Jason Hope Pledges Half a Million Dollar to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope has pledged $500,000 to SENS Foundation, a humanitarian organization based in California to help it accomplish its mission to address age-related diseases. The pledge will promote and create access to rejuvenated biotechnologies and address the age-related disease. Jason Hope has expressed interest in helping SENS Foundation accomplish its mission to address age-related diseases. He believes SENS Foundation’s mission is essential to the advancement of the health of the aged and their approach to aging and its associated diseases. SENS Foundation will help redefine reshape pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare industries. In fact, the progress of rejuvenation biotechnologies is not only important but a necessity in the future. As such, Jason Hope feels honored to support SENSE Foundation in its initiative to advance human medicine and approaches toward aging and its associated diseases.

Through SENS Foundation, Jason Hope looks forward to revolutionizing the entire biotech industry. Jason Hope’s pledge will be a credible catalyst for change. Again, SENS Foundation will act as a research center devoted to the creation of new rejuvenated biotechnologies. SENS Foundation’s projects capture the imagination of top tier partners in regenerative and biotech medicine. Jason Hope’s pledge help SENS Foundation to build on their existing partnership, which was established in 2011. The pledge will also intensify the fight against age-related illnesses.

About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an accomplished entrepreneur, philanthropist, and futurist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has an interest in subject of technology and passionate about giving back to society. Jason Hope holds a degree in Finance from the Arizona State University. Besides, he went to college’s W.P. Carey School of Business to pursue an MBA. His career journey started with creating a mobile communication company. Today, he focuses on investing in startups, biotechnology, and philanthropic missions. Jason Hope often mentors high school students and develop programs to help entrepreneurs grow ventures. Besides entrepreneurship and charitable initiatives, Jason Hope has an interest in Arizona politics.

As a philanthropist, Jason Hope strongly supports local educational programs to encourage learning throughout Arizona. He also supports humanitarian organizations that are dedicated toward disease prevention, control, and cure. Jason Hope has an interest in biotechnology, scientific research, education, and disease treatment.

About Jason Hope : https://ideamensch.com/jason-hope/

Global Analytics acquires Josh Verne’s Workpays.me

Money lending is one of the toughest business in the lending industry. There are a lot of considerations before an organization can decide to offer a client some credit. Some of the factors considered are their ability to repay the loan because not all the borrowers have a credible credit rating. Organization employs some tactics and strategies to enable them to determine the suitable candidates when it comes to borrowing and lending. Many startups have failed due to competition from the banks. However, some like Workpays.me have thrived. A working strategy can be attributed to success.


>me was established in 2012 by Josh Verne, Jon Dorfman and Paul Dumas. The company is an established money lender with a customer base of several million people in the USA alone. The number is bound to increase the popularity of the organization. The company offers credit to individual using various payment plans whereby the customer is debited directly from the person’s bank or the individual’s employers through payroll.


me dedicates itself to ensuring that its clients get a wide range of loan products cheaply without imposing exorbitant rates or hidden fees. The strategy is very attractive to its clients as it promotes financial success to the customers

me was recently acquired by Global Analytics. The organization which has been a success in England views Workpays.me as a potential moneymaker as it tries to expand in the USA. Global Analytics has an analytics software that it currently uses for its platform in England called Zebit. The software is imperative as it is used to analyze the borrowing capabilities of the customer through the use of social media. Global Analytics decided to acquire Workpays.me as it views its market dynamics similar to those of Zebit.



The acquisition of Workpays.me by Global Analytics will see the current 19 employees of the organization remain in their offices in the Philadelphia area. Although Zebit has 17 employees in its San Diego Headquarters, the organization has hundreds employees in both India and the UK. The numbers in the USA may rise as need arises.


The success of Global Analytics is there for everybody to see the organization has seen unprecedented growth in the recent past. Apart from increasing its investments, it has also increased the amount of money it lends to its customers.


Josh Verne has played a pivotal role in the success of Workpays.me. He has spear headed the initiatives and strategies employed by the organization for its success.