Success Academy’s Commitment to Promote High Academic Performance Was Honored in this Year’s Broad Prize Awards

Success Academy is a New York-headquartered group of charter schools. The school is authorized to operate independently by the State University of New York’s Charter School Institute.

It is, however, accountable for the performance of every student. Success Academy has 41 schools located in Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and Bronx. It currently has 14000 students in the schools. Success Academy was founded in 2006 by Eva Moskowitz on the belief that a child’s background doesn’t determine his or her destiny. Every child in New York is eligible to join the school regardless of race, status, and physical capabilities. Students are chosen through an annual lottery, which is conducted every April. A special emphasis is made on children of color, kids from poor backgrounds, English learners, and special needs kids who make a substantial percentage in the school.


Award Winner


Success Academy is one of the highest performing charter school in the United States. Last year, the school was among the top in math, English, and science tests in New York. The school won the highly regarded 2017 Broad Prize that comes with $250,000. The school was awarded for promoting education success for needy children and high academic achievements. The money will be utilized in college readiness programs. Students, teachers, and parents are the main ingredients for this success. The dedication they have accorded the school has played a role in the rapid growth of the school. The unique approach adopted in the school is another catalyst for high performance. Success Academy has a unique curriculum that allows scholars to participate in the lessons fully. The efficient and practical system creates an environment that encourages students to attend school. The approach ensures that students are set to achieve success in school and life.


Future Plans


Success Academy is not relenting – the founder aims to grow the network of schools even further. She hopes to increase the number to 100 schools and fifty thousand students. The school is also scheduled to unveil a digital platform this month. The platform will ensure an efficient way of sharing useful materials with the community. These materials include curriculums and training among others.