Strike A Pose With The Brown Modeling Agency

A pretty face goes a long way. So many young girls and boys around the world dream of living a life in front of the camera, or on the runway. Dreaming big is something everyone seems to do, no matter how young or old. The thrill of sharing your talent with the world is exciting, but chasing those dreams can be a challenge. Though the road to success can be a bit difficult at times, there are beauty experts ready to help take you to the next level on your journey. Seeking an agency to represent you as you enter the world of modeling is important. Choosing an agency to represent you will not only increase your potential of landing modeling jobs, but will also support you through hard times and assist with transitions that come with your new lifestyle.

The Brown Agency is one of the most respected modeling agencies worldwide. Formally known as Wilhelmina Austin, the Brown Agency has introduced some of the most beautiful and unique faces to the world of modeling. Since their launch, the Brown Agency has exceeded industry standards and expectations, and surpassed agencies all over. As a full service agency, Brown provides assistance beyond the lens. From expert advice, to personal guidance and support throughout their models career, they are there every step of the way. Models from the Brown Agency have walked the runways during Fashion Week in Austin, Dallas, and New York.

Whether you are young or old, no matter where you are in the world, the Brown Agency can help you achieve your dreams. With their unblemished reputation and history of bringing some of the most unique faces to the industry, The Brown Agency has quickly established themselves as experts in all things fashion and fierceness. From commercial to fashion and theater the Brown experts are ready to to place you front and center in the world of modeling. Their recent merge of the two talented and successful agencies promise several more years of success for both the models and the team and Brown. Smile, and get ready for the camera!

Makari: Giving You Naturally Healthy Skin with Natural Skin Care Products

Having healthy skin is very important. Having healthy skin that is also beautiful is even better. These days, there are a lot of products out there that aim to give you better skin. But many of them use harmful chemicals that can cause problems for your skin in the long run. Makari skin care products are not among those.

Makari skin care products perform a wide range of benefits for your skin. They can help erase the signs of aging, remove unsightly black spots, get rid of your old acne scars, and even tighten and tone your skin. And they do all this with all natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals, no artificial ingredients. Just pure, natural ingredients for naturally healthy skin.

Many products claim to not only provide better skin, but also smell good as well. But, we all know how good chemicals smell. Who really wants to walk around smelling like chemical cleaner all day? Makari delivers on this as well. Thanks to its natural ingredients, you can leave the house confident that you and your skin will smell as good as it looks and feels.

Makari provides a wide range of excellent products for all your skin care needs. from skin whitening creams to toning creams and face masks, Makari has it all. And they do it all with a price tag that won’t break your bank.

After using Makari skin care products, you will never even consider any other products. Nothing else can provide you with skin so healthy it glows, and all with natural ingredients that won’t cause problems later on. In Swahili, makari means beauty, and after using their products you will see just how well Makari lives up to the meaning of its name.

Relationship Reality

When you’re dating someone new, there’s a honeymoon stage at the beginning of the relationship. Wengie said, Both people are happy, and you feel like you can’t get enough of each other. Then, reality sets in, and you probably end up getting on one’s nerves.

In the beginning, you dress as nice as you can because you want to impress the other person. The other one will often compliment you abut how you look. When you become comfortable with each other, you will probably wear whatever you want and not care what the other person thinks.

When you’re walking together in the honeymoon stage, you will likely hold hands and can’t get too close to each other. As you grow closer, it doesn’t really matter if you walk together as one will usually go away from the other one.

Each person will want to be in the other person’s personal space at the beginning of the relationship. You can’t get enough of being next to each other. There’s hugging and kissing along with the little touches of the hand. Later on, you just want to be left alone while you play video games or watch a movie together. There might be things that the other person will do to annoy you, such as stick their feet on your leg.

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Makari : Beautiful Lighter Skin for Everyone

We are pleased to release our newest products in the Makari skincare line. The word “Makari” means beautiful in Swahili and we can assure you that your skin will be radiant and beautiful with use of our products.

At Makari, our products are created in Switzerland from the finest natural ingredients such as carrot oil and Argon oil, our most popular product is the skin whitening cream. We offer beauty milk, serum, creams and other treatments to help hydrate and clarify your skin. The items that we offer help to even out the skin tone, blend the discoloration and lighten the overall appearance of your face, neck, arms and body. The products that include Organiclarine utilize the lightening properties of plant extracts for an effective way to treat skin gently and help to smooth out the appearance of scars, acne blemishes, and discoloration.

