EOS Lip Balm Flavors That Will Sweeten Your Summer

EOS lip balms, with their bright colors, signature look and mass appearance in the media, are becoming rampant all over the place. These round pods are not only a delightfully cute addition to your bag or purse, but they’re also wonderful for your lips when they require some moisture, as they contain vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil. Additionally, EOS lip balms are natural, hypoallergenic and paraben and petrolatum free. Even better, they taste and smell amazing and come in a wide range of flavors to accommodate all people. View this site for more information, evolutionofsmooth.de. Here are some of the top EOS lip balm flavors to make your summer a little sweeter.

1) Sweet Mint:

This subtle minty lip balm is a perfect balance between sweet and refreshing and is generally an all around favorite. Packed in a light blueish green pod, it is a great emollient that heals cracked lips and contains natural extracts and essential oils. Additionally, unlike other EOS lip balm flavors, it provides a mild cooling sensation that helps soothe the lips when they are red or dry.

2) Blueberry Acai:

Packed with antioxidants, this lip balm in particular, has a strong and delicious smell made of blueberry and acai fragrances. It is also a great moisturizer to put under particularly drying lipstick.

3) Lemon Twist:

This particular EOS lip balm provides not only a zesty lemon flavor, but is also a part of EOS’s Active Lip Balm line and contains SPF 15. It deep moisturizes while providing protection from UV exposure for sensitive lips, buy now!

4) Hibiscus Peach:

This flavor is unique with its gorgeous clear look, as it is a part of EOS’s new Crystal Lip Balm line. It contains new ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil and avocado oil and provides weightless hydration without the waxy finish.

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