Make The Best Decision By Choosing FreedomPop For Wireless Services

There are several things that can make a person have a change of heart about which company they want to choose when they have to sign up for wireless services. Even if a person is currently with a company, changes made within the company can make the customer go to another service provider, especially if the prices go up. Although not everyone will leave a company when they raise their prices, many know that there are other options out there, so they’d rather switch companies than pay the higher price. Those that want lower prices for wireless services should always choose FreedomPop.

Even without reading any single FreedomPop review, it’s easy to tell that the company has a lot to offer and that their prices are low. FreedomPop always advertises their $20 per month unlimited cell phone plan, which is what many people remember the most about the company. Those that choose the plan will be able to obtain unlimited talk time, text messages, and data. When FreedomPop first started, they were able to offer what was known as a free cell phone service, and to this day, years later, they are still offering the free cell phone service.

Although the free service has its limits, it’s still completely free and can be used with one of the many smartphones available today. Many companies that offer free cell phone service will do an income verification to determine if the person is eligible for the service, but FreedomPop doesn’t do that. Anyone who wants to simply save money every month on their cell phone service can choose the free service from FreedomPop with no credit check or income verification. A big difference to notate is the fact that the free service will have limited services.

The free service only has 200 minutes of talk time, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data, which is why some may choose the $20 unlimited service instead. FreedomPop is also offering a Wi-Fi service that has millions of hotspots, which means that any user can get 4G LTE Wi-Fi service around the country, and it can be used with the free cell phone service from FreedomPop. The Wi-Fi service is specifically available on an application that can be found in most app stores, and anyone can use the Wi-Fi service, whether they are a FreedomPop customer or not as long as they pay the $5 monthly fee. Read more:

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