EOS Crystal Lip Balm-A Jewel For Your Lips.

The New EOS Crystal Lip Balm is perfectly clear, weightless and quenches lips with 5 essential oils including Aloe, Shea, Avocado, Jojoba and Coconut oil. The new packaging has gone from a sphere shape to more triangular in shape to adhere to the new “crystal” marketing. It comes in two flavors Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach is vegan friendly and 100% wax, paraben, and petroleum free. The new EOS Crystal Lip balm prides itself in being vegan and is never tested on animals.

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EOS Lip Balm was created to offer consumers a easy to use, easy to carry solution to dry and cracked lips. The EOS Lip Balm line is rich is Vitamin E as well as other essential moisturizing ingredients to leave lips soft, subtle and beautiful. EOS Lip Balm comes in several different flavor combinations and there are a variety of choices for those looking for just the right balm, see and buy your favorite lip balm here at ebay.com.

EOS also carries a complete selection of lip balm lines, including organic, medicated, crystal, shimmer, and active; see more products here. No matter what condition your lips are in, there is a EOS Lip Balm that is right for you. You can find EOS Lip Balm online at evolutionofsmooth.de or at major retailers such as Target and Walmart.