Adam Milstein the Philanthropist – Career and Life

Adam Milstein is an Israeli investor focusing majorly on the real estate business. He is a well-known philanthropist. As a managing partner of the Hager Pacific Properties, Adam is charged with overseeing the organization’s financing, disposition, and accounting. The firm’s operations focus on acquisition, rehabilitation and repositioning various properties including office, retail, industrial and general family properties.

Milstein is the son of Hillel Milshtein, who is a real estate businessman, and Eva. Adam currently serves as the National Chairman of the Israel-American Council.

Milstein teamed up with his wife in 2000 to start the Adam and Gila Foundation where he serves as the president. The organization focuses on strengthening the Israeli State and its relationship with the Unites States of America. The group also aims at inculcating the Jewish and Jewish pride among the young and future Jewish generation. It provides grants to students and young professionals. This way, they can identify with their Jewish culture and advocate for the culture in their institutions of learning as well as their friends and the community. The Adam and Gila Foundation also provides support to other various organizations.

Adam Milstein co-founded the Israeli-American Council, a Jewish organization that is rapidly growing in America. He is also the national chairman of the group. Adam Milstein and his wife are also the co-founders of the Sifriyat Pijama B’America that focuses on the monthly provision of free Hebrew books to Jewish-American families in America.

Early life

1952 saw the birth of Adam Milstein in Haifa in Israel. Adam’s family settled in Kiryat Motzkin, the place where he spent a significant part of his early life. Milstein was recruited into the Israeli Defense Forces in 1971 for his mandatory service. His tenure at the service saw him participate in the Yom Kippur War in 1948.

University Education

Adam joined the Technion Institute of Technology where he pursued a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business and Economics. 1978 saw him graduate from the institution. While still at the University ADM, Milstein worked with his father in growing their real estate business.

Family Life

Milstein married Gila Elgrably in Haifa in 1974. The two are parents to two daughters and have two grandsons and a granddaughter.