Jason Halpern’s JMH Development Announces Topping Off At Aloft South Beach

JMH Development is one of the most prominent companies working to develop high-end solutions to the real estate industries. For over two decades, the company has served the United States with quality real estate developments. For this reason, it is now one of the most popular companies in the commercial and luxury property development categories. JMH Development has also announced that they have managed to be at the top of the topping off of the Southern aloft beach. According to them, this is a significant achievement in management and capability. For this reason, they have worked to meet the end needs of all the transaction levels of the company. For you to be at this level, you must have worked in the real estate industry and have a lot of experience in development. This is what JMH Development has shown the world through the topping off of the construction.

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The 235-room hotel is scheduled to be open by the beginning of 2015. According to the reliable sources, this action will lead to a predetermined capability in adoption. He construction project was handed over by the management of the building to JMH Development. For this reason, they had all the power to sub-contract any other company they wished might be of necessary help to them. For this reason, they went on and founded the better functionality in its essence. JMH Development acquired the services of Madden Properties Company to help in the process of the construction. While this is true, the company wanted to make sure they stay up to the time limit allocated for the building process. This is one of the management tests for JMH Development.

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Madden Properties Development Company and V were in charge of the actual development of the construction. On the other hand, JMH Development wanted to ensure they stay up to the latest needs of the construction requirements in the region. For this reason, they went on and founded the property management capabilities in the state. They went on and contracted the Miami-based Plaza Construction Company. This company was allocated with the main aim of ensuring they stay updated in the management of the construction process. For this reason, they went further to work with the company and develop high-end capabilities. As a matter of fact, ADD Construction Company works to get high-end necessities in this project solution management.

ADD Architectures Company was contracted to ensure they stayed up with the latest technology trends in the management of the company. As a matter of fact, the company has always worked to meet every deadline in any situation. While JMH Development felt good to reach the topping off of the Southern A lot Beach, they also feel it is part of their work to achieve or their clients.

Jose Auriemo Neto; The Man Behind the Success of JHSF

JHSF is a leading company in Brazil. The firm has interests in real estate, property management, and luxury services. The company was founded by Jose Auriemo and Fabio Auriemo in 1972. The company initially focused on construction and the real estate market. JHSF is recognized as one of the first real estate enterprises that focus on recurrent income assets. This is what led them to venture into the operation of an airport and shopping malls. The company has developed more than six million square meters of space to date.

They set their sights on other sectors and begun construction on the Shopping Metro Santa Cruz in 2001. The mall in Sao Paulo was the first mall to be integrated with a subway station in Brazil. The company opened the Cidade Jardim complex five years later. This was its first involvement with the luxury market. The complex is home to Shopping Cidade Jardim, several residential towers, and a high-end condominium building. It also has three commercial towers that make up the City Garden Corporate Center. JHSF became involved with the hospitality industry when they acquired a stake in the Fasano Group of hotels. They assumed control of all restaurants that are owned by the group in 2014.

JHSF is the parent company of several malls in the country including the Horto Bela Vista Complex and the Shopping Ponta Negra. JHSF is listed on the Bovespa under the corporate governance category. This is a Brazilian stock exchange. It has a market valuation of R $1.2 billion. Jose Auriemo Neto is the eldest son of Fabio Auriemo. He launched Park Bem during his early days at the company. This is the parking lot management unit of JHSF. Jose has intensified the company’s foray into the high income and luxury market since he took over as CEO. He stepped up to become the chairman of the board of directors in 2014. He helped the company to secure the rights to develop its first shopping mall. The company secured exclusive partnerships with high-end brands such as Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Hermes.

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Jason Halpern Takes over the Family’s Real Estate Empire, JMH Developers

Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

JMH Development is a leading real-estate titan owning high-end luxury condos, apartments and high-rises in Manhattan, and in Brooklyn. Jason Halpern has served as the principal of the real estate giant company since coming on board in 2010. Their ambitious expansion and growth strategy has seen them expand their territory to now have properties in Miami.

Development Partners at Aloft

Jason Halpern Real Estate Partner at Aloft

On the 15th September 2014, PRNewswire.com reported the developer as being on course to making property acquisitions in South Beach, Miami Florida. The company planned to have a full board and bed 235 room hotel open and running by the beginning of March 2015. The project got completed way before the expected time. The construction would culminate into the development of a high-rise apartment asides the Aloft South Beach hotel in Miami. JMH has partnered up with the renowned construction company, Plaza Inc., and the primary architect is ADD, Inc.

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Speaking to the media, Jason Halpern, expressed his excitement with the topping off of the Aloft South Beach construction work. Topping off, according to the principal, was a sure indicator that completion was imminent and near.

The Aloft Miami South Beach acquisition is nestled in a vibrant backdrop having a lake. The entire site lies in a canal called the Collins Canal. It takes you a few minutes to travel to the enchanting white shores of Miami Beach from the property owned by JMH Realtors. The location is populated with the state of the health spas and excellent entertainment spots and decent restaurants.

About Jason Halpern

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Jason Halpern’s firm specializes in providing superior quality albeit affordable high-end commercial and residential properties for both buying and leasing. His experience stems from growing up being introduced to the intricacies defining the complex real estate realm in his home state New York. The Big Apple, as a city, holds, a great deal of sentimental value to the devilishly handsome millionaire investor and he is often looking for opportunities to sink his teeth into projects aimed at restoring or refurbishing historical sites around the city.


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He’s also a huge contributor to a multitude of philanthropic causes designed to empower the disabled and disadvantaged communities living in remote parts of the world. Jason recently doled out $20K to help in the construction of wells and boreholes for fresh water in Ethiopia and Nepal.