Academy of Art University – Created by Artists for Artists

According to the article in the Huffington Post, New York Fashion Week is known to be the platform where usually new names get launched into the limelight. It is a rare treat of discovering a great talent. Try doing that 21 times consecutively. The fashion school at the San Francisco, California-based Academy of Art University (formerly Academy of Art College) held its twenty-first runway showcase on Sep. 9, 2017 at Skylight Clarkson Sq. the official home for the weekly all things style.

This season, ten recent MFA and BFA graduates debuted a total of five womenswear plus two menswear collections, and with two collaborations between them. The School of Fashion director, Simon Ungless, said that every collection had an individual spirit, and yet the process had been done as a collective.

Considering the various backgrounds of the designers, from the mainland China to the coastal Maine with several remote places intermediate, the range of idea, outlines, plus craftsmanship techniques moved the audience. The audience included Professional Development at CFDA, Director of Education, and the legendary Miss J from the America’s Next Top Model as well as Sara Kozlowski.

All the classes, internships, workshops, as well as “last-minute” hours of meticulous labor up to the fifteen minutes on the runway. And in front of their equals, potential career mentors plus the whole wide world (through live streaming) they presented their ideas for the destiny of fashion.

The Academy of Art College, currently known as Academy of Art University, is a for-profit art school that is privately owned. It was founded in 1929 by Richard as AAA (Academy of Advertising Art). It has 1154 part-time teaching staff and 283 full-time teachers, plus approximately 12,600 students.

It is the largest art and design school that is privately owned in the U.S. In San Francisco, the school is among the largest property owners, with the main campus situated on New Montgomery Street (which was formerly Montgomery Street South) in the South of Market area. There are plenty of things to do near Academy of Art University due to its central location.

In 2007, the WASC gave Academy of Art University regional accreditation. The school is a certified institutional member of the NASAD. The school is offering master’s, bachelor’s, and associate degrees in nearly 25 subjects. Several courses are offered online.

Keep up with the Academy of Art University on  @academy_of_art on Twitter.

Whitney Wolfe Lifts Women up With Popular Dating App Bumble

Many consider the world we live in a male-dominated society. Naturally, men gravitate towards making the first move it seems. They decide what to eat, where to live, where to go on vacation and a whole slew of other decisions. It just seems natural that they like to be the one calling the shots. They’re usually the first one to approach a lady at a bar, a restaurant, a party, and other places. It just seems natural. When a woman does this, it can come off as pushy and overbearing. That’s what makes dating so tricky. Women sometimes crave making big decisions and having the power but sadly that’s not always the way society works.

A woman by the name of Whitney Wolfe realized that there were a ton of women out there who would kill to make the first move in dating. That’s when she came up with the idea for a female-dominated app where women got to make the first choice when it came to dating. So many people told Wolfe that it wouldn’t work but she shrugged off the naysayers and Bumble was born. Today, Bumble has millions of users and it’s easy to see why. Women get to take control but it’s done online so there’s less pressure and stress. Whitney Wolfe also strives to make sure everyone stays safe.

Bumble is an app where a community of women can search for love and friendship without pressure. They don’t have to be worried about being bombarded with unwanted messages, unsolicited nude photos, and more. Conversations only work if a woman makes the first move. This also helps to empower women everywhere and get them out of their comfort zone. That’s what Wolfe is all about! According to Forbes, Match Group is a company that owns popular apps like Tinder. They’ve had their eye on Bumble recently offered Wolfe a $450 million dollar deal to buy it. Wolfe turned it down thankfully and Bumble will stay the way it is!

Wolfe loves helping women and women all over need her expertise and her app. That’s why so many are glad that Bumble is here to stay and won’t be changed to stay in line with other apps.

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Fabletics: Data Driven Athleisure

According to a Forbes article by Paul Armstrong, the rising athleisure company Fabletics is competing against retail giant Amazon (which controls nearly one-fifth of the fashion e-commerce market)…and succeeding.


Paul Armstrong notes that Fabletics is part of a growing activewear movement, utilizing a subscription based service to sell clothing to members. Members get a discount, and non-members must fill out surveys in order to provide data for the company’s continued sourcing of products. Fabletics is able to do more than simply compete; its’ strategy for sales and market positioning is what’s driving Fabletics to the top.


