Michel Terpin-Brazil’s Leading Rally Driver

Michel Terpins is an accomplished Brazilian Off-Road Rally Driver whose has a genuine love of the sport. His roots are from Sao Paulo, Brazil and his entry into the T-1 Prototype category driving the famous T-Rex has proven to show his stamina and passion as a highly competitive rally driver. He strives for excellence in each race he enters, learns from the failures, and strives to get better at each rally. You can find Michel looking for the next opportunity in rally driving.

In 2002, Michel started in rally driving through the influence of his older brother, Rodrigo Terpins who is also a rally driver and also a teammate of Michel’s on the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. Although he started out as a motorcycle driver, it wasn’t long that he knew car racing was his forte. His knowledge of what to do when an emergency arises during the race and competitive nature is what rally drivers are made of. Through this partnership with his brother, the duo is a force to be reckoned with. They rule the racing circuit and look to future events to see where it will take them next.

In the 2017, Sertoes Rally, his win helped him secure a spot in the National Championship and catapulted him into the top ranks of Latin American drivers. He has participated in the series 10 times thus far and has fared well in each competition.

With the recent additions of a V-8 Engine, to the T-Rex, his car is ready for action against the best drivers and the roughest terrain a course can offer.

When he is not racing he is devoting his time to multiple charities and giving back to the communities in Latin America. Such donations go into improving the hospitals in Latin America and offering a clean water supply to the people of Brazil.