How Dr. Avi Weisfogel Successfully Treats Sleep Disorder Using Dentistry

Most people overlook sleep due to fixed work schedules and other activities that eat up their sleep time. In fact, others rely on coffee and other drugs to help them stay awake as they work, study, or watch games. The problem with this habit is that it leads to many unfavorable effects on the body. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is a famous sleep apnea specialist who has developed a way that can help patients deal with effects of sleep deprivation. His methods have been proved to be the most effective treatment for the condition using dentistry techniques.

Dr. Avi has for many years nurtured a vision of the possibilities that can be made a reality through his area of specialization; dentistry. His keen interest in the business and marketing for dentists inspired him to work with great dentistry marketing organizations. Although he was successful at marketing implants and full mouth rehabs, Dr. Avi could not find a fruitful marketing strategy that could encourage the oral appliance patients to embrace his services. This, however, changed in 2010 when he left his general practice to launch a company dedicated to sleep disorders.

As a certified Dentist seeking to focus on treating sleep disorder patients, Dr. Avi founded the Dental Sleep Masters. This medical institution helps in the research on the sleep apnea problems since there is little information concerning them. Studies have revealed that the disorder causes approximately 2000 deaths every year in the United States. With timely programs like Avi’s, this trend can be stopped. Dental Sleep Masters is registered with FDA and has been equipping experts with the knowledge to use in treating apnea.

Dr. Avi graduated from the Dentistry College of New York with the determination to offer the best dental services in the world. With an extensive experience of over 20 years in the field, he has conducted several research projects attempting to come up with better ways to deal with patient’s issues. He currently practices at his Old Bridge Dental Clinic.

George Soros Is Supporting Justice Again

George Soros is a well known activist and philanthropist. According to Forbes Magazine, he has a net worth of over twenty five billion dollars. He fled Hungary many years ago, where he was born. He then attended the London School of Economics. He got started in the world of finance by working at a bank. He later started his own hedge fund in New York. George Soros has been known to donate large amounts to social justice causes.Now, George Soros is back at his philanthropic work once again. He is donating plenty of money to the candidates who will work for the causes of social justice and reform. In 2004, he donated over twenty seven million dollars in an effort to defeat George W. Bush, who he perceived as being against the cause of social justice and reform. He is now back with his amazing political contributions, and he is making a big different in the fight for justice.

He has donated over twenty five million dollars in an effort to boost Hillary Clinton when she was running for president. This was even long before election day was near. George Soros has a relationship with the Clintons that goes back over twenty five years. George himself is over eighty five years old. George is donating a lot more money than before, and the reasons are clear. He feels that the current platform of the GOP is bad for the country and for social justice. He says that the GOP is doing the work of ISIS by stoking fears.Michael Vachon is a political advisor to George Soros. He says that George has always been dedicated to causes related to social justice. However, this year was extremely important, simply because there were so many important issues at stake. This was even before Donald Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party.

Even before that, the entire GOP stood for things that went against George’s values and ideals. They stood for things that impeded immigration reform and criminal justice reform. After Donald Trump became the nominee for the Republican Party, says Vachon, these issues took on an additional importance.George is not just important because he donates so much money to these causes. It is important because when he donates money, it motivates other rich people to donate money to these causes as well.George has donated money to many political action groups that supported Hillary Clinton. He has committed to give five million dollars to a group that is called Immigrant Voters Win. As its name implies, it focuses on helping immigrants vote and take part in our democratic process. After the election, George continues to help out causes that help justice.

Patty Rocklage – How She Got Her Career and Social Life All Figured Out

Patty Rocklage is based in Massachusetts. She is a successful marriage and relationship therapist that is doing very well in her own marriage, as she is believed to be a great wife to one Scott Rocklage. Her successful career comes about because of the natural warmth in her communication skill. She has been able to steer most couples out of troubled relationships and marriages. She has helped many families overcome their issues with a lot of courage, which has been very instrumental in fixing their issues.

She is not only great with coaching families and couples, as a result of her line of career she has developed invaluable skills in public speaking, team building as well as teaching and community outreach. These skills have been instrumental in making her an excellent therapist. She has applied these and many others to get couples to compromise on life issues and put back their lives on track. This way, she has been a major factor in improving the quality of life of her clients.

Patty Rocklage is also the wife of successful chemist Scott Rocklage. She is a supportive wife as she stands behind every move the husband makes. One of those actions that stand out include the appreciation that she and her husband gave to MIT where scott got his background in the field from. The couple made a significant donation that went towards the building of a Nano chemistry and nanotechnology laboratory at the institution. This made MIT to honor the couple by putting a plaque in their honor in front of the labs. Click here to know more.