This means Fabletics uses a simple base from which they craft their outreach efforts and their branding in particular—Armstrong says that customers like brands that push the individual, are aspirational, and mix these emotional prods with convenience and membership functions. (shorten if you can)


Historically, brands with large market-cap and large amounts of liquid cash have had their value defined by the price and quality of goods and services, but due to changing economic conditions, competitive viability is now dependent on “last-mile service” customer experience, brand recognition, exclusive design and turning the shopping and viewing process into a game, like requiring guests to fill out quizzes and surveys. Customers are engaged and Fabletics acquires valuable data.


In short, brands that make an effort to provide competitive pricing, high-quality goods, and a real emotional connection to distinguish themselves are more important to consumer psyche than ever before.


Armstrong believes these principles are critical to Fabletics:


* Fabletics uses “reverse showrooming”

Showrooming is when people browse offline and buy items cheaper, elsewhere. Fabletics has transcended this issue by using a strategy which enables relationship building, allows Fabletics to be relied on by customers, and provides more intimacy with local markets. This has produced results: 30-50% percent of walk-ins are already members, and another 25% become members in store.

Additionally, any piece of clothing a customer tries on is added into their online cart as well. In-store buys are not consequential to revenue—retail is another element of service.

* Online shopping data

Proper product display, physically and digitally, is critical to preserve the customer’s mental journey with the brand. Fabletics maintains this connection by using online local data about preferences—as a result, stores will be able to adapt their inventory—only those products which will appeal to tastes and trends will be carried. This is gauged by social media sentiment, heat mapping data, and real-time sensitivity, in addition to membership preferences of local members. Fabletics has glued itself to data trends and providing an experience, rather than being a traditional brand.



Fabletics is successful in how it’s managing to compete against Amazon: Fast scaling, combining lifestyle trends, consumer education, and membership programs, they’ve likened themselves to a growing category of flexible, adaptable, companies that are managing to beach up against giants like Amazon and Walmart.


Lastly, Fabletics is able to garner consumer connection by smartly utilizing principles that people believe in–in this case, female empowerment, product design, and strong communication, as referenced in Tom Ward’s Forbes post on Fabletics.


Ward’s summarized it down to this: Having the right investors, notable partners (Demi Lovato), the ability to communicate honestly and clearly with customers, and lastly their desiciveness in terms of getting over early hurdles (like negative press from other celebrities) was instrumental in getting Fabletics’ roots planted.

Pamper Your Lips With EOS Lip Balm Products Today

Beautiful lips don’t have to require uncomfortable medical procedures or cost you a fortune. You can utilize EOS lip balm products and achieve super-moist lips with your first use. Canadian’s are known for trying trendy new products and EOS lip balm products like Evolution of Smooth are becoming increasingly, popular among teens and young adults that crave an organic beauty care product for their lips. Thousands of customers are choosing their superior brand over leading competitors like Chapstick. EOS products are packed with signature all natural ingredients that have been used for centuries. Your lips will begin the healing process from dry cracked skin with your first use.

Evolution of Smooth is known for their eleven essential amino acids, vitamin C and E. Best of all their body butter contents have been proven to have skin healing agents for ages. You can also experience the benefits of easy to absorb jojoba oil extracts. Many people love their cool containers that come in pastel colors that can fit in your purse or your pocket. Their containers make their products very easy to use. Join celebrities like Kim K. and Miley Cyrus that use EOS lip balm products on their lips for maximum coverage and extreme moisture. Check this on

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You have the option of delectable flavors that include lemon drop, original EOS, and coconut lip balm products. Evolution of Smooth is 100% Leap Bunny approved and safe for all skin care types. You will love giving your lips a one of a kind opportunity to get superior healing agents that will remove wrinkles and fine lines on your lips. You’re invited to heighten your senses with Evolution of Smooth products are also hypoallergenic. Revolutionize the way you to take care of your lips with an amazing EOS lip balm product that is highly preferred.  Click for more.

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Best Wallet & Briefcase Brands


Business professionals that want to make impressions each day at work need a briefcase that speaks in volumes. Although any briefcase can help you achieve the professional look, only selected bags will give you the extra class and demeanor that you desire.



Vince Camuto is a name known to many and certainly one of the best briefcase brands you’ll be proud to own. Vince Camuto offers a wide range of stylish designer leather briefcases in many colors and designs. Although you’ll splurge to own a Vince Camuto bag, it is well worth the money spent.



To complete your look, choose an outstanding wallet from one of the top name in the industry. You’ll find a plethora of wallet brands that create stylish, dependable wallets that will help you create the ambiance that you crave. Vince Camuto has many great wallets in addition to briefcases.



