Patty Rocklage – How She Got Her Career and Social Life All Figured Out

Patty Rocklage is based in Massachusetts. She is a successful marriage and relationship therapist that is doing very well in her own marriage, as she is believed to be a great wife to one Scott Rocklage. Her successful career comes about because of the natural warmth in her communication skill. She has been able to steer most couples out of troubled relationships and marriages. She has helped many families overcome their issues with a lot of courage, which has been very instrumental in fixing their issues.

She is not only great with coaching families and couples, as a result of her line of career she has developed invaluable skills in public speaking, team building as well as teaching and community outreach. These skills have been instrumental in making her an excellent therapist. She has applied these and many others to get couples to compromise on life issues and put back their lives on track. This way, she has been a major factor in improving the quality of life of her clients.

Patty Rocklage is also the wife of successful chemist Scott Rocklage. She is a supportive wife as she stands behind every move the husband makes. One of those actions that stand out include the appreciation that she and her husband gave to MIT where scott got his background in the field from. The couple made a significant donation that went towards the building of a Nano chemistry and nanotechnology laboratory at the institution. This made MIT to honor the couple by putting a plaque in their honor in front of the labs. Click here to know more.

The couple also stands out due to their bold move of refurbishing their entire house after getting a major discount to have their home renovated. The major changes were to link the main house and the other rooms thus synchronizing everything together. The couple were able to invest in quality services that delivered and yielded results in good time. They were proof to skeptics that Ed of Sudbury Company and his team were the real deal. Their house was set as an example and testimony that great services do exist.