The Benefits of Waiakea Water

This article will discuss a special water bottle brand entitled Waiakea. Currently this particular brand is ranked 414 of 5000 on a list of America’s fastest growing companies in America. In three years 2014 to 2016 Waiakea has seen an amazing growth of 1,059.3%. It was also dubbed the best-bottled brand of water. It will celebrate its place in the elite company list to be horned at a 5000 2017 Conference in California on October 10 2017.

Being placed on the list as a fast-growing company in America is a source of evidence. This such evidence shows that there are several ways to successfully run a business. This brand paints a picture. It paints the picture of an innovative company which cares about society and environment.

Waikea is helping in a situation in the country of Africa. A great number of people about 700 million do not have access to clean water. Many children because of this are dying from illnesses that are related to water. In helping with the world water crisis, Waiakea water has helped with aa company to help the communities who are disadvantaged in the rural parts of Africa. Other than helping thirst in Africa. This company also got Africa access to education.

About Waiakea Water

This company was established in 2012. The founder and CEO of the company is Ryan Emmons. It was also considered the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii. This water brand is produced on an interesting arrangement of initiatives and attributes that are sustainable, healthy, and charitable. This volcanic alkaline water was originally from the rains and snowmelt from the Mauna Loa volcanic peak of Mauna- it is one of the environments in the world.

The mission of this company is to give healthy water that is natural. This is through a continuing lifestyle brand which creates and inspires legit positive changes in distinct ways. This brand promotes and contributes environmental conservation and clean water access. It also is educating people in the millions throughout the world and in America.

Different Types of People Who Could Use Fabletics Fashion

Fabletics can benefit many different types of people. The good news is that Fabletics is willing to reach a wide range of people so that they can all benefit from the creativity that goes into the clothes that are offered by this brand. One of the types of people that can benefit greatly from this type of fashion are people that are into fitness. The fitness world is a very active world. This does not mean that people shouldn’t look good. Sometimes, finding some well fitting clothes will not only give people the confidence to perform, but also give them the room to move as needed.


Another group that can benefit greatly from Fabletics fashion are the plus-sized people. Plus-sized women often have a hard time finding clothes. It is even more challenging to find clothes that are very stylish and well fitting for them because most companies don’t offer much for them. Therefore, finding stylish outfits can be challenging. Don Ressler has decided to make it easier for plus-sized women because he believes that everyone should have the ability to look and feel how they want to feel. Therefore, he has made it a point to offer products that could bring their self esteem and style to the next level.


The other type of people that can benefit from fashion offered by Fabletics are people that just have an interest in fashion and want to explore. For one thing, those that have an inclination towards fashion are more likely to explore and find items that they want so that they can put together their own unique style that they can be proud of.


Fabletics has reached those markets and are even working on reaching others. Among the groups that Fabletics has most recently reached out to are people that want to shop from a physical location. While online shopping might be convenient for some people, many people are aware of the disadvantages that come with shopping online when it comes to clothing. Fabletics is aware of the sizable crowd that wants to shop in stores. Therefore, they have opened up physical stores in various markets.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Help People Break Out of their Rut With Fashion

Fashion is a very fascinating concept. A large group of people find it very thrilling to get a look at the new designs that are coming out and soon to be in stores. Among the different aspects of these fashion pieces is how they look, and how they feel. When people see an item that looks good and looks like it would be comfortable, a lot of thoughts may run through their heads. However, there is one aspect of fashion that some people may not realize. Fashion can also affect the mood and the self image of an individual.


There is one challenge for people who are interested in fashion. This challenge is figuring out and finding items that are close to their own style. Fortunately, there are designers that are willing to help with this. Among the designers that are putting forth effort in order to bring out unique styles are Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Don Ressler handles the branding and the merchandising while Adam Goldenberg handles the data. Together, they present not just new and unique fashions but the type of fashion that customers want. The way they do this is by getting in contact with the customers and getting their opinions.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have founded the TechStyle group which helps people find some new and durable fashions that they can afford. This helps them break out of their fashion rut and put some new excitement into their lives. There is almost a level of artistry put into the clothes that are brought forth to people.


Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg hope to provide fashion for people of all types of styles. This can help people who are artistic in their approach to fashion. When they find items that they can coordinate not only with color, but with cut and overall style, then they will have an easier time expressing who they are. They can also explore some new fashion identities that can bring greater excitement into their lives. The best part is that people will see the difference that fashion could make in their lives.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Success in the e-commerce Industry

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg work in athletic clothing has attracted a lot of interest from several quarters. In partnership with Kate Hudson, they established Fabletics, a company that has grown to become one of the top athletic clothing brands for women. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg both have many years of experience in this industry. Long before creating Fabletics, they had been selling clothes to women a venture that has made them the leaders in athletic clothing.


Don and Adam’s friendship began many years ago when they were part of a team in Myspace. They were able to gain some online skills after being connected to social media for a while. Later on, they would create many opportunities for women to purchase goods online using their online expertise and many years of working together. Through this occasion, Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg came up with Intelligent Beauty.


Talks of how social media would play a big part in the change of the e-commerce world sparked the entry of the duo into selling beauty products to women. Their focus on dealing with the ladies products was the vibe that exists where women receive well clothing tips from other women. It would be the start of the e-commerce empire that would go on to generate millions of dollars for the duo. As the years progressed, they turn their focus on selling athletic clothing to women.


Before coming up with Intelligent beauty, Don Ressler and Adam had established JustFab which grew to become very successful in the e-commerce industry. One of the concepts that brought success in these companies is the appointment of women leadership. Don Ressler knew for a fact that having women such as Kate Hudson in leadership positions has a bigger influence on social media platforms. Don and Adam would just operate in the background making this concept of leadership very exciting. JustFab would eventually transition into Tech Style.


JustFab would grow to become the most successful venture despite having tried many others. Tech Style symbolizes incorporation of technology into the business, and this company has made Don and Adam an actual force in the clothing industry for women. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have also orchestrated several changes in the e-commerce industry such as the addition of athleisure wear clothing for women. Ressler has proven to be an outstanding entrepreneur who has transformed the way women shop, and he has achieved this staying in the background.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are well-known and successful businessmen and entrepreneurs based in the United States. They presently hold the position of co-CEOs at Techstyle Fashion Group, one of the leading fashion companies in the world today. It manages brands like Shoe Dazzle, Fabletics, and Fab Kids. The company has risen substantially even after the fierce competition in the fashion market due to the marketing and branding strategy implemented by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They have worked together in the past as well and understand each other well, which has helped them remain on good terms with friends, colleagues, and partners.

Adam Goldenberg started his first company at a very young age of 16 that he later sold to Intermix Media. He was appointed as the Vice President of Strategic Planning and also the Chief Operating Officer of the company at such a young age. However, Adam Goldenberg left the company soon after to pursue other business ventures. It is during this time that Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler met and decided to start Intelligent Beauty, which offered compelling brand building services to the enterprises. Later on, they started Dermastore and Sensa, which were the retail store online providing fashion and beauty products. It is what gave Don and Adam a thorough understanding of the fashion business and the scope it presents as a full-time business. It is how JustFab started and came into being

JustFab was later renamed to become Techstyle Fashion Group as it uses technology extensively to take the business further. One of the brands under Techstyle Fashion Group, namely Fabletics became a huge success under the guidance of Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. They even roped in Kate Hudson to become one of the partners in the company, which helped in making the brand more famous among the masses.<

The company received funds of $31 million in 2011 from Matrix Partners that assisted in giving the business that much-needed boost to stay afloat and continue with its expansion plans without hiccups. Techstyle Fashion Group uses database analytics to decide about its business and financial planning, which helps tremendously in bringing accuracy to the plans. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg continue to work as the owners of the start-up to ensure that the company continues to move ahead with passion and enthusiasm. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have many exciting plans for Techstyle Fashion Group which they plan to unveil soon in the future.

