The Success Of Nick Vertucci In The Real Estate Industry

Part of Nick Vertucci philosophy is that your past cannot dictate your present. Mr. Vertucci grew up in a caring family but was not well off. Things became worse when Nick Vertucci lost his father. His mother had to work longer hours to support the family and as a result would come home late when everyone was fast asleep. When Mr. Vertucci turned 18, he was living out of his van, and his financial life was not stable.


Nick Vertucci life took a turn a few years later when he started his own business of selling computer parts. He loved the freedom of being his boss, and it was during this time that he married and had three daughters. It was until the dot-com crash of 2000 when his finances dissolved before his eyes. Mr. Vertucci had not prepared himself by investing in the future.


It took him one year and six months for Nick Vertucci to get back on his feet financially. His situation was so bad that he lost nearly everything apart from his home. During these trying times is when his friend invited him to a real estate training seminar for three days as his guest. Due to his past in the world of I.T, he was reluctant to invest his time in an unfamiliar ground in real estate, but his friend assured him that it was worth hearing. Nick still recalls even today that it was the best decision that he ever made in his life to present himself at that workshop.


Nick Vertucci listened to everything the speaker said, and although he did not understand all that he taught, something clicked while he was in that class. It was on the final day of the seminar that he knew that he had found the answer to his financial puzzle.


Mr. Vertucci felt ready and inspired by the whole workshop, and that is why he continued to study and train about everything he came across about real estate. It took him over ten years to gather the information he needed to be successful in this new venture.


Finally, Mr. Vertucci came up with a system that allowed him to make money in real estate in a straightforward way. As he was studying, he made a promise to himself that once a million dollars reflected in his bank account, he would teach others so that they could free themselves from the bondage of debt and change their family’s livelihoods radically.

Nick Vertucci Helps Investors to Realize their Goals by Venturing into Real Estate Business

Nick Vertucci believes learning from the past and focusing on the future is an ideal tactic for becoming successful. Despite his businesses failing terribly in the past, he still held his head high up and focused on identifying new investment opportunities. Vertucci was on the list of many investors who lost their life savings because of dot-com recession of 2000. After close to 18 months of toiling and sinking deep into debts, he attended a life-changing real estate seminar courtesy of an invitation from his friend. By the end of the three-day workshop, Vertucci had figured out how to regain his lost financial freedom.


After the workshop, Vertucci concentrated on training, studying, and absorbing the ins and outs of real estate. It took him over a decade to collect all the relevant information he required to succeed. His breakthrough came when he built a state-of-the-art system that enabled him to earn money in the real estate sector simply and straightforwardly. When Vertucci’s system started generating millions, he vowed to ensure others knew about his systems so that they could use it to resolve their debt, generate large amounts of money, and attain financial freedom. He came up with the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy (NVREA) in 2013. Since its inception, NVREA has turned out to be one of the prominent educational programs. Through NVREA, Vertucci assists students from different parts of the nation in making their dreams a reality through investing in real estate business.



Nick Vertucci is the founder of California-based The Nick Vertucci Companies, and he serves as the CEO of this innovative group of companies. As an astute real estate investor who focuses on acquiring bank owned properties, he was instrumental in the creation of a “Turn-Key” investment system to help other in investors in buying, rehabilitating, and renting bank owned houses. Vertucci has in-depth knowledge and exceptional experience for building high-quality single-family homes.


Before venturing into the real estate business, Vertucci established Coastline Micro and served as its president cum chief executive. With more than 100 workers, Coastline Micro was a leading vendor of computer systems to businesses across the nation. Currently, Vertucci does not participate in daily management affairs of Coastline Micro, but he is still one of the major shareholders in the company. He leverages his long-term experience as a real estate developer to train and mentor both upcoming and established real estate investors.