A Brief Look at the Profile of USHEALTH Group

USHEALTH Group is a health insurance firm located in Fort Worth, Texas. Through its subsidiaries, USHEALTH Group provides innovative disability, sickness, and accident insurance solutions to business owners and their employees, families, and self-employed individuals. Through its insurance arm, USHEALTH Advisors, USHEALTH Group has provided tailored policies to over 15 million customers for over five collective decades.

USHEALTH Group acknowledges that each customer has different preferences when it comes to accident and disease coverage. As such, the firm believes in choice and ensures its array of options meet customer expectations as they choose the most appropriate health coverage. USHEALTH Group has developed a broad portfolio of health policies to promote customer choice. Its innovative plans are tailored to address each customer’s need for affordability, functionality, and flexibility in coverage selection. Besides, USHEALTH Group caters for customers on either a limited budget or those that are concerned about having a high annual deductible before receiving any benefits from their health coverage. USHEALTH Group provides a broad portfolio of innovative policies with a substantial network discounts and first dollar benefits for covered services. Their plans are more affordable than a comprehensive plan and provide first dollar protection and assurances just like a protection plan.

USHEALTH Group provides solutions that are reliable, flexible, and affordable to cater for customers who may want a more tailored coverage approach. The firm helps its customer to enhance protection through its broad portfolio of products including income protector, dental and vision plans, specified disease and accident, and disability income. In a market characterized by low customer loyalty, USHEALTH Group sets itself apart from the competition by strengthening its relationship with customers. Over time, USHEALTH Group has become a trusted ally that honors its promise of dependability.

USHEALTH Group together with its business units understands that every customer is unique and that a comprehensive approach is not always the solution. As such, it has designed an array of affordable options to meet each customer’s needs. Once a customer has chosen a product, USHEALTH Group uses its award-winning customer services to solidify their decisions. In 2013, USHEALTH Group featured on a list of 2013 top 50 North America Call Center. That ranked it as one of the elite companies in America for excellence in customer service. Over time, the firm has built a stellar reputation for its excellence in customer care.USHEALTH Group’s broad portfolio of products lets you to tailor your plan according to your needs.

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