Susan McGalla Believes Mentoring Programs in Companies can Help Women Advance in their Career

Susan McGalla has achieved many milestones in her career in a short time as a business executive that many men have taken ages to reach. Even though the corporate world is male-dominated, Susan McGalla has always been able to find ways to come out on top and achieve what she sets her mind to. She believes that just like she can, any other woman who is heavily invested in her career can make their dreams come true as well.

Susan McGalla has been able to achieve enormous success in the field of business and presently serves as the Vice President for Creative Development and Business Strategy of the well-known company in the United States, Pittsburgh Steelers Inc. Susan McGalla has also headed the firm she founded named P3 Executive Consulting Inc, which provided business consultancy and advisory services to companies on how they can achieve their business objectives and goals while maximizing returns and minimizing risks.

Susan McGalla says that it is essential for the women not to sidestep their education at an early age and complete their studies if they want to make it big in the corporate world. Susan McGalla in an interview recently told that while women based initiatives and support group have helped in many ways to advance the position of women in the industry, it has not been aggressive enough to improve the ratio between men and women in the top executive positions in the corporate arena. It is why she favors the mentoring programs more.

Susan McGalla says that the company that is more open to gender equality and has mentoring programs to help women who are deserving get the guidance they need to move ahead in their career are the ones that would succeed in the competitive market. Susan McGalla believes that it is essential for the industry leaders to understand that women leaders are as competent and headstrong to hold executive positions in the companies.