The Story Behind Wengie

Wengie was born January 9, 1986 and her parents moved to Australia when she was very little. She was raised by her grandparents and a nanny until she was four and her family was very poor. She made a lot of her own toys from things she found and liked anime and ninja turtles. She moved to Sydney when she was seven and was very shy in school. In high school she tried to make friends and she created her own websites.


She became a big sister to her brother Jim in her final days of high school and she applied for an accounting scholarship. She landed an accounting job right out of university and moved out of the house at the age of 24. After four years of working in accounting, she resigned to become a social media consultant. She worked insane hours but still managed to start her own blog about fashion and beauty.


She landed a big project for a campaign in Singapore and on February 11, 2013 she officially launched her channel. She used her lunch breaks to work on her blog and had no social life, but she was doing what she loved.


Her longtime relationship fell apart, but her online family supported her and she eventually got engaged to Max, her fiancé, in Yosemite National Park in August, 2015. Her online friends and family has grown to over 1 million people and is still growing and supporting Wengie.