Todd Lubar- New Trends in Real Estate Industry

The 21st century has been a century of great technological advancements. Our daily lives have been exposed to these this technology in many ways. There is a technology that is hitting the market and it doing so in a big way. The smart home technology. As of today, not so many people enjoy the luxury of living in a smart home. However, the good thing is that we almost got to a point where this will be a norm and no longer a luxury. Data companies are projecting a situation where the market for smart homes will hit a record high by the year 2021.


Real estate companies in the United States are starting to embrace this trend are moving to pure smart home development projects. One such company is the Quadrant Homes. Smart homes have features such as automatic motion detecting doorbells, automatic lighting system, automatic window shade and even preinstalled state of the art audio systems.


About Todd Lubar


Todd Lubar is a prominent real estate development player who has invested immensely in the field. He has experience from all the facets of real estate development. He has specifically been a key figure in influencing the real estate sector in Baltimore. He has been worked in the credit and finance sectors which are the backbone of real estate development. His services as a both a lender and a developer have been very beneficial to stakeholders in the industry.


His continued stay in this business led to the creation of Charter Funding in 2003. It was formed as a subsidiary of the First Magnus Financial Corporation. According to Medium, this is a private mortgage firm in the United States. As he gained more experience in mortgage banking, he discovered an opportunity in the market that was untapped. He noted that it was very difficult for the low-income earners to access mortgaging options. He, therefore, earned Legendary Financial LLC. This was an affiliate of Legendary Properties, LLC which is a lending firm that assists people who have no lending capacity through the traditional means.


Lubar is a graduate of Syracuse University. He first worked in the sector after joining Crestar Mortgage Corporation in 1995. He then joined Legacy Financial Group where he steered the company to make record growth in a very short time. Todd Lubar remains active in real estate development till today. Read more about Todd on

Igor Cornelsen Shines as a Consultant

 Igor Cornelsen has enjoyed great success with an innovative stock picking strategy. He invests in stocks which are considered damaged or have faced a temporary setback. With his analytical insight, he’s able to determine if the company is facing lasting structural damage or has only undergone a temporary downturn. It’s one example of his sterling career as a businessman, investor, and financial counselor.

Cornelsen had a long, successful career as a banker in his native Brazil. He was at the helm of some of the biggest banks in Brazil and successfully managed a huge swath of the Brazilian economy.

Igor Cornelsen also touts Brazil as an investment opportunity. He relays that Brazil has abundant natural resources, a growing population with a need for an infrastructure that keeps pace. He considers Brazil the best investment opportunity in South America. They are one of the world’s top food producers and the largest country on the continent. They are also the eighth largest economy in the world.

With the installation of a new finance minister, Cornelsen expressed cautious optimism. Joaquim Levy has a Ph.D. from the University of Chicago. He has also worked at the IMF and is considered a sharp policymaker with a high regard for the private sector. Cornelsen is hopeful that policy reforms can be implemented.

Cornelsen is currently retired and living in South Florida where he pursues his passion for golf. He still finds time to invest and perform consulting duties for the banking industry. His extensive experience and contacts enable him to be of great service.

Challenge Accepted: Warren Buffet’s Million Dollar Wager

Warren Buffet dominated news headlines with his recent million dollar wager. He challenged fund managers across the nation with an appealing and insightful take on investing. Warren believes that by generously investing in a S&P 500 index fund, he can earn a higher return over a years time. Although Warren is currently leading in the wager, the official winner will be annouced later this year and more information click here.

Many young inveators have remained unsure throughout their investment periods. 401k options are more appealing to the youth. However, professionals warn how these investments may leave the investor exposed. As the market continuously turns, the truth is saving up for retirement is just an uncertainty for many youthful individuals and Timothy’s lacrosse camp.

The low cost investments of S&P 500 funds may earn a valued return on investments however, so will market investments. In fact, those who invest in the top performing American funds would’ve earned a higher return over the same period of time. There is no way to predict the turns the market will take and truthfully some investors will be shortchanged.

The L.A based businessman known as Timothy Armour gave his opinionated view on surviving market downturns and rebuttal to Warren’s wager. Tim advised new investors to disregard high costing funds. He believes low cost funds will perform well only if the manger is active. New investors should find fund managers willing to add their own money to funds and work with clients. According to Tim, investors that perform the best during downturns will inevitably earn the highest level of return.

Tim has had an astonishingly successful career in investing and fund management. He began his long-term career with Capital Group Management as a participant in the Associate Program. Originally an equity investment analyst, he managed global telecommunications and U.S service companies.