Other mens wallet brands worth considering when you wish to purchase an amazing wallet include:



– Michael Kors



– Cole Haan



– Tumi



– Alpine Swiss



– Tommy Hilfiger



– Hugo Boss



These names are just a few of the many designer brands waiting to help you create the perfect look!

Vegan Meets Fashion: Lime Crime

As the world becomes more conscious and aware of the cosmetic brands we support, one company has gained the trust of us all. Lime Crime managed to produce items completely vegan. The brand was certified vegan by both Leaping Bunny and Peta. Customers can rest assure every item produced is free of animal testing.

The brand emerged in October of 2008 just shortly before Halloween. With vibrant colors and uniqueness, the internet quickly began to follow the trendy new style of the company. Vivacious women around the globe we’re quickly seen supporting this new company. As fans began to learn more of this new brand, the creator was quickly seen as a success story.

Doe Deer was responsible for the eccentric cosmetics. Her love of unicorns inspired her lip stick line Unicorn Lipstick. Her distinctive personality left foot prints in her cosmetic company. Each item created explored the fun colorfulness found only in Lime Crime.

Doe Deer celebrates individuality. Her overall mission was to create items as original and ever changing as your personality. The company works tirelessly to change the way we define beauty. As they sets new standards for quality and performance, the brand continues to grow.

Lime Crime is now seen as a favorite cosmetic brand. Doe Deer urges her supporters to be unapologetically beautiful. With products that vary in an assortment of colors, users can match colors and styles with their mood. She oversee every product produced, ensuring quality and appeal. The company is known for the statements they continue to make through their products. Never boring and always rebelliously creative.

Fabletics: Fashion For Men As Well As Women

While women are accepted as the more fashionable gender, this doesn’t mean that men should be neglected when it comes to fashion. For one thing, men have proven that they could be as fashionable as women. Some men are also open to something new in fashion. Men are also about looking at the different types of outfits that they can find when it comes to fashion. Don Ressler has also seen that men are starting to look to fashion. For one thing, he understands that men also want to look good and impress. Men don’t have to resign themselves to a more slovenly or boring appearance, this is one of the reasons that Don Ressler is expanding TechStyle (formally JustFab) company to include a men’s athletic wear line.

Now, Fabletics has started FL 2 for men. Men are now given the option of different types of affordable clothing that they could use to not only impress others, but improve his feelings about himself. While people are not to be judged by how they dress, it does not hurt for one to dress in the way that he wants. One of the best ways to dress is in a way that reflects one’s personality and beliefs.

Men will also know that they will not only be more fulfilled when they wear what they like. They will also see that they are actually influenced by their own clothes. Men that wear well fitting clothes will find that they are more confident as well as more relaxed. They will be happy that they have decided to upgrade their wardrobe. This is one of the reasons that Fabletics is expanding to include a men’s line. Don Ressler believes that men should not be left out of fashion at all. Instead, they should be encouraged to look at different ways that they can improve on their styles.

One thing that women love is a man that knows how to dress. While men are also supposed to be the more action oriented, that does not mean that their looks should be neglected. This is why Fabletics has been expanded to include men in their set of customers.

About Ressler

Lime Crime CEO and NYC Doll Maker Fight Back Against Artist and Stolen Screen Shot

Sit back and pay attention, because this one has lots of twists and turns. This is a tale about Lime Crime makeup founder Doe Deere, her friend and NYC Pidgin doll maker Joshua David McKenney, an Instagram screen shot and well-known artist Richard Prince and his so-called lazy art.

Lime Crime makeup is full of fabulous, wild and crazy color palettes created by its beauty-forward founder Doe Deere. Her company makes cosmetics for those who “express themselves unapologetically.” As she aptly puts it at her About me page, “Lime Crime is freedom to be you!”

Doe Deere is living her mission with bold, happy makeup colors against her blue, cotton candy-colored mane. Her star following of some 300,000-plus on her Instagram account gets her noticed around the globe. Apparently, an artist known as Richard Prince was obsessed with her beauty and pop culture status, taking a screen shot off her Instagram and making a fortune selling it.

What’s the problem?

There are several. First of all, when you’re a famous artist, you can march right past the copyright laws of the photo you’re stealing and rake in tons of dough selling the shot by including some creative text around it.

Doe Deere is very engaged with her Lime Crime makeup community on social media. Her global fan base adores her and her one-of-a-kind makeup company, sending photo after photo to Instagram, decked out in wild Lime Crime lipsticks, liners and shadows.