The couple also stands out due to their bold move of refurbishing their entire house after getting a major discount to have their home renovated. The major changes were to link the main house and the other rooms thus synchronizing everything together. The couple were able to invest in quality services that delivered and yielded results in good time. They were proof to skeptics that Ed of Sudbury Company and his team were the real deal. Their house was set as an example and testimony that great services do exist.


Dick DeVos’s Career Summary And $139 Million In Giving

At last one of thee great secrets surround Michigan entrepreneur and philanthropist Dick DeVos has been uncovered. DeVos made it official during the confirmation hearing for his wife Betsy’s appointment to Secretary of Education that they had given $139 million to their various non-profit entities. One of the reasons Betsy was selected for Secretary of Education was the DeVos’s background funding and supporting private schools across Michigan and fighting for school of choice endeavors. Most of the DeVos’s funding has gone either to K through 12 or post secondary education, but it’s also been funneled to hospitals, museums, scientific research and even churches.


Dick and Betsy began focusing on education back while their children attended notable private schools in the Grand Rapids area, and after starting their foundation in 1992 they began starting scholarship funds to aid needy families. Several years after starting the scholarship programs, Dick DeVos worked to bring a ballot initiative to allow for tax credits and vouchers at private schools, but it failed to pass in the 2000 election. In the later 2000’s Dick and Betsy began starting charter school organizations including the Great Lakes Education Project, and later the formation of the West Michigan Aviation Academy which not only has aviation and piloting courses in its curriculum, but also general studies and high tech science courses.


Dick DeVos is one of the visionaries behind Grand Action Committee which is a coalition of Grand Rapids business executives and city leaders that form strategic planning for the downtown areas. During his time on this board Grand Rapids has seen several museums, sports arenas and stadiums, and even new libraries constructed. He also contributes to organizations that teach free market economics including Thunderbird School of Global Management, Action Institute and the Heritage Foundation.


DeVos learned much of his business skills and philanthropy leadership from his father Richard DeVos Sr. who’s been listed in various magazines as one of America’s richest people. Richard DeVos Sr. cofounded Amway Corporation, worked closely with former President Gerald Ford’s administration, and currently owns the Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos worked for his father’s company for over 20 years serving several as an executive vice president, and later took over as CEO during which he maximized the company’s global operations.


Today Dick DeVos primarily runs The Windquest Group, a company that invests in Michigan companies that specialize in clean energy, food service and technology. He and Betsy have spent a lot of time in politics including his 2006 run for governor. He came up short in that race to then incumbent Jennifer Granholm, but it wasn’t the end for him. Six years later he and other patrons of the Heritage Foundation and Koch Group put out an effort to pass a right-to-work law.


Adam Milstein the Philanthropist – Career and Life

Adam Milstein is an Israeli investor focusing majorly on the real estate business. He is a well-known philanthropist. As a managing partner of the Hager Pacific Properties, Adam is charged with overseeing the organization’s financing, disposition, and accounting. The firm’s operations focus on acquisition, rehabilitation and repositioning various properties including office, retail, industrial and general family properties.

Milstein is the son of Hillel Milshtein, who is a real estate businessman, and Eva. Adam currently serves as the National Chairman of the Israel-American Council.

Milstein teamed up with his wife in 2000 to start the Adam and Gila Foundation where he serves as the president. The organization focuses on strengthening the Israeli State and its relationship with the Unites States of America. The group also aims at inculcating the Jewish and Jewish pride among the young and future Jewish generation. It provides grants to students and young professionals. This way, they can identify with their Jewish culture and advocate for the culture in their institutions of learning as well as their friends and the community. The Adam and Gila Foundation also provides support to other various organizations.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council, a Jewish organization that is rapidly growing in America. He is also the national chairman of the group. Adam Milstein and his wife are also the co-founders of the Sifriyat Pijama B’America that focuses on the monthly provision of free Hebrew books to Jewish-American families in America.

Early life

1952 saw the birth of Adam Milstein in Haifa in Israel. Adam’s family settled in Kiryat Motzkin, the place where he spent a significant part of his early life. Milstein was recruited into the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 for his mandatory service. His tenure at the service saw him participate in the Yom Kippur War in 1948.

University Education

Adam joined the Technion Institute of Technology where he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics. 1978 saw him graduate from the institution. While still at the University ADM, Milstein worked with his father in growing their real estate business.

Family Life

Milstein married Gila Elgrably in Haifa in 1974. The two are parents to two daughters and have two grandsons and a granddaughter.