It is definitely not a crime to love Lime Crime

Hair dye has been around for quite some time and most woman have used hair dye at some point in their lives. The new trend going around now is the ever popular unicorn hair. Unicorn hair, and associated blue hair dye is simply a colorful expression of style that people like to incorporate into their every day look. If your looking for a great hair dye product to give you the color you crave, look no further than Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is a beauty product company that prides themselves on their unique yet effective hair dye products. Recently, they just released a new line of hair dye products that will suit everyone’s needs, even those dark haired beauties whom in the past may have had trouble getting a hair dye that works for them. The new line includes chestnut, squid, Sea witch and Charcoal, all of which are dark enough with coloring strength to color even the darkest shades of natural hair color.

So you might be wondering, why should I buy into the unicorn style fad and if I color my hair these crazy, wild colors how would I find clothes to match it? Some stylish ideas would be to use a contrast of bright eye shadow mixed in lightly with a dark mascara to really bring out the color of the hair dye. Also,accessorize accordingly, if you have the deep purple color hair, use silver and other metallic colors of jewelry and hair ties to make the purple really pop. Also, check out the electric highlighter palette in the Hi-Lite collection of Lime Crime’s make up products, this type of product will also really accentuate the boldness of the colorful hair dye choice.

The decision to go bold and really make a statement begins with hair color and style. The edgy, yet boldness of Lime Crime’s new unicorn color collection is the perfect place to start. Don’t be afraid to be noticed, go ahead and try for yourself.