Richard Prince liked the screen shot of Doe Deere posing with a look-alike custom made doll in matching outfit, hair and cosmetics. So, he took Doe Deere’s screen shot and removed the Instagram caption, thereby eliminating the talented doll maker’s Pidgin custom work and never seeking permission.

The so-called lazy art, as many call this type of vision, ended up hanging at NYC’s Freize Art Fair and later selling for $90,000. The buyer’s name hasn’t been revealed.

Doe Deere is speaking out on behalf of her friend, the cult-fave doll maker Joshua David McKenney. His stunning 23-inch fashion dolls have become favorites with celebrities like Mariah Carey and Taylor Swift.

Although his Pidgin custom dolls have been thrust into the spotlight, McKenney’s still upset the way another artist, Mr. Prince, removed the voice from his doll making. By blotting out the caption and credit on Doe Deere’s Instagram photo, McKenney’s work suddenly became invisible.


Critics of Richard Prince’s lazy art have blasted him, calling what he does “theft: not art.”

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JustFab: A Truly Fabulous Fashion Retailer

JustFab is a popular fashion retailer that caters to women everywhere. Not only does this major fashion company feel that all women should look their absolute best, but they feel that looking their best should be affordable and not overpriced in the least. In fact, their mission is to do just that, enable women worldwide to emphasize their beauty, but without paying astronomical prices.

The fashion dominator
JustFab is a leader in women’s fashion, and not only does the company pride itself on creating the most attractive and exclusive fashions, but they treat their customers with friendliness and respect. Their in-store sales professionals are very eager to exceed the customers’ needs, and they’re available to answer questions, assist with finding the perfect outfit, and much more.

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Did You Know that Just Fab Introduced a Plus Size Collection?

JustFab Summer Shop

Sensational shoes
Regardless of what type of shoes a woman likes, she can likely find several pairs that she will adore at JustFab. JustFab’s shoes are one-of-a-kind and as unique as they are eye-catching.

Figure-flattering attire
It doesn’t matter what size a woman wears, most of them are concerned about their figures. Either they feel they’re too large or too small, in many cases. This is another reason why JustFab is so fabulous, because their clothes are designed to fit in a manner that flatters the figure in various ways. Regardless of a woman’s individual size or shape, it’s always possible to find the perfect figure-flattering outfit. From minimizing a woman’s waistline, to accentuating the bust-line, and more, JustFab’s clothes can significantly boost a woman’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

JustFab will continue to go above and beyond to assist women with reaching the stars when it comes to beauty, fashion, and looking their absolute best. This fashion giant has already expanded in many ways, as they currently have a children’s line of fashion, as well a men’s active wear line. No one knows what the future holds for JustFab, but chances are it will be great.

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Fabletics Adds New Apparel To Its Activewear Line

Fabletics is an innovative activewear brand founded by actress and trendsetter Kate Hudson. Kate is committed to promoting a healthy, active lifestyle for all women and so approached the idea of her activewear line with the mindset of a woman on the go who needed her clothes to represent the versatility of her life. The idea was to make activewear suitable to wear outside of the gym. As a result this Elite Daily apparel is stylish and always on trend with a variety of fabrics designed for performance. The silhouettes, patterns and colors of the designs are meant to be always of the moment while maintaining an effortless and timeless look and are designed to be flattering to a range of sizes and body types. With pieces that include matching sets and separates customers are encouraged to mix and match what they like to create outfits that will have them looking well put together from the gym to the office to date night.

Fabletics’ success in this area is parallel to a new phenomenon called athleisure – a trend in which people are making active wear into everyday fashion street wear. Because of the non stop nature of life in our time people need stylish clothes that can transition from one task to the next, one setting to the next. With this in mind Fabletics has decided to branch even further into the market and add dresses and swimwear to their line of performance wear apparel. See:

In an interview with Marie Claire Hudson explained her reasoning for what might seem to be an odd idea of adding dresses and swimwear to an activewear line. Her reasoning has to do with the rise of athleisure and the desire for people who lead active lifestyles to have clothing options for Fabletics that are easy, affordable, and capable of pulling double or triple duty. Because they’re made of the same materials that allow leggings to contour the body while keeping the wearer comfortable – and because some styles even feature built in bras to make wearing that much easier – the dresses aren’t exactly gym wear but are ideal for the active woman who wants a simple option for looking amazing without needing extra time or garments to prepare. The new swimwear by Fabletics is similarly designed for ease and comfort while on the go. With bikinis and swimsuits designed specifically to go from the water to workouts on the beach it’s clear Fabletics designed them with their customers needs in mind.