InnovaCare Introduces New Leaders

InnovaCare Health is one of the leading healthcare solutions provider in the United States. The institution recently announced that it would be adding a new team of executives in its team according to rick Shinto. At the moment, the company operates its health plans in Puerto Rico and other parts of the country. The services from this company are accredited, and they are offered at an affordable price. In the recent past, the organization has grown significantly, and the expansion of the leadership with the help of Rick Shinto has come at the right time.

Jonathan Meyers is one of the professionals who have joined InnovaCare Health. Meyers will serve the healthcare company as the Chief Actuary Officer. This will not be his first position. According to his resume, the successful officer has worked in similar positions severally in the past, and he has all the experience needed to run the big organization. Jonathan has worked for institutions such as the Medicaid for Horizon Cross Blue Shield, Healthcare Partners and several others in New York. He has a veteran’s eye in strategic insights concerning healthcare benefits for retirees, employees and senior executives in different organizations.

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InnovaCare Health has also appointed Mike Sortino to the position of chief accounting officer. Mike is also an experienced professional, having worked in several positions as the chief accounting officer. He was once the chief accounting officer at an institution known as Samsung Fire and Marine Insurance. Sortino worked in this position for five years before moving out to look for greener pastures.

Penelope Kokkinides will be joining the healthcare company as the chief administrative officer. The successful professional is bringing her twenty years’ experience in the business. She has a lot of expertise in the government programs, and this will be very helpful in improving the services offered by the organization. Penelope is dedicated and focused on her career, and this is one of the primary reasons why she has been successful.

While presenting the new team of professionals, the president and chief executive officer of the healthcare company, Rick Shinto said that he was very confident that the team will deliver the kind of services needed by the consumer. The new professionals are all very experienced, and as the CEO, he says that the company made the best decision. Richard Shinto is also very experienced in the industry, and the company has been doing very well under his leadership. Shinto has worked as the leader of several health companies in the past.

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Bernardo Chua’s Business Expansion

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Organo Gold is a company that produces a variety of health-oriented produces such as coffee, hot chocolate, as well as tea. In addition to hot beverages, Organo Gold also offers a variety of skin scare products. Evey single one of these products includes a secret ingredient that has been brought into the company by Bernardo Chua and has been the secret to Bernardo Chua’s successful products. Organo Gold, within the last 10 years has grown at an exponential rate and even was featured as being one of the premier sponsors during the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao boxing match in the summer of 2015. As a fellow Filipino businessman, Mr. Chua wanted to showcase the success of the Philippines buy broadcasting not only Pacquiao, but also his delicious product,.

Ganoderma has even been scientifically proven to cure various illnesses and to rejuvenate the body. Organo Gold has been proven to promote weight loss, boost the immune system, and even to improve the overall sleeping cycle. Bernardo Chua’s current mission is to showcase the importance of healthy living on a global scale through his various products offered. Within just eight years of being in business, Organo Gold has been able to win the hearts of millions who now believe that Organo Gold has some of the best products in the world.