Jason Hope on What the Internet of Things Has in Store for Us

The Internet of Things is bound to completely revolutionize the way a lot of things are done. A few years back, it was impossible to imagine having ordinary things such as air conditioning units and window blinds communicating with each other. But thanks to the Internet of Things, a lot of day-to-day tasks in the home, in the office, in the car and in several other places have been simplified, and things are expected to get even better with further advancements in technology.

If you are not yet convinced of the potential of the Internet of Things to change the world, Jason Hope, a renowned futurist, breaks it down for you. And his Linkedin, How many times have you gotten to the office only to remember that you left the lights on back at home? With the Internet of Things, the lights in your home will be able to automatically go off if they do not sense any movement or heat source in the room for a certain period of time.

Another good example is the HVAC system; you will no longer have to manually adjust the settings whenever the temperature changes. The HVAC will be able to regulate itself and even go off automatically when it is not needed. This could save you a lot on energy bills and will also make things so much easier for you. Businesses are also bound to benefit greatly from the Internet of Things. There will be fewer incidences of goods getting lost or spoilt while in transit because it will be possible to monitor the goods beings transported in real time.


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is highly knowledgeable in the field of technology and provides great advice to businesses and individuals on how they can take advantage of the Internet of Things. Jason is an alumnus of Arizona State University and holds a degree in finance and an MBA from the university. Jason also loves giving back to the community. He is a great supporter of the SENS Foundation, which is focused on finding cures for degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. He has made several donations to the foundation.



Jason’s knowledge and expertise in the field of technology enable him to make accurate predictions about what the future has in store for individuals and businesses in terms of technological advancements. He has always been very passionate about technology and with the advent of the Internet of Things, he cannot contain his excitement. According to him, the Internet of Things is definitely the future and everyone has a lot to gain from it.

How Agora Financial Helps Investors and Financial Institutions.

Located in Baltimore Maryland, Agora Financial provides free publications based on economic commentary, analysis, and education. The company was formed from Agora Inc. in 1979 and later relocated to Mount Vernon in 1994. The printing firm provides publications that are free and paid, which includes printed and online books, videos, online seminars, e-books and international conferences. Agora Financial is purely independent with a team of employees who are experts in their field of work. The printing firm has helped its readers to grown and protect their wealth by informing them various companies that have the potential for growth and learn more about Agora Financial.

Agora Financial hires workers from various fields in the corporate industry. The company’s personnel involves a geologist, a bond professional, a self-made billionaire, scientific journalists, a film-maker, a fund manager, an author, a banker and editors among others. Financial institutions or investors do not lure the editors of the firm in exchange for coverage. The company’s employees gather research information through visiting various parts of the continent, which help them to provide bold financial predictions. Agora Financial offers ways that individuals can generate income. The company is proud to be the leading transmitter of commercial media, serving over one million readers. The enterprise spends over $1 million annually touring the world to find new investment opportunities. The research writing firm had earned recognition from various authors, books, newspapers, and magazines and Agora Financial on Facebook.

Agora Financial has a library that has that assist the editors in economic forecast. The printing firm became an independent LLC in 2004 and continuously provides market ideas since its establishment. It predicted the rise of the value of gold and oil price that later increased after four years and one year respectively. Before the personalized medicine and regenerative medicine streamed in the media, Agora Financial had already predicted its emergence in 2008 and read full article.

The Far from Mini Vinny Parascandola

In the world of business, it takes a special type of person to negotiate business deals and become successful. Moreover, the business world remains an extremely competitive environment. To expound further, 75% of businesses fail within the first five years of being open. Aside from the statistic being staggering, it also remains the sad reality for today’s business professionals. Moreover, most business professionals lack the drive and ambition of Vincent Parascandola. For those unaware, Vinny Parascandola remains a prominent figure in the world of business. To expound further, Vinny Parascandola remains the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors, LLC. With that being said, Viny Parascandola possesses numerous responsibilities within his company. Check out Pocomuseum to know more.


To name a few, Vinny Parascandola remains responsible for sales, recruiting, retention, productivity and the development of both new and experienced financial professionals. Aside from his hands-on experience, Vinny also hails from an educational background. As a native of New York, Parascandola attended Pace University. Moreover, he excelled academically and received a Bachelor of Science degree. Recently, Parascandola returned to his alma mater to give a speech to his graduating class of 2014. In addition to coming from an educational background, Parascandola possesses over 25 years of expertise in his industry. To begin, he started out as an agent for Prudential in 1987. While there, Parascandola received critical acclaim for his tenacious work ethic.


As a result, he became the National Rookie of the Year. During 1990, Parascandola joined the MONY Life Insurance Company. During his tenure at the company, Vinny held numerous local and regional field management positions prior to joining AXA Advisors in 2004. Before he became the divisional president, Vinny Parascandola remained the president of The Advantage Group. For those unaware, the Advantage Group remains a unit of AXA Equitable designed to bring in more talented financial professionals. Prior to his current position, Parascandola remained the co-manager of the company’s branch in New York. Currently, the branch has around 400 financial professionals in the tri-state area. Considering this to remain conventional wisdom, Vinny has received numerous awards and accolades for his hard work and dedication. Visit his Facebook page.



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