The wide range of EOS Lip Balms

EOS has such a wide range of lip balms that it can be hard to try them all. While I have sampled many of their flavors in the past, I decided to try what seemed to be the more exotic flavor offerings to stir it up a little, so to speak.

EOS revolutionized the lip balm market with unique blends of lip balm that were vastly different from the lip balms that were for sale before. Get more info here. Eos noticed that customers were concerned with the quality of products that they used on their b and decided to create lip balms that were made from better quality ingredients than what others were selling. The result was a lip balm which quite simply worked better than the options for sale. Further, the higher quality ingredients let the brand test new varieties of flavors which had never been done before.

Some of these flavors were quite unique. Passion fruit is a product that few people have consumed as a fruit and even less as a lip balm. The flavor was exotic and enticing to those who were looking for something different from what they had tried in the past. Blueberry acai is another example of a very different lip balm flavor that was developed by EOS. While blueberry is a common flavor, the acai component adds a level of sophistication to the product and the added vitamin E helps to actually make a difference in adding lost nutrients back to your lips. Vanilla mint is more complex and nuanced of a flavor than sweet mint and other mints for sale and adds another dimension to these lip balms that few have tried in the past, useful reference here on

EOS is truly revolutionizing lip balms and creating flavors that few had had a chance to try in the past. Their higher quality nature of EOS lip balms make them an even better option for customers.  Hop over to their page for more updates.

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