When there are harsh chemicals used on the skin it is drying and damaging but when using Makari products your skin is smooth and supple and safe from ill effects of non-natural ingredients.

Anyone can use the Makari products, including women, men, babies and other family members. We offer skincare beauty products as well as haircare items, bath products, cosmetics, fragrance and accessories. At Makari we want everyone to be able to enjoy the beautiful complexions that you deserve.

Welcome to Makari and our amazing array of products. We know you want radiant skin and here we have beautiful for everyone – Follow this link to learn more:

Lime Crime CEO and NYC Doll Maker Fight Back Against Artist and Stolen Screen Shot

Sit back and pay attention, because this one has lots of twists and turns. This is a tale about Lime Crime makeup founder Doe Deere, her friend and NYC Pidgin doll maker Joshua David McKenney, an Instagram screen shot and well-known artist Richard Prince and his so-called lazy art.

Lime Crime makeup is full of fabulous, wild and crazy color palettes created by its beauty-forward founder Doe Deere. Her company makes cosmetics for those who “express themselves unapologetically.” As she aptly puts it at her About me page, “Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Doe Deere is living her mission with bold, happy makeup colors against her blue, cotton candy-colored mane. Her star following of some 300,000-plus on her Instagram account gets her noticed around the globe. Apparently, an artist known as Richard Prince was obsessed with her beauty and pop culture status, taking a screen shot off her Instagram and making a fortune selling it.

What’s the problem?

There are several. First of all, when you’re a famous artist, you can march right past the copyright laws of the photo you’re stealing and rake in tons of dough selling the shot by including some creative text around it.

Doe Deere is very engaged with her Lime Crime makeup community on social media. Her global fan base adores her and her one-of-a-kind makeup company, sending photo after photo to Instagram, decked out in wild Lime Crime lipsticks, liners and shadows.

Richard Prince liked the screen shot of Doe Deere posing with a look-alike custom made doll in matching outfit, hair and cosmetics. So, he took Doe Deere’s screen shot and removed the Instagram caption, thereby eliminating the talented doll maker’s Pidgin custom work and never seeking permission.

The so-called lazy art, as many call this type of vision, ended up hanging at NYC’s Freize Art Fair and later selling for $90,000. The buyer’s name hasn’t been revealed.

Doe Deere is speaking out on behalf of her friend, the cult-fave doll maker Joshua David McKenney. His stunning 23-inch fashion dolls have become favorites with celebrities like Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift.

Although his Pidgin custom dolls have been thrust into the spotlight, McKenney’s still upset the way another artist, Mr. Prince, removed the voice from his doll making. By blotting out the caption and credit on Doe Deere’s Instagram photo, McKenney’s work suddenly became invisible.


Critics of Richard Prince’s lazy art have blasted him, calling what he does “theft: not art.”

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Rewind Time with Makari Skin Lightening Cream


So many people are unsatisfied with their skin care products and the ingredients used to produce them. Hydroquinone is an ingredient found in the majority of skincare products formulated with people of color in mind. What about those who want a natural alternative to skin lightening products? Is there a natural alternative that doesn’t contain hydroquinone? There is, indeed, a skin whitening cream that is manufactured specifically for men and woman of color and made of only natural ingredients–Makari.

Makari skin lightening cream is designed for people of color who want an even complexion and youthful glow. Makari skin lightening cream works hard to eliminate signs of aging by diminishing dark splotches and age spots. The cream works wonders and is created from only natural ingredients from plant extracts and vitamin enriched oils. The skin lightening cream bathes the skin in nutrient rich ingredients and helps defy the aging handd of time. Dark, uneven blotches of skin literally vanish, leaving the customer with a bright smooth skin.

Unlike the competition, Makari does not use the controversial ingredient hydroquinone in its skin lightening cream. Makari’s skin lightening cream is comprised of caviar extracts, vitamin rich oils, and plant extracts. This is definitely the best skin lightening cream for those who want to achieve a smooth, youthful appearance.

Skin lightening creams work wonders to reverse the signs of aging. They can work miracles in just a short time and help people feel better about their appearances. Skin lightening creams get rid of embarrassing dark spots and takes years off of one’s appearance. Skin lightening creams use natural ingredients to smooth the complexion and minimize unsightly signs of aging.

People with dark complexions benefit from the natural ingredients in Makari skin lightening cream. It is designed specifically for people with darker complexions and made from natural oils like Argan oil, carrot oil and shea butter.

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