After excelling vigorously, Tim is now the President and CEO of Capital Group Management. With an impressive 34 years of experience, he has helped the company stay an average of 1.47 percent above the index benchmark and what Timothy knows.

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Igor Cornelsen And His Investment Rules

To be a successful investor in Brazil requires vision, understanding, knowledge and discipline. It also requires a set of rules. Over a career as an investment advisor in Brazil that has lasted many decades, Igor Cornelsen has developed all of those things. He has a seemingly innate ability to see investment opportunities. Having worked with the most successful banks and businesses in Brazil has given him the knowledge and understanding he needs to consistently pick winners in the Brazilian stock markets. And over the years Cornelsen has developed a set of rules that lead to successful investing.


One of Cornelsen’s most important rules is to begin investing as soon as possible. It takes time for an investment to pay the type of dividend that can make a person wealthy. By beginning to invest as early as possible, this gives the dividends an opportunity to grow. Another of Cornelsen’s investment rules is to invest for the long-term. This rule dovetails perfectly with the prior rule. For Cornelsen, if you want to get the most out of your investment, you have to be prepared to leave it in place for years. This is how you build true wealth that can last a lifetime.


Get rid of losing investments as soon as possible, is another of Igor Cornelsen’s rules for successful investing. He always reminds investors that they are investing to make money. If an investment it’s losing money, it’s best to get rid of it right away and invest that money elsewhere where it can earn dividends. Another very important rule of investing that is preached by Cornelsen is the need to develop a diversified portfolio. Each person’s investment portfolio should contain some low risk, low reward investments. But it should also contain some investments that are high risk and high reward. Further, investors should spread their investments into several industries.


Igor Cornelsen has been a very successful investment advisor in Brazil for many decades. During that time, the investment rules he has developed have helped to make many people rich. Investors that follows these rules improve their chances of being successful.



Things to Know about Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is the founder and CEO of the Texas-based Ascendant Capital LLC, a company involved in raising funds for existing and infant asset fund sponsors. Jeffry Schneider holds a degree from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He has worked for firms such as Merrill lynch, Smith barney and Alex brown & sons. In addition he shares a work history with paradigm Global advisors and Axiom capital management as an executive.

Beside his work as a CEO Jeffry likes exercising and has participated in ironman marathons. This is one of the things he does to maintain a fit body in addition to his love for healthy diet. He is also a man of adventure having traveled to a number of continents including Asia and Europe. He is a strong believer and also involved in multiple charitable organizations including Cherokee home of children, God Loves We Deliver and the Gazelle Foundation.

Jeffry Schneider has a great hope for the future of the alternative investments market. He holds a great dream of the accelerated growth for the coming years with one of his main aims being to raise the client portfolios which he thinks are under allocated to alternative investments. Under his leadership, The Company has raised the number of its workers from two to above thirty, within 5 years. This in turn has led to raising approximately $1 billion for several managers, increased broker dealers and up to 250 investment advisors working with the company’s capital. This is a credible achievement.

With these remarkable achievements, it is evident that Jeffry Schneider is on a journey to change the future of Ascendant capital and the alternative investment industry. He is a man who has displayed a great character and passion in making the world a better place.

Martin Lustgarten Changing Your Finances

Personal finance is a tough subject to master. There are a lot of people who are looking to take the next step in their finances, and Martin Lustgarten is someone who can help during that process. He works in the investment banking industry, and during his time in the field he has learned a lot about helping others. If you want to start investing in your future, getting professional advice is always a good idea. There are few people who have the time or the expertise to manage their own investments. Martin Lustgarten always makes a point to teach his clients so they understand the thinking behind his actions.

Martin Lustgarten

When he was in college, Martin Lustgarten started to learn the subject of finance. He did well, and in a short time he knew that he wanted to excel in this area. He interned at a large company and was able to quickly learn a lot about the industry. He started to work in the field of personal finance shortly after that, and he has found a home in this area. He knows how to add value to his clients, and he gets great ratings from people who come to work with him. If you want to take your investment planning to a new level, he is a great person to go to.

Future Plans

Over the next few years, Martin Lustgarten plans to continue to grow his customer list. He is always networking, and he wants to help as many people as possible with their finances. If you are someone who needs help in this area, Martin Lustgarten is a great resource to go to. He has a lot of experience in the field, and he has the passion you need to take your finances to the next level. Martin Lustgarten is a great example of the impact that one person can make on an industry. Over the long term, he has helped thousands of people with their personal finances and will continue to do so in the future.

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