How EOS Flavors Help Build their Brand


Lip balms may not be the most dynamic industry from the outside, but one new market entrant, EOS, mixed up the industry and introduced products that revolutionized the industry for manufacturers and consumers alike.

EOS did so by learning about the products that consumers were looking for in their lip balm, and designing lip balms that met those needs. EOS created a lip balm that used better oils as its base than petroleum jelly which most of the big competitors like Blistex and Chapstick were using, and these higher quality ingredients resonated with customers who experienced more lasting protection on their lips as a result.

EOS also created a wide range of flavors for their lip balms. From more traditional flavors like vanilla bean and sweet mint, to unique blends like raspberry pomegranate and passion fruit, EOS seemingly has something for everybody. These are just a very small subset of the offerings that they have. Cool news here on

In addition to their better ingredients, EOS doesn’t use those artificial ingredients that are likely to create off flavors that can leave a real after taste, refer to Flavors taste fresher and more natural than other competing brands and don’t have the fake flavor that resembles medicine that other brands have.

EOS has won a legion of followers with this strategy and I am clearly one of them. Personally, I cycle between three flavors. Vanilla mint for its refreshing mint flavor but with a hint of added complexity of flavor, blackberry nectar for its smooth and nuanced flavor, and summer fruit which contains hints of blueberry, peach, and strawberry flavor.

Discover your favorite flavor by exploring the varying options that EOS sells or try a variety pack which offers a window into the EOS lip balm options out there until you find your go to flavor choice.

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