Success Academy has Internships That Matter

The drudgery of internships is something all too relatable for a lot of college graduates and even high schoolers. They often end up in relatively unrewarding internships in which they do not learn much more than how to fetch coffee. That being said, there are exceptions to the rule such as with Success Academy.


What Success Academy does that is different is offer real-world experience to those who are still in high school. They want those young adults to have the opportunity to know a little bit about what the working world is like before ever setting foot on a college campus. What is great about this is that it helps get some of those individuals excited about the possibilities that come with teaching. Success Academy may well be helping to usher in a whole new crop of teachers for the future.


The people at Success Academy say that they believe it is absolutely important to have high schoolers learning a little about internships now. They see too many who wait until after they have gone through their entire college career before they start to look for jobs. That leaves them without experience, and that is not what most employers are looking for.


The options on the table for students these days are to wait until after college to start doing internships and gaining experience, or to go ahead and get a jump start on it now so that they are not left without much of a resume. While a lot of the work that Success Academy does has to do with educating younger children, sometimes the overlooked part of their mission is what they are able to help with in terms of older children. That is a very important part of what they do though, and this ought to be recognized as well.


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