David Giertz’s 3 Golden Rules to Financial Freedom in retirement

Being a responsible parent with concerns about his children, David Giertz offers the youth the golden tips on how to achieve the status of retiring with benefits. Just from the onset of his free advice to young people, David Giertz uses wit and wisdom he gains from experience to help his subjects understand that everyone has some level of control over his/her destiny.

From the financial lenses and experience that Giertz has for over three decades, he outlines three most essential but simple ways through which young people can change their positions in the rat race.

Firstly, he says that the safest way through which an individual can get the best amount of money during retirement is through prompt payments of debts. David Giertz argues that the first step in saving for a pension is settling the current debts; whether college debts or just business debts so that one gets free to start saving immediately.

Secondly, Giertz also proposes having a side business as another way that can brighten the future if a young person. From his perspective as an investor, no one can ever satisfy his financial needs with his/her normal income. However, the side gig should not interfere with the mainstream business since it should only take place during the leisure times.

Finally, he highlights compound interest as a gold-digger plan for the youths to save for retirement since the banks only impose transaction charges as one deposits cash into the account, and not during its use on retirement. He, therefore, encourages the youth to master these golden rules so that they can enjoy the fruits of their struggles while young.

David Giertz is an entrepreneur with over three decades of experience in the growing finance industry. He has been developing the strategies and innovation for profitable growth. Giertz was the president of the Nationwide Financer sales and distributor organization where he propelled the growth of the asset base from $11 billion to $17 billion in three years. He is also a certified business coach with WABC.

Therefore, the financial directions he gives in retirement benefits are from his own experience and practical life.