Insight to Avi Weisfogel Work and Philanthropy

Avi Weisfogel is dentist practitioner. He founded Dental Sleep Disorders. He graduated from Rutgers University with an undergraduate degree in biology. For 15 years, he worked at Old Bridge Dental Care. During this time, he did extensive research on sleep. An understanding of how dentists and physicians can combine efforts and help in the cure of sleep apnea was a breakthrough in his research. Consequently, he gained recognition and received an award as the best dentist of the years.


Weisfogel is involved in several different charity works. In 2011, he founded the Healthy Heart Sleep. This was an initiative that sought to help patients with sleeping disorders. In 2013, he started Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. Through this forum, he began educating other dentists in regards to sleep. Two years later, he founded dental sleep masters. He used this platform to illustrate to other dentists, on how they can use several oral devices in curbing sleep apnea. He is also known for his philanthropy. He introduced a Go Fund Me page. It is meant to help children born with deformities such as cleft lips. They have sought the help of other doctors and sourced for funds to help in this noble deed.


As an entrepreneur, Avi Weisfogel serves as the co-founder of dental sleep matters. Through this company, he helps in boosting businesses venturing into oral health care. He was appointed as a diplomat at The American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine. This position has helped him remain relevant in this industry. He has also ventured into the business of providing oral dental appliances to health care professional that are keen in addressing obstructive sleep apnea. He also holds seminars to educate dentist and physicians on the best methods of handling and treating sleep apnea.


Avi Weisfogel is also famous due to his active media presence. He loves and has dedicated his life to treating sleep apnea. Consequently, he has opened a blog to discuss matters about this disease. He is also a family man. This is evident on Facebook where he posted a picture of him and his wife enjoying a sunset view of a mountain.