Securus Technologies Pushes for Integrity in the Prison Communications Industry

Securus Technologies has a notable presence across many correctional facilities in North America as one of the leading provider of inmate communication services. This company takes its role as a respectable provider of communications services very seriously and does not sit back while other major players in this business try to swindle their customers with unauthorized charges. As a part of its commitment to maintaining the standards of the industry, Securus Technologies has been providing the public with a valuable source of information regarding Global Tel Link, an alternative communications company that has been officially cited for deceptive practices involving overcharging its customers for its services. The amount of money stolen from customers by Global Tel Link has amounted to a startling $1.2 million so far. The team at Securus Technologies hopes that future customers can avoid being taken by this company by reading the report published by the Louisiana Department of Corrections about the unfair practices used by Global Tel Link.

In sharp contrast to the shady practices of Global Tel Link, Securus Technologies has a strong reputation throughout the criminal justice system for the high level of integrity in the services it provides. Securus Technologies never overcharges customers or attempts to double bill for single phone calls, which is why it is such a trusted provider of inmate communications services. Currently, Securus Technologies serves about 3,450 public safety agencies.

Securus Technologies has allowed countless families to communicate with their incarcerated loved ones. They are also responsible for providing all types of investigative solutions, such as data analytics, location monitoring and biometric analysis. Through modern technology and excellent customer service, Securus Technologies remains a leader in the industry.

Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.