Berry Flavored Lip Balms from EOS


My tastes buds are very much like a bear’s- I love all types of berries and berry flavored items. Lip balm is no exception to this and once I discovered EOS Lip Balm I knew I would have to try all their berry flavored items, hop over here.

I use lip balm because it protects my lips from chapping and dryness. I found that EOS Lip Balm works better than all other brands for its unique formulas of lip balm which is based on jojoba and other high quality emollients. These ingredients simply work better these ingredients are better than the ingredients in the competition lip balms, namely petroleum jelly. Since EOS doesn’t use artificial ingredients in their lip balms they taste better and more real than the competition.

EOS has a whole variety of berry lip balms. Strawberry sorbet, pomegranate raspberry, blackberry nectar, and summer fruit which contains blueberry, strawberry, and peach. These lip balm flavors are all berry based but have a wide range of diverse flavors.

Strawberry sorbet tastes more fresh than the standard strawberry lip balm. Blackberry nectar has a complex and interesting taste that is reminiscent of blackberries right off the vine. This is a unique flavor that few lip balm manufacturers even attempt to make much less can execute on. Check also for more news. Summer fruit is a blend of berries and peach, but mostly tastes like blueberries. Given the wide range of other strawberry flavored balms out there, this leaves the EOS summer fruit lip balm with a truly unique offering. Pomegranate raspberry was the last berry lip balm from EOS that I tried. It was a complex flavor and raspberry that really stood out for me. Pomegranate raspberry was a truly robust and interesting flavor that was a joy to try and my favorite of the beery balm bunch. See for updates.

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