George Soros Is Supporting Justice Again

George Soros is a well known activist and philanthropist. According to Forbes Magazine, he has a net worth of over twenty five billion dollars. He fled Hungary many years ago, where he was born. He then attended the London School of Economics. He got started in the world of finance by working at a bank. He later started his own hedge fund in New York. George Soros has been known to donate large amounts to social justice causes.Now, George Soros is back at his philanthropic work once again. He is donating plenty of money to the candidates who will work for the causes of social justice and reform. In 2004, he donated over twenty seven million dollars in an effort to defeat George W. Bush, who he perceived as being against the cause of social justice and reform. He is now back with his amazing political contributions, and he is making a big different in the fight for justice.

He has donated over twenty five million dollars in an effort to boost Hillary Clinton when she was running for president. This was even long before election day was near. George Soros has a relationship with the Clintons that goes back over twenty five years. George himself is over eighty five years old. George is donating a lot more money than before, and the reasons are clear. He feels that the current platform of the GOP is bad for the country and for social justice. He says that the GOP is doing the work of ISIS by stoking fears.Michael Vachon is a political advisor to George Soros. He says that George has always been dedicated to causes related to social justice. However, this year was extremely important, simply because there were so many important issues at stake. This was even before Donald Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party.

Even before that, the entire GOP stood for things that went against George’s values and ideals. They stood for things that impeded immigration reform and criminal justice reform. After Donald Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party, says Vachon, these issues took on an additional importance.George is not just important because he donates so much money to these causes. It is important because when he donates money, it motivates other rich people to donate money to these causes as well.George has donated money to many political action groups that supported Hillary Clinton. He has committed to give five million dollars to a group that is called Immigrant Voters Win. As its name implies, it focuses on helping immigrants vote and take part in our democratic process. After the election, George continues to help out causes that help justice.

The start and success of JustFab under Don Ressler’s leadership

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg may not be the first guys to think of launching a fashion company. However, when they started JustFab, the company has grown to reshape the way we see the e-commerce fashion world. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the founders of JustFab. The two have a great creativity and an eye for spotting market trends. They know how to grow businesses, develop leading brands. They do all these by combining fashion and fun in what they do. The kind of love for fashion and business is not found in any other part of the industry.


JustFab was first established in South Bay. According to Don Ressler, the establishment of their company at this place was by accident. The two CEOs were sitting in their living room brainstorming ideas when they decided that they would open the firm in Manhattan Beach. The only name they found for the company was Just Fabulous. They decided to take the short form of the name and called it JustFab. JustFab quickly grew and had to expand to another prime location. The place that Don and Adam saw fit was El Segundo. The place is an excellent location because it is close to the beach, is near an airport and has an ideal office flexible for expansion. El Segundo made the perfect home for Don Ressler and his company. The company today operates in 128,000 square feet in the region. The company plans to stay in that location for a long time as it expands their business in the area.


Don Ressler founded JustFab to change the way people shop online. The company has always strived to deliver real value to shoppers. The company has stayed to the vision of on-trend fashion at the best value. However, the company has built its brand by focusing on customer data and personalization. The company has created a new corporate identity. The latest identity captures the whole theme of JustFab. The company is thrilled to expand into other areas of fashion with a new name. JustFab was recently rebranded to TechStyle Fashion Group.


JustFab first established its offices in March 2010. The company had Kimora Lee as its presidents and Creative Director. The company received massive funding from several investors. It received a funding of $33 million from US venture Matrix Partners in 2012. Other enterprises that have funded JustFab include Intelligent Beauty, Technology Cross, and Rho Ventures.

Sharing The Secrets to Success Like Marc Sparks

One of the common themes of successful entrepreneurs is that they want others to be successful in what they do. This is especially the case when it comes to other entrepreneurs. They understand that potential pitfalls and struggles that could come with trying to bring out a successful business. However, reaching success can be something that is very joyful. For one thing, when people succeed as entrepreneurs, it is like they have stumbled across a treasure. This is an experience that they want other entrepreneurs to experience. Therefore, they are willing to share secrets as to what worked for them. Learn more:


This is one of the traits of Marc Sparks. He has worked very hard and gone through trials before he finally figured out how business works. He has also figured out other secrets that could increase productivity in people. Among the secrets that he has figured out is the importance of environment. While it is a common belief that a successful entrepreneur would be able to focus in any environment, it does help to have an environment that brings forth productivity. This is one of the reasons that Marc has changed an office so that people will be more likely to collaborate and work towards their goals. Learn more :


Another thing that Marc Sparks believes is important to a successful business is a business model. Without a solid business model, a business is very likely to fail. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to make sure that they have taken a long hard look at their business model and made sure that they are working with something solid. One thing that could help them is if they study different business models and learn about the strengths and weaknesses of them. Marc Sparks not only talks about it in his interviews but also writes it down in his book for aspiring entrepreneurs to read. Learn more:


Todd Lubar- Business Success and Family Man

TDL Global Ventures is run by a business man that knows how to operate a business successfully, Todd Lubar. He knows firsthand that being successful is not an easy task. In order to be a success, you need to know the right skills and have the ambition to do it. He graduated from Syracuse University in Upstate New York with his major in speech communication. He started off in business like most everyone else, at the bottom.


Not everyone has been ambitious enough to learn from their life lessons and what has helped Todd is that he has his very own personal struggles that helped him to make his life better and brighter. It is for this reason that he has been successful throughout his own career. He was successful before he came to TDL. Prior to TDL, Todd worked for Crestar Mortgage Corp.


According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar also once worked for the Legacy Financial Corp out of Arlington, Texas. During this portion of his career, Todd worked to help Maryland business offices gain the knowledge they needed in order for their own offices to be successful. This office has held close to a hundred million for loan volume sizes each year. You can visit Ideamensch to know more.


Todd has used his impressive skills throughout the business scene. He holds skills that are needed in not just mortgage knowledge but also in other business ventures he has been a part of. He has companies that operate within the nightclub scene, recycling, demolitions as well as developments. He has learned to dip his hands in many different areas to allow for maximum success.


When he was asked about what decisions are most difficult for him to make within business, his answer was firmly about family. Todd struggles with the decisions to make about when it becomes time to travel for business and when it is not. Family time is important to him and he knows this which is why he struggles with it. There are times that he wishes he was able to be home with his family and not out on a business venture but he is firm when it comes to this as he knows that in order for his family to have everything they need, he must perform well in business.


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James Dondero Gives $ 1 Million to Support Families and Pets from Violent Homes in Texas

James Dondero is one of the founders of Highland Capital Management. He is the current president of the company. He offered a grant of $1 million to assist an organization supporting family violence victims – The Family Place, Dallas. The grant is a response to the efforts by the organization to raise a total of $2.8 million for the Legacy Campaign. This announcement from Highland came during the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon hosted at Hilton Anatole, Dallas Texas.


The grant will be through the Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., the philanthropic arm of the capital management company. Highland Dallas Foundation will match 50 percent of funds the capital campaign raises up to $1 million. Since the Family Place received the announcement, it has received an additional $200,000 going towards the Legacy Campaign from Highlands as the promised complimentary fee.

James Dondero asserts that the grant answers requests by Mr. Mike Rawlings – Dallas Mayor and the Dallas Police Chief David Brown. The two high-ranking members of the community urged the community to rally together to solve the life-threatening problem of domestic violence in Dallas.


Mr. Dondero believes that the Texas community can achieve many things and expresses optimism that with the support Highlands Capital Management is offering, the campaign will reach the finishing line. Moreover, James Dondero urges others to consider giving support to the organization to enable it to continue providing lifesaving services and shelter to victims of family violence. The Family Place CEO Paige Flink agrees that the campaign offers a tremendous opportunity for others to multiply their gifts and make a difference in the lives of the victims.


The Family Place Legacy Campaign is supporting operations and construction of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center for victims of family violence. Corgan – a leading architectural design firm, is responsible for the unique design of the new building. The center includes a medical and dental clinic, 13-emergency shelter bedrooms, multiple private ad group counseling rooms for children and adults, a call center and a multipurpose job training room.


The building can serve at least 2,000 victims annually. It will provide critical emergency shelter space and reach at least 6,000 students undergoing teen dating and bullying annually. It also has a child development center and an animal shelter for victims who own pets.