karl Heideck graduated from the Swarthmore College with a degree in Law. He went on to get his postgraduate degree at Temple University School of Law and graduated in 2009. Karl has been practicing law for nearly a decade.

Karl Heideck has gained a lot of experience in dealing with different complex legal matters especially laws that affect the Philadelphian community. Other than being a legal consultant, Karl Heideck is also a researcher and great writer. He is consistently advocating for the rights of members of the Philadelphia community.


Overall, Karl Heideck is very instrumental to the legal community of Philadelphia. He has an in-depth knowledge of the law and he is able to break down complex matters affecting clients who consult his services. He also writes about emerging trends and new laws.

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Attorney Karl Heideck Is A Shelter For Hispanics In P.A.

Attorney Karl Heideck has become a shelter for Hispanics in the state of Pennsylvania in more ways than one. Attorney Karl Heideck began his campaign for Hispanics after he spotted Wells Fargo taking advantage of Hispanics in Pennsylvania. Wells Fargo branches were doing this by providing mortgage loans to people who did not meet the credit criteria. After being approved, manages of these branches did not explain interest rates or anything else. They only explained to these customers the fact that money must be paid back or there will be hefty consequences.

It did not Attorney Karl Heideck long to uncover the truth. He had a run-in with several Hispanics in the Philadelphia area who reported the same problem. These individuals defaulted on mortgage loans, and they now owe triple the amount of the principal balance.

Before attacking Wells Fargo, Attorney Karl Heideck did some more research. He discovered that Wells Fargo pulled this same sham on people applying for personal loans and even student loans. Attorney Karl Heideck filed several lawsuits against Wells Fargo, and the bank was forced to forgive every debt associated with the lawsuit.

More and more people contact Karl Heideck on this issue every single day. However, this is exactly what Attorney Karl Heideck wants to see from Hispanics in Pennsylvania. In fact, Karl Heideck wants Hispanics in Pennsylvania to report any other financial institutions conducting these same fraudulent acts. Attorney Karl Heideck has a team of attorneys working with him on this issue. Attorney Heideck does not just want to stop the banks from doing this, but he also wants to make a statement that all people are created equal.

Attorney Karl Heideck began his career as an English major and a writer. He did so much writing about laws and proper business management that he was compelled to go to law school. Karl Heideck was accepted into Bealey School of Law near Temple University. After graduating from law school, dozens of law firms did their best to hire Karl Heideck. However, Karl Heideck had other plans. He wanted to help the public by going after management that was mistreating the public.

In his first year out of school, Attorney Karl Heideck caused more than one-hundred Philadelphia businesses to change their management policy. Some of these changes included keeping their facility cleaner, hiring people with disabilities, and paying women the same wage as men.

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