Equities First Successfully Complete It’s First U.K. Transaction

The acquisition of the U.K.’s Meridian Equity Partners LLC was one of the first steps undertaken by U.S. based global lender Equities First as they looked to develolp their investment company into a global giant. The company followed this up with a move into Australia and many other areas of the world with a focus on Asia to provide localized investment experts and opportunities to create a major global fianncial network; 2016 has seen the completion of the first transaction Equities First undertook in the U.K. when Meridian was purchased in 2014.

Equities First is now reporting it has returned around 1.35 million shares in ANGLE plc to the CEO of the company, Andrew Newland after the completion of a two year financial transaction that has been successfully completed. Equities First believes it is important to show the world the company is honoring its obligations to return collateral used during any financial transactions that take place; in fact Equities First CEO Al Christy Jr. stated the company has a 100 percent record of returning collateral on time following the successful completion of any financial transactions when they mature or are repaid.

Established in 2002, Equities First has grown quickly to become a major part of the global investment community with a focus on the alternative investment markets that have been growing in importance over the last decade. One of the reasons for the success of Equities First has been identified by the CEO of the company as being the low level of lending options available to many alternative companies in terms of traditional loans, which has led the majority to look for the security of an equity based loan. Equities First is hoping to continue its successful business model that sees a focus placed upon returning stock and other collateral when a transaction is completed.

Since being established in 2002 Equities First has reported the completion of over 700 transactions in a successful manner with over $1.5billion in funding provided for different companies by 2016. Although equity based loans may not be a well known option for many companies looking for high levels of investment, but the low interest rates and security of Equities First are seeing this become an increasing area of success within the financial industry.