What Makes The New Line Of EOS Lip Balms Unique?


Have you heard about the new EOS lip balm flavors? You might already be familiar with the EOS brand. They have the spherical little lip balms in beautiful colors and unique flavors. EOS stands for the Evolution Of Smooth, and their balms keep lips feeling smooth and hydrated long after application. What is so new and special about their new line? It is different from the EOS balms we were used to in several ways says usmagazine.com.

The Outside of the balm is a new shape; it is still the unique sphere based container we have come to know and love, but this time there is a little hint of a triangular shape to the balms. This is an ode to the ‘crystal’ qualities of the balm, and the container looks like a cut gem. Jewels make me think of luxury, and these balms certainly feel luxurious to use.

The inside is new as well. Instead of the opaque formula EOS usually uses, this balm is perfectly translucent. The two flavors that are available in the Crystal Lip Balm line currently include Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid. Hibiscus and Orchid are two gorgeous flowers with rich scents. The pairing is very interesting and works well. Check out more great articles here on blogwebpedia.com.

The EOS company is used to shaking things up. The recent changes are just one example of the way that this brand thinks outside of the lines. The EOS brand came into the lip balm space about eight years ago, when lip care as an industry had remained very stagnant for years.

People were used to seeing the familiar Chapstick and Blistex options at the drug store, and lip care had a medicinal smell and feel. EOS came into the picture and turned things around. Their fans love the way they changed the shape of lip care, and the way the company used beautiful colors, rich flavors, and vegan ingredients.

Here’s the exclusive trending video of EOS, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM!