ClassDojo Helps Students Learn Better

ClassDojo has a simple goal, use the power of technology to create an extraordinary classroom. It is an app that helps teachers create an incredible classroom with its ability to facilitate timely communication. Teachers are an inspired lot with a passion for education and ClassDojo is a powerful tool in their arsenal. The app allows parents, teachers, and students to become more connected than ever before.

ClassDojo is a convenient way to share photos, videos, and messages which allow parents to be deeply involved in their child’s education. They are able to see on a daily basis what’s happening in the classroom. Teachers can keep parents fully up to date with their child’s progress and issues.

The Classroom function in ClassDojo is how teachers and students build their own unique culture. Important skills and values are chosen and feedback can be generated between students and teachers. For example, teamwork could be a value which is emphasized and critiqued for each student by the teacher. Students can get daily feedback and more quickly realize what they need to work on or what they are doing well. Creativity is another skill which could be evaluated. This is how an incredible classroom can be built that isn’t focused on one-size-fits-all.

The Message function allows rapid communication between teachers, parents, and school leaders. It obviates the need to exchange contact information among dozens of individuals.

Another leading use of technology provided by ClassDojo is the Stories function. Here parents can see what’s happening in the classroom with shared pictures and videos. It is used in three different ways, School Stories, Classroom Stories, and Student Stories. An exciting aspect of ClassDojo is the ability that students have to write their part of the story. This could be a timeline or a portfolio of what they’ve learned. ClassDojo is future and it’s here.