The Endeavor to Make the World Better with Technology Has Been Eric Pulier’s Drive in His Successful Career Journey

Eric Pulier has always used technology as a way of impacting the communities positively and helping the people around him. He has been particularly focused on economically challenged individuals as well as chronically ill children. He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, author, motivational speaker, and a philanthropist.

Career Journey

Eric Pulier started working while still in college at the Harvard University. He was a student journalist for the school’s paper, Harvard Crimson. He graduated from the prestigious institution with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and American Literature. Mr. Pulier moved to Los Angeles soon after his graduation where he started technology company, People Doing Things. The company offered innovative technological solutions to sectors, such as healthcare and education. A few years later, he started another company named Digital Evolution, which later merged with US Interactive LLC. His skills in technology led the Presidential Inaugural Committee to choose him to complete the presidential technology exhibit in 1997. Eric Pulier has since started, funded, and co-founded several other companies that include SOA Software, Desktone, and MediaPlatform. His latest investment is a company named vAtomic Systems. The firm invented the virtual atoms technology. He has worked with the Clinton Globe Initiative and is the executive director of the Enterprise Leadership Council. He is a director for X-Prize Foundation and the Painted Turtle.

Winning Traits

Eric Pulier has over the years contributed his expertise at technological forums that he is often invited. His published books include The Enterprise Industrial Complex and Understanding Enterprise SOA. Eric success story has not always been smooth. He has had some shortcomings and encountered failure several times. He, however, takes the challenges as a stepping stone to something better. He has had to learn to stick to his schedule each day to manage his time well. He has adopted writing as a way of inventing solutions and bringing his ideas to reality. He has wavered through tough times with persistence. Entrepreneurs can learn to be optimistic throughout business processes from Eric Pulier. His ability to create successful technology companies has made him an envy of many in the industry. VAR Business recently recognized him as one of the 30 e-visionaries.

About Eric Pulier: