Securus Technologies bags Stevie Award for business excellence

Prison communications leader, Securus Technologies, will take home a 2017 Stevie Award for business excellence. This achievement marks the culmination of a process in which Securus beat out thousands of competitors, making it to the final three and guaranteeing them at least a Bronze Award. This continues a long upward ascension for the company that just 10 years ago was viewed by many critics as the embodiment of all that ails the state-private prison nexus.



Delivering value to customers on all fronts


The enormous popularity of Securus’ video visitation systems among inmates is impossible to overlook. Since its inception, the system has been a huge hit with the incarcerated as well as their family members. Saving inmates and their families thousands over the traditional alternatives, the VoIP-based video chat system has allowed tens of thousands of inmates across the country to stay in touch with their families in ways that were simply not possible in past eras.


However, Securus’ video visitation has proven equally popular with prison staff and administration. The dramatically increased calling volume, due to the historically low rates that VoIP telephony has allowed, has made prisons that have installed the systems a great deal more revenue. Since every prison is able to take a portion of all money spent on outgoing calls, in some cases, this has led to a boost of hundreds of thousands of dollars to institutional budgets. The technology alone has brought many prisons to a state of self-sufficiency, a prime goal of any warden.


But the system has also made prisons far safer. Reduced inmate movements due to visitations have lowered the number of no-contact order conflicts. And, overall, inmates who are able to stay in contact with friends and loved ones are happier. Happy inmates translate into fewer violent conflicts and rules violations.