Talk Fusion Increasing Knowledge Resources For Associates With Talk Fusion University

Talk Fusion has quite a diverse group of associates working for them, and while some have years of experience in the multilevel marketing field, many others are completely new to it and need some stepping stones to get started with it. That’s why Talk Fusion now has Talk Fusion University as part of its resources so that associates can learn new concepts and strategies for reaching new clients. Bob Reina, Talk Fusion’s CEO uses video tutorials for Talk Fusion University and there’s no charge to take part in it. This is just the latest development in Talk Fusion’s video marketing program.


Talk Fusion has helped many big companies, small business owners and non-profit foundations with branding and customer relations. It was founded in 2007 after Bob Reina took an idea for sending videos he recorded through emails and built a software system that became sold through direct selling. What’s made Talk Fusion popular is you don’t have to download large software files and its apps are compatible across a wide variety of devices. The company also has free trials for all of its products that doesn’t even require applicants to have a credit card to signup for. Associates can earn commissions both on their sales and on sales that people they recruit make, and if they exceed certain goals, they can be eligible for expensive prizes such as jewelry and paid-for vacations.


Reina doesn’t want Talk Fusion to be only about making money. He wants it to touch other lives through generosity and supporting causes that matter to charity groups. That’s why Talk Fusion has now started a giving back program at the company so associates can support charities they care about by giving one of those charities a monthly access account that they don’t have to pay for. Reina himself has helped many local and foreign non-profits ranging from animal rescue groups and adoption agencies. Learn more: