Jason Hope on What the Internet of Things Has in Store for Us

The Internet of Things is bound to completely revolutionize the way a lot of things are done. A few years back, it was impossible to imagine having ordinary things such as air conditioning units and window blinds communicating with each other. But thanks to the Internet of Things, a lot of day-to-day tasks in the home, in the office, in the car and in several other places have been simplified, and things are expected to get even better with further advancements in technology.

If you are not yet convinced of the potential of the Internet of Things to change the world, Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, breaks it down for you. And his Linkedin, How many times have you gotten to the office only to remember that you left the lights on back at home? With the Internet of Things, the lights in your home will be able to automatically go off if they do not sense any movement or heat source in the room for a certain period of time.

Another good example is the HVAC system; you will no longer have to manually adjust the settings whenever the temperature changes. The HVAC will be able to regulate itself and even go off automatically when it is not needed. This could save you a lot on energy bills and will also make things so much easier for you. Businesses are also bound to benefit greatly from the Internet of Things. There will be fewer incidences of goods getting lost or spoilt while in transit because it will be possible to monitor the goods beings transported in real time.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is highly knowledgeable in the field of technology and provides great advice to businesses and individuals on how they can take advantage of the Internet of Things. Jason is an alumnus of Arizona State University and holds a degree in finance and an MBA from the university. Jason also loves giving back to the community. He is a great supporter of the SENS Foundation, which is focused on finding cures for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He has made several donations to the foundation.



Jason’s knowledge and expertise in the field of technology enable him to make accurate predictions about what the future has in store for individuals and businesses in terms of technological advancements. He has always been very passionate about technology and with the advent of the Internet of Things, he cannot contain his excitement. According to him, the Internet of Things is definitely the future and everyone has a lot to gain from it.

Richard Mishaan Design is what to go for when it comes to Quality and Extravagant Designs

Richard Mishaan, the owner and founder of Richard Mishaan Design, got his Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of New York. He later studied architecture and design at Columbia University School of Architecture. By acquiring great knowledge from these prestigious learning institutions, he has incorporated so much into his career and has grown to become the best in what he does and Richard’s lacrosse camp.

As a dedicated man, he follows his passions which are inspired by his great love for art and design. He has expressed these endless passions in books that have gained fame by getting as many readers. His two famous books are Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury.

Richard never lets any artistic work go unnoticed and therefore appreciated young designers by offering them jobs at his company. Together they have managed to transform so many spaces into beautiful landscapes. Besides, he has also done some of the unique and extravagant designs in residential homes, business premises, luxurious hotels and much more.

No one has ever beaten him when it comes to doing what loves most, and this has made him shine in this industry. Every company and even the government are desperately in need of his exquisite expertise even to the point of requesting him to design their spaces. A confirmation to this was when he was requested to design the presidential suite at one of the luxurious hotels in New York. In addition, he has also designed many famous buildings such as the presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel, New York City and learn more about Richard.

Additionally, he has also designed most of the luxurious hotels in the city. The reason why he has been getting these good deals is that his good works sell him. He has gained so much popularity and all these have helped in his personal growth as well as that of his company and his Linkedin.

How Agora Financial Helps Investors and Financial Institutions.

Located in Baltimore Maryland, Agora Financial provides free publications based on economic commentary, analysis, and education. The company was formed from Agora Inc. in 1979 and later relocated to Mount Vernon in 1994. The printing firm provides publications that are free and paid, which includes printed and online books, videos, online seminars, e-books and international conferences. Agora Financial is purely independent with a team of employees who are experts in their field of work. The printing firm has helped its readers to grown and protect their wealth by informing them various companies that have the potential for growth and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial hires workers from various fields in the corporate industry. The company’s personnel involves a geologist, a bond professional, a self-made billionaire, scientific journalists, a film-maker, a fund manager, an author, a banker and editors among others. Financial institutions or investors do not lure the editors of the firm in exchange for coverage. The company’s employees gather research information through visiting various parts of the continent, which help them to provide bold financial predictions. Agora Financial offers ways that individuals can generate income. The company is proud to be the leading transmitter of commercial media, serving over one million readers. The enterprise spends over $1 million annually touring the world to find new investment opportunities. The research writing firm had earned recognition from various authors, books, newspapers, and magazines and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Agora Financial has a library that has that assist the editors in economic forecast. The printing firm became an independent LLC in 2004 and continuously provides market ideas since its establishment. It predicted the rise of the value of gold and oil price that later increased after four years and one year respectively. Before the personalized medicine and regenerative medicine streamed in the media, Agora Financial had already predicted its emergence in 2008 and read full article.

Bruce Levenson, A Business Man With An Eye For The NBA

Bruce Levenson is a businessman and entrepreneur who is known for being the team owner of the Atlanta Hawks, one of the biggest and most prestigious NBA teams in America. The bid was made to buy the team, the stadium that they have to their name, and the giant Philips Arena.According to forbes.com, Bruce Levenson is said to have paid a whopping $750 million for the team and all its assets and has emerged as a frontrunner among all the other businessmen who were trying to get their hands on this team. Bruce Levenson functions as the team’s managing partner and is also in the department that handles the business section of the NBA.

Bruce Levenson garnered his fortune when he pioneered United Communications Group, where he still administers as the founding partner of the firm. Bruce formed the company in 1977 and brought it up to be the large corporation that is today. Bruce Levenson started the company with little to no support and started working on the business right from his apartment when he lived in Maryland. He had an immense amount of determination and faith that his business would succeed, and despite all odds, kept at it to make it the huge success it is today. The company was founded by Bruce along with his business partner Ed Peskowitz. Together, they started up a news journal, which focused on the happenings in the oil and petroleum industry. The newsletter gave readers a glimpse into the companies that contribute to the growth of the sector, as well as any other information that they would need regarding petrol and diesel. The newsletter suddenly started growing and gaining more and more attention, from other journals of its kind, as well as oil companies themselves.

Today, United Communications Group has transitioned into a database management company which offers their clients the data that they need regarding the oil and petroleum industry. They also provide any kind of analysis that these companies need. Most recently, the company launched their mobile app called Gas Buddy, which was the company’s entry into the digital sphere. The aim was designed to help drivers on the road, and give them all the information that they would need with regards to finding the nearest petrol pump. The app gives drivers the information that they need regarding finding cheaper petrol and tells them which pumps have what prices for their fuel.



Rona Borre is an erudite scholar

The Instant Alliance was founded back in 2001 by Rona Borre, and now she holds a position there as the CEO. Her business is recognized nationally as a successful female-owned business that has thrived through all odds and emerged among the best business in the country.


Due to her great personality, an opportunity was granted to Rona to lead in some of the three Chicago community organizations Young President Organization, Economic Club and the Chicago network. Her hard work and interaction there has been recommended in broader terms and applauded by many.


For additional reading, click on chicago.blueskyinnovation.com


As a female entrepreneur and a role model to many, she has been showcased in media station like CNN, Crain’s Chicago, CBS2 Chicago, CNBC and USA Today. Due to her consistency and hard work, the National Association of Women Business and Business Ledger honored her as one of the most influential women in business.  More articles on instantalliance.com


Rona Borre is an erudite scholar; she obtained her BS at the University of Arizona in Business. This foundation helped her in making the best out of her company. Her business has been thriving well all through since its establishment. She received an accolade from the Enterprising Woman of the Year as the Enterprising Woman of the year.


Rona is a focused, determined and passionate woman in helping her enterprise and sees it grow and mentoring the young entrepreneurs.

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