Join Lime Crime And Discover Your Favorite Shade

Lime Crime continues to represent the center of beauty and encourage women to take a bold new step with their makeup choices. Thousands of women around the world have decided to use LC products because they are safe for all skin types and they back their CEO and President, Doe Deere, 100%. Deere never hesitates to tell her wearers that it is important to find out what their niche is and work hard at perfecting it to be successful. She admits that she has always had an unconventional way of thinking about colors and her cosmetics would have never come to fruition, if she’d listen to her naysayer’s.


LC products are the first of their kind to consist of a velvetine matte base. They also come in a remarkable super-foil base that goes on moist and dries to perfection. Best of all, their products are LEAP Bunny approved and have always been safe for all skin types. Get hypoallergenic products that are completely waterproof. You never have to worry about going through repeated applications with their cosmetics that are guaranteed to last long throughout the day. They offer spontaneous colors like Radical Metallic and Purple Sorbet for your lips an eyelids.


Lime Crime has branded a new lipstick with much of the same colors, but with a hue that resembles violet-purple under the Scandal name. It has been very popular among their 2.4 million Instagram followers and has quickly been associated with the success of LC products. You can also get a temporary or permanent hair dye under the Unicorn name. Their colors are meant to be safe for all hair types void of bleach and ammonia by-products. They offer a full 700 ml jar that is good for one full tint or two retouches. You can join the color revolution today by visiting their exclusive website.


They also offer a YouTube channel that gives their customers a great way to discover new ways to mix and match their makeup. You can also find great accessory products from their sister company Dolls Kills. Become a part of Lime Crime and make bold makeup choices today.

The Growth of Lime Crime

a budding business that continues to expand to attract more and more loyal customers to the company is a company that is known as Lime Crime. Lime Crime is company that was founded by Doe Deere who has always had a passion for makeup and for making sure that individuals feel beautiful on both the inside as well as on the outside. Doe Deere’s makeup brand was specifically designed to accentuate the beautiful features for both men and women who have different tastes. This brand is unique due to the fact that it uses some of the brightest and boldest colors for blushes, lipsticks, as well as for eye shadows. Doe Deere is proud of what she has accomplished and is making sure that her business is a business that involves the people to make decisions on what products she should not only include, but also should create.


Doe Deere is well known for her presence on social media sites such as Instagram where she shows her designs through numerous creative photos. Before founding her business, Doe Deere had also created a clothing business that also uses bright and bold colors. Doe Deere only created Lime Crime as a side business due to the fact that she could not find a makeup brand that would not be washed out by the brightness of her clothing. With almost a decade of experience with running her business, Doe Deere has many more plans in the future to grow the company and to make even more individuals feel happy and confident.


Doe Deere has kept her business an internet-based business in order to make sure that the products that are sold rely on the input of the customer. This business model has kept Doe Deere humble with the success that she has acquired and also makes sure that her products are of the best quality. Doe Deere would one day like to have a typical brick and mortar shop, but only after she has been able to satisfy as many customers as she can. Doe Deere looks to expand her business even more in the future.

Introducing Lime Crime’s Unicorn Hair: Cute And Spunky Meets Healthy And Happy

In the attempt to identify and remove toxins and pollutants from living areas, kitchens and bathrooms- the last frontier remains….hair care. Hair coloring, styling and cleansing formulas are usually brimming with toxic ingredients like parabens, sulfates, ammonia or bleach. While manufacturers struggle to replace classic formulas with products that aren’t tested on animals or swimming in poison, brands and products are being developed to satisfy savvy consumers.


Introducing Unicorn hair dye by Lime Crime, available in 13 spunky super bright shades- the ingredient profile reveals information as bright as the shades themselves. After spending three years in careful product development, Lime Crime has produced a semi-permanent direct deposit conditioning hair dye, formulated from vegan ingredients- that is 100% vegan and cruelty-free (based on vegetable glycerin), certified by both the Leaping Bunny and PETA.


Each hue is available in full coverage (10 to 12 washes approximately) and tint (8 to 10 washes) formulas. A 6.7-ounce bottle retails for $16, the color is a gentle deposit-only formula that is incapable of damaging hair, no developer or heat is needed to process.

Creator and company founder Doe Deere envisioned a toxin-free hair color product and designed Unicorn Hair, a hair color sourced from healthy ingredients that would meet a professional standard, with basic application principles appealing to either newbies or industry professionals. Understanding the importance of testing a product before committing, Deere promises that samples are being developed and are on the way.


For maximum coverage options, it is recommended to start with pre-lightened hair (preferably a medium to pale blonde shade), consulting a professional for the bleaching portion is highly recommended, no toner is needed- applying Unicorn dye directly to freshly bleached hair will yield optimum results. For richer tones and hues, leave the dye in for one to two hours, for a traditional typical shade, 30 to 45 minutes is recommended. Unicorn dye could leave residual marks (i.e. clothes, pillowcase, tub), however, it is not permanent and will wash out over time- traditional precautions for stains should be taken as with any hair dye process or product.


Try Out Lime Crime’s New Hair Dyes

It’s finally here! Lime Crime has just released 13 new and exciting colors of hair dye to transform your locks into pure unicorn magic. You will definitely want to try them all out!


There’s Jello, if you’re into tropical green, Salad, which is a seapunk green, Leeloo, which is a bright orange, Neon Peach, which is a vibrant peach, blue smoke, which is a steel blue, and Strawberry Jam, which is a muted pink-red. There is also Anime, a fun candy blue, Chocolate Cherry, a deep burgundy red, Dirty Mermaid, which is a muted sea foam green, bunny, which is a pastel baby pink, Pony, which is an electric violet-purple, Gargoyle, which is a stone grey, and Sext, which is a nude-mauve. All of these enticing colors will make it hard to choose which one will be your favorite!


Lime Crime hair dyes are super easy to use and will last up to six whole months. To use, simply apply the dye of your choice to pre-bleached, clean, and unconditioned hair for the best results. If you want to end up with a pastel hue, then rinse after about 30 minutes. Otherwise leave in for about 1-2 hours. After you have left the hair dye in your hair for the desired amount of time, then rinse until the water runs nice and clear. You can now shampoo and condition like usual, but it is best to use shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated for color-treated hair.


Lime Crime hair dyes are 100 percent cruelty-free and completely vegan. They don’t contain any harsh chemicals, so you don’t have to worry about the dyes damaging your hair. The color will gradually fade after washings without being dull looking. You can even choose from two different formulas: full coverage or tint. If you’re looking for full coverage, you can expect a deep, rich color and tint will give you a nice glaze on platinum blonds. It’s highly recommended to use Lime Crime’s dyes on medium blond or lighter hair hues for the best results. Now the though part-deciding which color to try!